returning to normal light programme transmission.


we had the Most delicious time down south in the further south, that is, of southern california and have returned to normal transmission.

the mood is lighter.

the chiffon is floaty again.

thank goodness.


the blooms are blooming. df749768b09811e399c112c443c9c71e_8

the sunsets are magnificent.01cd6348b08b11e3baae12c7a759b495_8

the craft paper is patterned and congenial. 930bdbe6b06311e3b6410e220c1cbd61_8

the pinks are rosier than before. 73b3590cb09711e3a9531209f41f76b1_8

the signs that say: “Historical 1883 Schoolhouse 3 blocks this way” are followed, as before. dianeray

radio hosts ask us to stop by their Studio and sign copies of the book.


delicious people buy their mothers copies of our book and send them parcel post to switzerland (glam!)f9ae2308b10911e394660e186c330be7_8and all has returned to the lightness of Touch that you came here for previously….bb4abc38b10a11e395c00eb547b2ae3d_8

in many different treatments of filter/shade/theatrical-gel-on-the-lens.

are you having a delicious spring equinox?

we do hope so.

they are so useful at changing the mood in a sunny hopeful sort-of-a-way.

thoughts from a motel room somewhere in southern california


we always get a little reflective in motel rooms.

there’s no distraction (and no fancy furniture like in the ritzy places we stayed in during our tour of duty as a lady executive).

so it’s rather Monastic and peaceful (when one removes all patterned materials and pops them into the cupboards and unpacks a brown paper bag of delicious groceries and some real milk for the fridge – well, actually for the little coffee machine because we don’t do fake-milk-from-packets).

we had some work last night down here, not far from the Ocean, but over 100 miles south of where-we-live-in-Los-Angeles – a digital check-up actually (that was meant to be a link to our own site – not theirs – we relish protecting their privacy unless otherwise asked to do so in a more public relations type exercise – there’s something so deeply respectful about doing so). 3b16732aafb811e3b4800e12fd739921_8and while we smiled kindly and encouragingly at our Pupil as she chose font, theme, widgets, header treatments and wrote her first two blog posts and told the World she was now launching her OWN BUSINESS, we thought – “Oh! This isn’t really about digital – it’s about witnessing someone change their life!”


and that’s An Extremely Great Feeling.

fear around digital is generally panic at “what if they think I’m foolish and laugh at me?”


as someone who has been laughed at and told we were foolish (the actual words were designed to be more crushing as we recall) we could tell anyone that it really doesn’t matter.

what people say to us is all about Them (of course you knew that).

plus we get to be teamgloria. 1e4ca7c8afb811e3aed6123e9ac62c25_8and that’s delicious. a6a7b9acafd411e3a9a4123ce35ac48b_8

as is pausing at the crossing as the Amtrak train Hoots and whooshes past and listening to Fleetwood Mac and enjoying the people walking home from work and stopping by the late farmers market to buy soft fruit and flowers. 

we have a day of consulting on one of the projects that who-we-are-in-RL is working on until June and it’s possible that some of the people there read teamgloria (it’s not always easy to tell who they are) so – “hello!”

and yes, we’ll be wearing the pearls and shiny patent leather doctor martens as usual.


returning to the hubbub (at some point)


we’ve told who-we-are-in-RL that it’s time she got back out there. she knows how to stay sane in a crazy world (couldn’t resist just name-checking it once again) but does she remember how to go a little bit crazy and have fun when needed? we’re not so sure….it’s all a bit p e a c e f u l around here in a way that some might call, well, Monastic (but Luxe)


A RETURN is needed – to the hubbub, the general whirly-girly-gig of life.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.41.51 PM

we can handle things from the chaise with a cashmere throw and a satin eye mask.

she’s been a little Anxious, you see.

it takes a while for Editors to return calls because they are very Busy and the glamorous people who would like a Digital Check Up are often in Transition which means they like to be checked up at the weekend or after their day job and all the other things that she does (and there are a LOT, it surprised us when we helped her type up her “resume” as the Americans call it) are all rather Virtual.

and there you have it.

it’s all Terribly Very Virtual.

nearly (actually mostly all) of the Work done this year has been via what one calls Remotely.


this is merely a fancy way of saying that she sits at the one end of the french farmhouse table and the princess phone waits to be picked up and dialed1941096_765521490125966_728369704_nand on the other end there are people that need (and have asked for quite specifically) help with something digital (because she’s Rather good at all that) or (many) emails come in with commissions and so she dutifully gets in the perfectly Prius and drives to Interview people (or gets on a plane to New York to watch a preview and secretly doesn’t tell anyone until it gets published that she met the Star and the OSCAR winning director) and sometimes those Interviews don’t come off (like our one with cannottellyouwho which we Studied really hard for but there you go – it never happened) or perhaps the Word Count is a lot smaller than one would like because the sales people did not get as many pages as they needed to give space to editorial (it happens, and to all the best people too).

but the only team around here is, well, teamgloria.

and we did perfectly well handling (and writing a book and several screenplays) while she held down a very fancy day job.

so we took her aside today and went for a very long (3 hours, better believe it) walk and talked at length by the Ocean and pointed out that the book is now launched and people around the world are really enjoying it. And that lovely consulting gig that we have not been able to talk about for nigh on a year will be coming to an end in June. 1043c2a0a92911e3a6d8122fe8cbfe34_8we cleared the decks today.

with a soft HB pencil, we helped correct her “resume” as the Americans call it (CV for you Brits)

by the time we’d finished going through (with a toothcomb – again, a virtual one, of course), there was such a lot of interesting things that happened this past year that we have not been in the habit of Talking about here.

what’s that?



for instance.

this is the Summary that we made (using a very fashionable Font as you can see):

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.09.45 PM

“what about the bullet points?” she said. “I appeared on stage at Nasdaq – I need bullet points, non?”


we thought she was showing off a little until we looked at the picture and got amused at the British Government official taking 40 winks on the left.

“oh, good idea” (not that we’re That keen on bullet points but we hear they’re widely admired) “what about these?”

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.12.57 PM




we missed that one.


Susan Seidelman?? as in Desperately Seeking The Madonna?

nobody told us about That….*winkstocamera4*

“why don’t we look now at what you did in that fancy job in manhattan?”

“ok,” she said, biting her lip, thinking back and trying to arrange some useful bullet points.

“tell them about when you went to KOREA” we suggested.


then we went into the kitchen(ette) at that point and made (yet) another pot of coffee because she was really flagging and we don’t mean hailing a cab. Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.13.22 PM

“how do you feel now?” we asked, with great affection but half-wondering how much longer this was going to take because a thumbdrive of british Telly had arrived in the afternoon post and we were Desperate to find out the new adventures of Mr. Selfridge…..

she did a great sigh.

and said:

“better – and ready – sort of.”

“to get back Out There?” we asked, with secret glee that the Selfridge moment was almost upon us.

“y-es” she said, sweetly and went off to wash the dishes/do the washing up because it was her turn (as clearly marked on the roster by the fridge.)

then – with her hands deep in the (american equivalent of the Fairy Liquid known as “Joy”) suds – she said, “but what happens if nobody wants me on their team?”

as the Selfridge moment was So Near (and yet, if we got into This conversation, so bloody far away) we crisply turned on the laptop (because she refuses to buy an actual television) and waved airily towards the Hollywood Hills.

“dear gods – you’ve got work booked until June! you’ve got writing assignments and consulting and a TRIP TO EUROPE (including Lunch with Several lovely Editors In Chief including the fine lady that edits this magazine in the picture below – big fan, as they say in the nicest bits of Hollywood – and we should probably remember that they Don’t say that in Croydon, not that we’re going to Croydon but you get our drift…)6c831524a97011e39d0f12e18945e0a4_8the trip to EUROPE is going to be amazing because it also includes a workshop on a Spanish Island and another one – um – is that right? or is Ibiza its own Nation State? or just a State of Mind?)

AND we get to stay with WILLIAM (and see the original TG person for a cup of tea and perch on her desk to be helpful and hopefully witty).

(there is also a Family Reunion – a large one – which will be Very Interesting as who-we-are-in-RL has not seen some of those attending for *coughs* 16 years……and some of them she’s never actually met – because they weren’t Born then)

back to the current programme, Viewers:

then we got into our stride and (sort of snapped, actually)

“and if you really had as much self-confidence as that Actress who played the Nanny and the Nun that you sound awfully like, you wouldn’t be asking such things!”

then we saw her face.

it was awful.

a bit, well, crumpled (she’s so very sensitive) dc17efd2ac8a11e383ab0a35a316edf3_8



“we know you’re just heart-broken because you sent out All those letters to agents-who-represent-writers-who-write-movies and – none of them replied”

(and that was after she bought some quite lovely ribbon to hand over one package to someone Very Important and then chickened out which is very rare for her so we knew something had gone awry)

and with that we turned back to the laptop and nodded gently when asked if we’d like a cup of tea.

we’ve changed lives before (many – MANY times actually – and this is the notebook where we started to write down ideas for this one back in 2003)

it’s all going to be fine.093ad24eab1011e3a77a125fa4dd0e8a_8

until some bastard points out that she wrote that entire article for Red that got re-printed by our cousins Down Under about “walking away” and they shot her lovely picture on the beach at Malibu and all those lovely people wrote in to the magazines and said how Inspired they were.

and when whomever that person is (don’t let it be you or we’ll be Cross), we will just point out that she Did walk away and start something new and write a book and become a foreign correspondent and do lots of things that require Bullet points on resumes and, well, when it came down to it, working virtually is (whisper it) kinda lonely.

25f095f4a6dd11e3a2d612cc71f31207_8do you know what we say when (some very misguided) people say, “you’re rather direct and honest on that blog aren’t you?”

firstly – this is not a blog.

it’s a Movement.

and secondly – when you’ve had your throat slit open – honesty suddenly becomes rather paramount in importance because you don’t want to see what might be next in the illness department because it took SUCH a Long Time to Get Well.


and anyway, we gave away all our winter coats to move West so we don’t want to go back.

which is why (now she’s all better and quite a lot slimmer but we’re not supposed to mention That either – along with the ghost writing and the mysterious consultancy and we still can’t quite work out When she had time to advise anyone like as glorious as Susan Seidelman, it Seems) we can say whatever we like.

for now.

it all Rather depends on which team she joins next.

talking of teams.

there was one application that we already sent the new resume to and it was an Educational Establishment (career change radical in nature this one would be) and so when it came to the Gender Question (for Diversity purposes) there were THREE OPTIONS (we got ever so excited).





we got so very excited thinking we’d Made it as a Gender selection.

and then we thought again and thought – oh that’s so deeply cool.



you know we Were tempted.

just to let her application really stand out.

(and if the Educational Establishment is reading this now – “hello!” – she’d actually really like the job because she saw Allison Janney play one on television and it looked really impressive).

now that made you think, didn’t it?



we didn’t ask Mr. Obama if we could join his team.

although we are a great fan, of course.

not quite as a great a fan as we are of the blonde woman in the trouser suits.


even if we still feel like we’re 4 years old and found some Amusing glasses and started to read Aloud.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.25.11 PM

today called for William Blake. and most evidently mr. roger mcgough too.


a strange day, after the EARTHQUAKE and all that.

people drove tentatively or crazily.

some mentioned it or not at all.

nervous laughter abounded.

it wasn’t the Big One.

which means that’s still around the corner – in a decade – or more.

or less.

in the meantime, poems (scroll down for those).


and some photographs we took because our (only) response to fear is to look more closely (within).


that was Rather Deep.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA well. darlings.

an earthquake will do that to you. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

even if it wasn’t a massive one.

before we digress (yup, a Distraction Ahoy!) here’s a Moment of William Blake’s Auguries of Innocence:

Every Night & every Morn
Some to Misery are Born
Every Morn and every Night
Some are Born to sweet delight
Some are Born to sweet delight
Some are Born to Endless Night
We are led to Believe a Lie
When we see not Thro the Eye
Which was Born in a Night to perish in a Night
When the Soul Slept in Beams of Light……………

and the last few stanzas go to Mr. Roger McGough.

The Time I Like Best

The time I like best is 6am
when the snow is 6 inches deep
which I’m yet to discover
’cause I’m under the covers
fast, fast asleep.

Roger McGough


Goodbat Nightman

God bless all policemen
and fighters of crime,
May thieves go to jail
for a very long time.

They’ve had a hard day
helping clean up the town,
Now they hang from the mantelpiece
both upside down.

A glass of warm blood
and then straight up the stairs,
Batman and Robin
are saying their prayers.

* * *

They’ve locked all the doors
and they’ve put out the bat,
Put on their batjamas
(They like doing that)

They’ve filled their batwater-bottles
made their batbeds,
With two springy battresses
for sleepy batheads.

They’re closing red eyes
and they’re counting black sheep,
Batman and Robin
are falling asleep.

Roger McGough

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAspotted this on a notice board very near the post office boxes (yes, an earthquake does Not stop us sending out hand-written cards and dividing them neatly between different postal receptacles) in Topanga Canyon.

Canyons are always soothing after strangeness.

just so you know.

so there was an EARTHQUAKE this morning….



so there was an earthquake this morning here in the city of angels.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.35.55 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.36.44 AM


we’ve been in a few (not many at all) during our first residence in los angeles but this was the first one where it happened at 06:30 hours and we had not set the alarm and so was woken up by a strong shaking as if someone was telling us we were Awfully Late For School.

the shower doors in the ensuite shook alarmingly but did not shatter and we remembered to move away from anything glass….

…….but considering the (lovely) bed is between a wall of wardrobes with sliding glass doors and a (splendid) picture window looking out onto a vista of los angeles, we decided to just put the (soft, cotton) sheets and (comforting) comforter/duvet and (several) pillows over our head and Wait For It To Pass.

then it did.

after what felt like AGES.

considering we’d been in the middle of  most Curious dream (highlights included our childhood house, 9 black cats squirming happily to see us, one jumped up and we recognized the spirit/descendent? of the cat – Muffin – from when who-we-are-in-RL was about 11 – with a Leap of Joy and – Very Strangely – Elvis – the singer – with long blonde Viking hair and a rough beard outside the used furniture shop nearby) – it was all a bit Weird.

and not just the dream (although that was super weird – translations anyone? do give us your interpretation).

and in other news.


we watched The Magic Roundabout while cutting up the strawberries from the farmers market.


Magic Roundabout. 

possible reason for strange tripp-y-dream?
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthere’s nothing like fresh lemons in a jug of cold water in the fridge.


luckily George has returned from France with birthday gifts for who-we-are-in-RL and we particularly needed some soothing lavender after the EARTHQUAKE THIS MORNING. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and the soap smells glorious. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

last night – up in the hollywood hills – not knowing that an EARTHQUAKE WAS ABOUT TO HIT IN TWELVE HOURS.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhich really is a big lesson for us all (but perhaps not everyone needs to learn this).


that one Never Knows What is about to HAPPEN.



but if there are roses and quietness again, everything will re-settle into a new formation and things will start moving in perhaps not the direction one Thought but the general Voyage Inside that one needs.

before we go, just really to record this for the future, we sat on a Knole Sofa yesterday, high up in a Canyon somewhere in the Beverly Hills area.

we could not take photographs (sadly) and we’re not sure we can ever write about the experience (no hook, no public open day, no forthcoming vast coffee table book or movie location per se).

but we sat on a Knole Sofa.

and that was glorious.

and yes, we’ve seen the Original at Knole itself.

but one cannot sit on the original sofa (too threadbare, too protected by the National Trust) and only very special invited guests can sit on the one we went to yesterday.


all this AND an EARTHQUAKE.

whatever next?


we are driving into Topanga Canyon shortly.

yes, there will be pictures.

but not a Knole Sofa.


a tiny bit shaken after the EARTHQUAKE.




eiderdown heaven with edna ferber (in book form) and a burst of evening birdsong


we felt a little under-the-weatherness creeping or rather Descending upon us.

many have been ill (around here and, we hear, in Other parts of the world) so we Knew it might arrive at teamgloria towers – actually, it hasn’t quite Yet – but that’s because, after our Very Early appointment across town this morning, we have spent the Rest Of The Day In Bed. eiderdownheaven



we did write the book about returning to the boudoir to rest…….after. all.

so we took our own advice (not Always a good concept but today, an excellent one).


luckily we had Edna Ferber for company.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAonly in book form, although it might have been fun to let her have the other set of pillows as we both read into the afternoon, drowsing gently to BBC (*doffs_cap*) Radio 4 (rather good serial of Miss Austen’s earlier works around tea-time).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMs. Ferber had Such a good Attitude to life:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand there it IS that lovely phrase: “eiderdown heaven”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhow we long for a house with weekend guests and soaps that match the towels.

we used to have one (not a house but an apartment) – with four bedrooms if you can believe that – and a Terrace and dinner parties and – well – that’s for Another Time (or a novel, probably safest, darlings).  



now that the sun has gone down (and a vast FULL MOON arisen in the night sky), we feel a lot better.

especially because a (Bright, no doubt) Young Thing said she picked up the book and felt better (after some tears which are to be expected if one is also on medical leave, as young Harriet was).

harrietmost amusing to find out that who-we-are-in-RL knows her boss (the Editor in Chief and terribly smart Lady of a slightly Saucy magazine for young women) who hasn’t (until now) read the book herself.


but is going to do so now.

and has said so publicly. Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 8.24.57 PMthat’s great.

wonder how many books have been bought by lovely people and Taken Home to be enjoyed in the quiet surroundings of their own boudoir?

sightingduomomilanoa copy was spotted at the Duomo in Milan courtesy of the Very Chic Elisabetta Ferrari (yes, the one that writes for Vogue Italia)

sightingfreebirdbureauthe book took a nap after arriving in Hamburg and met a kitten at Freebird Bureau


while catching a few california rays, closer to home (thanks to Kate for this one!)sightingKoreanAir

it needed all those cat naps because it had also taken a Very Long (14 hours?) flight from Washington to KOREA (the Southern part) with our good friend Seoul Flaneur sightinglanie

and here it is with Lanie Denslow’s own book (which is a highly recommended read if you are in International Business and we know that many of you Are these days).

yesterday was also a lovely day – and a very long one – and coincidentally – involved an actual In Person Breakfast with the aforementioned kind Ms. Denslow herself. 

we set off (by car, but wouldn’t it be lovely one day by Carriage?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the sky was an incredibly uplifting sight.

we had breakfast at a Quirky HotelOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe then decided to take a walk (always frowned upon by uniformed Officials in Los Angeles but we throw caution to the wind as you know)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbecause it’s virtually impossible to take photographs of roses by the kerbside from a speeding (not that fast but sometimes tis true) car.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAor interesting Scaffolding and posters and nice vehicles unless one is walking and Looking (the looking bit is extremely vital) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso there you have it.

well, there was another bit that we can’t really talk about but it was a Chance encounter with someone of very advanced age who also, like us, grew up in another Land, and happened to be downtown yesterday and after we had waited (in the shade) for a little vegetarian rice bowl (jolly good) at the Thai food trucks by the Department of Water and Power (a nicer setting than one might expect) we sat and ate our lunch with him and Listened because sometimes that’s the nicest thing to do on a sunny afternoon in downtown los angeles.

do you know the other nicest thing to do on an early evening-time-in-southern-california during mid-March?

listen to birdsong.

and, due to the magic of digital devices and uploading and inter-titles and a bit of shaky camerawork – you Can Too.

oh you’re Most welcome!

#howtostaysaneinacrazyworld having a delicious book tour – works well with small people and friends-with-fur


this is the MOST fun that one could have on a book tour – while staying at home in one’s satin slip.

firstly – a note from the Old (Boys – and now fully co-ed) School:

We’ve ordered a copy for the library!  You must sign it next time you are here!! x

*blush* Rather! *throws_beret_in_the_air*


so that’s Brighton, England.

where else has the book appeared this week?

let’s see



gosh, well, everywhere!


diego had a moment by the fireside after reading his copy. dublin

Just Add Attitude gave us the 1st sighting in DUBLIN, IRELAND!georgesighting

George even took a copy to La Belle France on his recent trip to keep a copy of his own novel company (3rd in the series, we are not-so-patiently-waiting-for-the-4th)jamieequinox

the book got a workout with a Top Trainer at an undisclosed (although quite clearly overlooking the Ocean) Location here in Tinseltown.


because it slightly overindulged in a delicious High Tea at The Marguerite beach hut in Whitstable, created by sophiekarina_judithARoss_sighting

and then took a nap with Katrina at Judith’s house on the East Coastsightinginportugalwithapricotblossom

while Xana (the lovely stepmother to who-we-are-in-RL) held up a copy in a rural part of Portugal while shaded by the apricot blossoms. sightingMsDebb

we’re also very popular (it being mostly a Picture Book you see, and we did think of That when we made it) with small children – this small child is a delightful Resident of the East Coast too and her full name (because we were given permission to share it – is Marlo Paige Knowles and she is scrumptious. 

and here it is in Switzerland today where it just arrived on a Cross-Continental Flight wearing dark glasses and a suspiciously expensive overcoat and just hand luggage because it has a full set of clothing duplicated in the cedar-lined wardrobes over There.

What an incredible world tour the book is On!

sometimes (because who-we-are-in-RL has one of those “familiar” faces) she gets asked:

are you somebody?

and the other day she smiled (sweetly) and said:

no. but I play someone online.

we Preened in a rather ego-puffed-up (but still pretty) way.

Back to the Post for today.

In Other News!


there has been a bit of gazing-out-to-sea and dreaming-of-the-future going on….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand being silent at sunset. 


mixed with some Deeply Practical work sending out (100 to date) handwritten cards for The Digital Check UpOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand actually walking (not fast, but meaningfully) to the postal receptacles (there are two side by side not far from teamgloria towers and we split the pile into two each time, just for luck or something like that).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand then our latest article on Tara Kolla and the Silver Lake Farms came out in Los Angeles, I’m Yours which was ever so nice and well, fragrantly beautifully.

there you have it.

a world tour while we stay safely in Los Angeles (until April 3rd when we fly to meet it in London, Deia/Majorca, Ibiza and London again with Whitstable – yes, with William on the Way Back) when we go to Meet the book and see how it is enjoying the world.

the world is a very lovely place.

is it lovely where you are today?

do. tell.

and is the book happy in your house?

it likes ribbons.

just so you know.

and close proximity to roses.

Miss Vickie Lester has the right idea

about so many things, actually.

recipe for a sunny day when one would prefer to languish in naughty navel gazing instead


we take our Role here very seriously (with a great deal of light-heartedness-and-whimsical-Joy) of showing Bright Things.

because (truth now) we Often don’t feel like it in the RL aspect.

but when we come here, to write, and share photographs, and wait for the laundry to finish its cycle in the dryer, and take a thirty minute walk to the postal receptacles and hope the email communications come in thick and fast later with commissions and people requiring our services, stopping to pat a dog (black lab mixed with something a tiny bit more ferocious that gave it such spirit – name? Kennedy – love that) or two (small terrier called Romeo) and nod to the others taking a morning constitutional behind dark glasses (all of us), hair unbrushed (or hastily pinned up and smoothed back – all 3.5 genders here, some with caps, again non-gender specific on the usage of a hat), and then the Editors respond with notes (so we can chew a pencil and Think on a Different Way of Saying That – always fun and rather Intellectual as a pursuit)……….

(gosh, that Was a long paragraph without a Culmination point….)


where were we?

ah yes.

when we come Here…..none of that (awful hideous panic inducing worry) matters…..because we pick some lovely Pictures from the day before and some completely Charming Wedding music (love the music, not that keen on the Institution, but the Ceremony is very pretty if both people at the front of the church or local village hall are somewhat Attractive themselves – if not, good to look around the church to find someone who Is, to then flirt withsuch occasions lend themselves to naughty Hugh Grant type diversions)…..then All That Worry evaporates like bubbles in a very deep hot yummy bath.

shall we do that again today (it might be a good idea, you see)?

Firstly, we shall need some music:

and then a Quote or two from a much beloved (fellow Pisces) author:

It is necessary to write, if the days are not to slip emptily by. How else, indeed, to clap the net over the butterfly of the moment? for the moment passes, it is forgotten; the mood is gone; life itself is gone. That is where the writer scores over his fellows: he catches the changes of his mind on the hop. Growth is exciting; growth is dynamic and alarming. Growth of the soul, growth of the mind.
– Vita Sackville West

and now for the piece de resistance – a Visual Feast (one hopes, said *modestly*)


I look back as through a telescope, and see, in the little bright circle of the glass, moving flocks and ruined cities.

CUE SOUND: ping of alarm on digital device


the dryer has finished its cycle.

we must continue about our day and bid you adieu – in, like, a totally Modern way of course.

with a few more delicious SIGHTINGS!


1st Sighting in SEATTLE!

this one is very special – it’s nestled on the Shelves of our Cousin Amanda at the Royal Central School of Speech & Dramasightingbrooklynlisa

this copy is enjoying a nap at our Literary Agent’s house (such a lovely phrase). VickieLesterStudioBungalow

this copy is helping with the tea ceremony mid-writing-session over at Miss Vickie Lester’s Bungalow on the Studio Lot

and of course we have our own copy with its special lilac ribbon here at our house….

ourhouseoh we DO feel so much better now.

thank you for listening.

you see Action is very much the key, really.

now we must empty the dryer and get back to writing more cards and generally being Rather Productive over here.

Keep Calm and Carry On (beautifully).

it’s how we stay sane in a crazy world (did you not see that coming? *chuckling*)

hello spring! words by e e cummings, music by mozart and flowers lovingly captured by teamgloria


it’s spring!

firstly some music!

and now some poetry – intermingled with flowers that we took yesterday on a walk with who-we-are-in-RL for her birthday.


Spring is like a perhaps hand 
(which comes carefully 
out of Nowhere)arranging 
a window,into which people look(while 
people stare
arranging and changing placing 
carefully there a strange 
thing and a known thing here)and

changing everything carefully

e.e. cummings


O sweet spontaneous
earth how often have

fingers of
prurient philosophers pinched

,has the naughty thumb
of science prodded

beauty       .how
often have religions taken
thee upon their scraggy knees
squeezing and

buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive

to the incomparable
couch of death thy

thou answerest

them only with


e. e. cummings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbirthdays are getting easier and easier.

they used to be (almost) unbearably painful days for reasons we cannot divulge but which had (occasionally) nothing to do with us. the passing of time can be (if one lets it) be pregnant with regret or awful deeds OR – and here’s where we return to the sunny channel once again – they can be a deep but quite lovely Sigh about Everything that’s happened and what-is-about-to-happen-next and gosh-did-that-really-happen and did we get back to LosAngelesAgain (yes!), is who-we-are-in-RL now An Author (hurrah!)

in the meantime, there’s always mr. Mozart to wave us into a springtime of deliciousness…..

isn’t Monday always filled to the brim with potential?

we. think. so.

do you?