Sophia Stuart is a British writer, based in Los Angeles, and has been published in ELLE (China), Esquire (Latin America), Four Seasons magazine, Good Housekeeping (UK), Harper’s Bazaar (Australia), O, The Oprah Magazine (South Africa), The Independent (UK national newspaper), Women’s Wear Daily, and Ziff Davis PCMag. Stuart is the author of How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World (Hay House 2014), Lottie Lyons Rookie Reporter (Amazon 2020), Emerald at Boarding School and Manhattan Magic London Bound (Amazon 2021) – and the director/writer of Mayfair Brooks (Pocket Gems), director/producer on the movie promo games for The Devil Wears Prada (20th Century Fox International) and Take the Lead (New Line Cinema). From 2006 – 2013, Stuart was a digital executive at Hearst Magazines in NYC.

a few of the projects I’ve worked on to date….

teamgloria, inc is a loan/out/(s) corp.

contact: teamgloria(at)teamgloria(dot)com

When I left Hearst, got signed by a literary agent and a publisher released “How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World” I wrote a lot about jumping off the corporate ladder and looking for a new place to land…
It’s no understatement to say the way we live, and work, has changed drastically in the past year. Could this be a big opportunity for female architects, furniture and product designers – perhaps less wedded to how things used to, or should, be done – to refashion our personal and professional spaces? [Haute Living, Chicago]
reporting from the MARVEL show JESSICA JONES for International Cinematographer’s Guild magazine
RED magazine in the UK asked me to talk to Spike Jonze about HER

fashion site LYST commissioned me to interview cool people for their stories section (now transferred to Medium)

Kate Betts told me all about working in Paris, New York – and beyond.

and here’s my interview with the equally fabulous Erin Dennison.

Erin Dennison on her boss moment.