music from behind locked doors.


we’re off to the photography studio where we consult and assist on a thursday so cereal must be eaten and coffee needs to be imbibed to wake us up and then we d r i v e.

but first.



over at a very glam office building complex we suddenly saw this reflection on the shiny wall and it looked like a portal into Another World.

to us.

we think like that a lot.


always good to stop for a snowy cafe au lait (or two). edfa22acf93811e2b8f522000a1fbce9_7

we do so much d r i v i n g in los angeles that a constant supply of music is required (the radio is splendid – but sometimes the commercials, well, grate) – and we found these mix tapes-on-compact-disc that we made back in 2005 (when we lived here before) at a place called Here Music (such a clear explanation of what lies therein, non?)

now Here Music has closed – but nothing dies on the interweb so you can read more about them here. f2c08bb0f93711e2948222000a1f9307_7and sometimes we like to dial into the digital device and find music from our Teen Years.

like this:

do you remember this?

yazooinyourroom2008fronqr8 36864it’s funny when we look at these again because this was the moment that imprinted the words New York and Loft and Strange and (some semblance of) Adult Life into our psyche.

and so it came to pass *coughs*

as did meeting Alison Moyet actually.

it wasn’t one of our best pieces and we appear to Not have a scanned copy but it is always Something Else meeting one’s heroes.

even if we did compare her voice to a Cadbury’s Caramel.

not sure she Loved that.

but we did.

who would You like to meet from your Teen soundtrack of rebellion/behind-locked-doors (hopefully in your house, not an institution against your will) Years?

do. tell.

links please. you know we love to seek out other Places on the interweb……especially when you lead us There.