last look at portland.


we slept in late after arriving back on the flight-from-Portland and have been Busy (but not at all harassed) Doing Chores (laundry, dry-cleaning, alterations and picking-up-stuff-at-the-chemist – *sighs* for the lack of thyroid post-surgery).

but here’s a Last Look at Portland from yesterday.

isn’t it gorgeous?

0bfe31a63b7111e3ab3b22000a9e5b17_8now These roses are very important because they are part of the International Rose Test Garden (not a place where they make flowers do Quizzes but where they make new hybrids and so on)c86a08063b7611e3bcaf22000a1fbcb3_8

78b92cb63b4d11e390e422000aeb0b4d_8and this is Alder & Co which is a Fabulous Store.

8919f9bc3b6d11e3821b22000aeb0baa_8this is the deeply impressive View from Pittock Mansion of snowy-topped Mount Hood

what’s that?

oh yes.

we WERE working.

but luckily we had Charming Colleagues who took us on a Trip so we could (as the Americans say) “Walk n Talk” (which we are very good at doing – both – together – you see). c32290c43b6d11e3aee522000a9f15b9_8and these are the luscious Mansion grounds.

55583c763b7f11e38dae22000ae81e0b_8the softly fading sun dipped below the elevated walk-way as we wearily entered the airport and waited patiently for our flight back to Los Angeles.

we felt Very Grateful because L.A was “open” last night – unlike Seattle which was closed due to bad weather and nobody could take off and leave Portland if that was their destination last evening. Even though we were Extremely Exhausted upon arrival in Los Angeles, we felt a vast amount of compassion for those people stranded there who had Hoped to get home to Seattle – and clustered forlornly by the departure desk in vain.


what’s this (scroll down if you can’t see it)?

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.20.37 PM

oh! how nice – we’d almost forgotten Filing Our Copy before we left for Portland.

another “Where Shall We Meet?“.

the lovely Kyle (our Editor) filled in for us while we were away in NYC the week before but we’re hoping to do an “On the Road” version during our travels Abroad in November so do stay tuned.


can one Say one is Tuned on the interweb?

we do hope so.

it sounds ever so nice.

btw, as the young people say, we feel Ever so Remiss – we Promise to visit you soon. It’s been an Age.

do forgive.

a moment of reverie in a gallery called #FaheyKlein


we’ve Very Busy Working right now but just wanted to let you know that our latest column Just Went Live (don’t you adore the interweb?)

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 12.11.20 PM

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe took this picture outside the gallery while we were Gathering our Thoughts, slightly nervous (actually) about meeting the great David Fahey…….can you tell?


more. to. come.


do forgive >xx


poetic license over beirut coffee then fun and spangles with anita loos.


oh we do love writing a weekly column.

and sometimes it’s adorable to re-read and realize that one Can get Rather poetic over a cup of strongly aromatic Beirut coffee.


indulge us. 


of course we haven’t actually eaten anything as sweet as the Outhmaliyyè since we went to rest awhile at Pi On Sunset due to the (gulp) stats provided by our new doctor *coughs* but there you go – fiction is sweet – and we did get to have a Lovely Nap after eating there.


talking of fiction (moving swiftly on) – we Happened to find ourselves between appointments at the Academy of Motion Pictures Margaret Herrick Library yesterday – as one does.


we adore a library.

especially one that has Actual paper clippings in Manilla Envelopes and is Very Strict about only bringing in pencils (and it has been Years since we swooned over the sound of an electric pencil sharpener darlings) and no digital-devices (bliss).

we poured over the Envelopes that we requested and thought we’d share a few Quotes with you here.

yes – quite naturally we spent Some Time lingering over the Anita Loos cuttings (as we know, we adore Ms. Loos)

(The Fun and the Spangles, July 10th 1974, New York Post, Eugenia Sheppard interviews Anita Loos)

“When I see today’s movies with sordid plots and much less pretty girls, I remember the fun and the spangles.”

“Most of the stars just read their own lines to find out what kind of clothes they were going to wear.”

(on the occasion of Ms. Loos’ 80th birthday: April 26th, 1973)

“She wouldn’t stay in bed,” Miss Loos said, sipping coffee at the Russian Tea Room. “She’d be up hustling, getting to a job in some public relations organization.”

(talking about a modern Lorelei Lee)

“I can’t wait to get to my desk each morning. As soon as I found out there was money in ink, I dropped acting and stocked up on ink.”

and we thought our friend The Perfumed Dandy would enjoy these moments-in-beauteous-words from our friend Lorelei herself, helped by Ms. Loos of course, from Harper’s BAZAAR April 1964.

Perfume and what it means to girls like I 
by Lorelei Lee

“But if, on entering a taxi, a girl fails to inspire the Driver with a compliment about your perfumery, I always feel the trip is a failure from the start and she really ought to go back home and consult her perfume bottles.”

“For I always find that the perfume most adored by a Taxi Driver of distinction will also intreege (sic) the more affluent types of gentlemen on Wall Street.”


what fragrance are you wearing right now?

and are you impressing a Taxi Driver or a gentlemen on Wall Street at the same time?


you are clever.


and deeply glamorous.

dodging questions and saying goodbye.



we just had to answer a Very Long Questionnaire.

and it has left us quite Bereft of inspiration.

we don’t like Direct Questions (if you hadn’t noticed).

we Much prefer to dodge the question or diffuse or demure (so eighteenth century-with-fan-and-eyelashes) but sometimes one Must respond to the Q&A.

luckily we have other people who can edit and suggest kind modifications and so on.

it’s good to have friends.

and columns in lovely online publications. 

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 9.06.53 AM

that’s especially delicious.

you know what else is delicious?


tea and biscuits with friends at a house and talking about books and life and love and then a walk at twilight and bumping into someone one knows and stopping a while under the moon (burgeoning full) and stars and palm trees while wearing one’s most excellent silver shoes.

another delicious thing is even earlier in the afternoon – not quite warm enough for a wrap, so it hangs over one’s (slightly narrow) shoulder – and stopping to smell the roses.


but there is also sadness which makes the delicious things that-much-sweeter because life is so Ephemeral and Fleeting.

this pains us to say but we wanted to record the passing of sophie.

our hearts and arms go out to envelop blair in his loss.

54c5a244a7c811e2b4e822000a9f130c_7sleep well, sweet princess-with-fur.