Sophia Stuart is a British (but based in L.A) writer and award-winning digital strategist with over 17 years experience in building digital products within the international publishing, brand and movie industries, including 20th Century Fox, Condé Nast, Hay House, Hearst, Hollywood Locations, Louise Galvin Haircare, New Line Cinema, Neven Vision (now part of Google), Pocket Gems, The Three Doors Academy and Voltari.

In Jan 2015, Sophia gave a digital masterclass at The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland in Dublin and spoke at the digital salon at The Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam. Recent press about her work includes: Cosmopolitan, Ireland’s The Journal newspaper and BBC Radio 4.

She writes across many formats: mobile animation (Mayfair Brooks from Pocket Gems), journalist/foreign correspondent (ELLE China, Esquire Mexico, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, O, The Oprah Magazine South Africa, Four Seasons magazine), technology columnist for PCMAG, copywriter for digital/advertising agencies and media brands and Hollywood (online games and digital promotions for 20th Century Fox: The Devil Wears Prada and Take The Lead from New Line Cinema) and is a published author (How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World, Hay House 2014).

As a digital expert, she consults for corporations, speaks widely at conferences and serves as a judge for technology innovation events including: BritWeek 2015, Bookmarks South Africa, SheSays, Nokia World, FIPP, O’Reilly, Nasdaq, IAB, Mobile Advertising and the 4As. Voted one of the “Top 21 Social Media Superstars” by Min Online, she won a Webby Award for Cosmo Mobile USA, an MVA for Cosmo International Digital Strategy while at Hearst as head of mobile (USA) and then head of digital (International) and was also a Non-Executive Director for the UK Trade & Investment USA Council.

teamgloria, inc is now the S Corp which acts as a holding company for sophia’s consulting and writing work.


[this *used* to be the place where “gloria” wrote (while sophia remained anonymous) and became the basis for the book, “How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World“, which was published by Hay House in Feb 2014 and featured in many publications around the world including Red, Good Housekeeping, ELLE China and O, The Oprah Magazine]

htssiacwcontact: teamgloria(at)teamgloria(dot)com

44 thoughts on “about.

  1. Steve Freemantle says:

    ‘Waving’ from Bradford, West Yorkshire. (although I doubt you can see me). Good luck with the book, will it be on Kindle? Uncle Stephen

    • teamgloria says:

      dearest uncle stephen

      how delicious of you to drop by!

      why yes, how kind of you to ask it will INDEED be available for ms. kindle [http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Stay-Sane-Crazy-World-ebook/dp/B00F8KX7DY/ref=tmm_kin_title_0]


      _teamgloria xxx

  2. Lorelle says:

    Darling, you know what I love. I am perfectly fine. Honestly, the 2nd op being on the exact same day as the first was like “hello you down there. Girl, wake up!!!”
    A few days before I saw a lady trying to push (maybe her man?) across the road in the rain. She was pushing him in a wheelchair, trying to balance an umbrella, with a small toddler on his lap. He had a brain injury I am sure. The helmet he was wearing was a give away. They were young too.
    And I thought ” you know what Lorelle, you’re fine. You have your brain, he won’t get his back. Whatever happens, we will deal with, we will look fabulous and smile. It will be fine”.
    I often wonder about that lady and how she is going.

    But thank you again, it’s alllllll gooood!

  3. Lorelle says:

    I just read your article in the Australian Harper’s Bazaar. My name is Lorelle, and I wanted to say thank you for being so brave and encouraging in telling your story. It was a little like reading some of my own experiences of late.
    Nov 27 2012 I had a total thyroidectomy- gotta love those multi nodular goitres :). So i know about the op, the recovery, the scarring ( which i am thrilled to say is barely visible and I like you got the all clear), but can you believe Nov 27 2013, same hospital I find myself back on the operating table, with the same kind of scare in a completely different part of me!!! Again thank God, just got the all clear.
    So, for Nov 27 2014- I am booking myself in to lie on a different table, to be pampered from head to toe and have a massage 😄😄😄
    I feel very, very lucky, to have had what i think have been two very big taps on the shoulder, but i am not alone. there are too many of us burning out, trying to ‘do it all’ , give, provide, succeed, be present, in the pursuit of joy? Reading your advice ‘to just go back to bed’- thank you. THAT is my dream some days. To be able sleep, read, do nothing, listen, go for a walk and just chill out is something that I will be making a priority now.
    I cannot wait for your text. If you happen to know who will stock it in Australia- Melbourne- please let me know.
    Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year, and I wish you al the luck in the world.

    Lorelle x

    • teamgloria says:

      Lorelle – hello!

      Oh. Honey. Twice on the operating table……my heart goes out to you.

      And thank you so much for writing here…….

      Here’s wishing you all the loveliness in the world as you rest and recuperate and unwind and get well – take all the time you need.

      My book is available on pre-order on amazon and I am hoping that some delicious australian booksellers will also stock it as I’d love to know How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World is helpful everywhere.

      Thank you again for taking the time to write.

      The scar on my neck salutes the scar on yours.


      -sophia xxxx (teamgloria)

  4. A Gripping Life says:

    Sophia, maybe I should be “Teamgloria” and you should be “A gripping life?” I think you can truly claim that your life is gripping, whereas I can only make jokes about my limping life.
    I’m so glad you found me — All thanks to the beautiful and talented Vickie Lester. The more I get to know her, the more I think she fell from heaven. She’s divine in every way.
    I look forward to reading more of your blog and following your success! Well done!!

    • teamgloria says:

      Dearest Lisa – we looked in the comments section and found that we had been horribly remiss and not answered this one! do forgive – and we shall visit you instantly to see what’s new in your part of the world….


      _tg xx

    • teamgloria says:


      very excitedly.

      your blog is glorious.

      got very tearful reading your three pieces on the biopsy and fear and scary and women reading wordsworth image. redolent with beauty, that image.

  5. theperfumeddandy says:

    Dear Gloria
    Gloriana Jubilate!
    Now that’s quite a curriculum vitae.
    The Dandy is quite delirious with the prospect of idling away his time after levee on these pages.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • teamgloria says:


      did we miss this post all those many months (12!) ago?

      we think we did indeed participate.

      but we find no reply here to your lovely note so wanted to give you a little cheery wave behind a satin fan from los angeles

      _tg xx

  6. Abi @athinkingphoto says:

    This was so interesting! A long time Instagram friend who was really intrigued about you (not in a creepy way honest!) A rich & diverse career history which makes for the most interesting people! I am so glad to hear that you’re feeling much better!

    Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing your images on instagram!

    Abi x @athinkingphoto

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