goodbye, gloria.









I’ve been writing as “gloria” at for three years now and it’s time to bring this part of my story to a close.  An awful lot has happened since April 9th 2011. I started this site because I needed to find my voice again (not that I knew that then).

When I registered the domain I had no idea I had three tumo(u)rs in my throat or that I was about to go through a five and a half hour surgery to remove them. I just knew that I had lost my way.

Writing helped me walk away from my job, and life, in Manhattan and start again on the West Coast. Hay House published my book, “How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World”. So many people have written to me saying the book helped them. I am truly grateful – and very moved – by these responses. It certainly changed my life. When I got sick I searched for the book that would help me walk through the misery of illness, surgery and a painful medical leave. I could not find it – so I wrote it myself…….


Back in Los Angeles, after 7 years in NYC, I went back to my original career as a writer (I started as a journalist on The Independent in the UK in 1992). In the past year I have worked as a foreign correspondent for Red (UK), Good Housekeeping (UK), Esquire (Mexico), “Los Angeles, I’m Yours” and ELLE (China). I also started my own consultancy business, went to South Africa as an international judge for the country’s digital awards and have taught many wonderful people how to launch their businesses in the international digital arena.

It’s been an incredible journey.

And now I’m ready to start my next chapter. Sadly “gloria” cannot be part of this new life – it just wouldn’t be appropriate. By the Autumn I hope to be in an entirely new career. I’m thrilled to be able to start again – not many people get the chance to do this. I’ve done it several times, actually.

Maybe one day I’ll write a book about that ;-)

But for now – thank you for being on my journey – you’ve been brilliant company.

Much love, sophs x