zippy, the movie.


this. just. in.

zippy, the movie.


as we mentioned before, we went to palm springs to make a movie about zippy (and see GB of course, too, which was lovely).

zippy and teamgloria conferred out by the (delicious) pool about Theme and Music and Concept.

we were Pretty surprised (he’s very mellow you see) to find out that zippy’s Idea was more of the classic Bond movie (classic as in Mr. Connery).


well, we said.

that’s a Splendid shorthand-for-a-short (or “the high concept” as they call it in movieland where one says “Classic Bond, as in Connery” and everyone nods as if they “get it instantly” which not everyone Does but one must Never Admit That in a Pitch Meeting you see).

then we turned the camera on and zippy Flew (not literally, we just mean Fast) around the delicious palm springs property and was very Active.

until he wasn’t.

and then he slept for reels and reels and reels (if we were shooting Film that’s what we would say – sadly we are not on celluloid but we try to Light as if we were) but we continued to shoot that too.

finally there were some Tricks (also known as “structured play”) done (the final Action Shot of the water squirting scene – we did Several Takes to get that right).

and then it was a Wrap.

we must share zippy’s video with sparky to get his input too – such different visual styles (Sparky loves Godard more than Mr. Connery) – but both Great To Work With (as actors always say when they do the DVD extras).



DVD extras?

now there’s a thought….

hello, palm springs.


it’s gorgeous here.

and the mercury is rising…….it was 104 degrees (whatever that is in old money) when we arrived late yesterday #phew.

a scorcher.

and delicious.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe have a book to read, thoughts to let roam around one’s head, blood pressure to see drop, a pool to swim in, splendid companionship with the Host (mr. GB) and a movie to make………..


here’s our subject.


Zippy is ready for his close-up.

heading west, back to los angeles, darlings #palmsprings #relaxed

what a delicious dawn over the mountains

– just wanted to share it with you while we pack to drive west again to los angeles:

just having a cup of coffee, waiting for everyone here to wake up, before we hit the road.

the only blip of sadness in a perfect trip is the Bloody Pills we have to take.

back at the day job, our Executive Assistant, (for we nominally attempt to fulfill the role of Executive, you see) said:

but if the pills make you feel nausea and depressed and moody, maybe you should stop taking them.

but then we will die.


we really must be more careful with the sensibilities of Americans ;-)

it was a downer of a conversation.

but – back to the trip!

here’s what we did yesterday:

some sight-seeing (Kaufmann House, designed by Neutra)

lots of enjoying the long desert shadows on our new Vivid Red glossy toes.

a delicious brunch at Escena with gb. (the sun was a little strong, so we had to tie a white linen napkin, like a Very Fashionable kerchief, around the scar so the collagen didn’t melt…apparently No Sunbathing until 2012 according to the Surgeon’s Instructions).

then we took a nap and on-and-off watched Glee (we don’t own a telly/television/transmitting product so the whole big-screen-in-the-home concept is Very Odd to us) with gb while he figured out the new Kindle Fire device.

and – for the evening’s delights, we had supper with nine of gb’s Lovely Palm Spring Friends at a mexican cantina place called mirasol which was scrumptious (do You always need to take a nap after a corn tortilla or two?) and we were ever so Tickled Pink to be able to sit outside (such clement weather).

after meeting with up with more friends nearby for a lovely chat, we took a stroll down the high street/main street/twinkle-light road.

we are feeling Ever So Relaxed…..

and now a long drive back to los angeles (well, 90 mins in fast traffic, endless in bumber-to-bumber-ness) but there’s always the vintage radio stations out west plus the Wave 94.7 which is doing gospel versions of christmas tunes.

yes, that’ll be teamgloria singing in the silver Ford-something, windows down, hair blowing in the breeze, a big smile and a scar that is Awfully Excited to be on the Other Coast for the first time.

quick comedy moment to leave you with… of gb’s friends is a gentleman of a certain delicious vintage who lived in NYC during the late 50s to circa 1975…..we were a bit naughty yesterday when we bumped into him and noticed that he spotted the scar:

we had our throat slit

we said with a wink and a little smile

New York hasn’t changed much then

he replied

yes, definitely a teamgloria sort of person. we loved it.