well that was a wonderful wednesday. how was yours?

hello darlings

everyone else seemed to be in a somewhat festive mood.

and it was sort of contagious in a very nice way.


we went to a lovely party (yes, we edited out the people as someone pointed out – but there were lots there – we just prefer “atmosphere” to generate a mood unless one is lighting a face properly and doing a headshot or two and it wasn’t that sort of a gathering)c2c36b626cf511e380301215423c68e1_8

the boarding school (one of two, the other one went bankrupt so it would be unlikely to send out a Christmas Message) was very Modern and sent an email which was delightful. c94264d46da411e3861d0e55fd92b12f_8

then there was lots of taking-the-long-road home after (see below) a delicious Wednesday morning breakfast-with-friends.

(does anyone know why the house on Lookout Mountain has a giant publicity shot from The Women? Mr. google hadn’t a clue but we thought you might). f25a5c446d9711e385e012ed285b77e9_8moments from breakfast.

always especially wonderful when Mr. Diego-the-dog is present.

and despite not being interested in actually celebrating christmas, we have to say we Do enjoy watching other people do it.

especially in French.

so now we’re off to watch this:

because, a little earlier today, we already watched this:


hb-lobby1come to think of it, there are lots of things we like to Watch others do but not necessarily do in RL.

houseboat-end-title-screenof course we’re Itching to get back to writing and who-we-are-in-RL is eager to start the new consulting term and there are photographs to take and deadlines to meet – but only when everyone has finished doing this Christmas thing.


when the weather looks like this:

e6c0fabe6ced11e38e6612704970d118_8it’s sort of hard to take the whole “Holidays” thing seriously.

and don’t even get us started on the “New Year Celebration”.

we’ll be in a convent for that.

did we not tell you?


not under orders or taking orders but quite voluntarily – and yes, we’ll be in black – it’s a habit one finds hard to break.

plus our British Publicist at the UK Publishers (such a delicious word) agreed it would be a good “talking point” to say that one had spent the last night of 2013 in contemplative silence when one is promoting the book.


what’s that?

oh yes!

good idea.

we haven’t seen That for a while.

the last time we got to sing the Nuns Chorus was when we were staying with a friend somewhere (*saidvaguely*) near the Hudson river in, what was it? 2005? yes, NYC. and we both watched the film and found we could harmonize rather brilliantly – but we let him do Mother Superior’s solo – we were the Guest after all – it’s only Polite.

actually, we heard that they don’t dress like this anymore.

The-Sound-of-Music-the-sound-of-mussince Vatican 2 there was a move to more poly-blend-jump-suits in pastel shades in this sunny southern california for the Sisters of Mercy (not the band, although they prefer wearing black too)


actually, if you take off the wimple, you’re right – we dress Exactly like that.


how delicious.

did you have a lovely Christmas?

many mince pies?


that’s the best solution for too-many-mince-pies.

and an early night.

a thousand thanks, even in the rain.

so it’s raining again.

to someone who grew up in england there’s a resignation about the rain.

to someone who grew up with a sense of adventure, the sight of a pink umbrella is like spotting a Kindred Spirit across a crowded room of people-in-suits – a Friend!

thank goodness there are Lots of Pink Umbrella people in manhattan ;-)

on the subject of Thanks:

we had an extraordinary moment yesterday where we suddenly (don’t you Adore Serendipity?) we saw the name of the person who first sponsored our Very First Visa to the USA – just there, in an innocent email – we had Quite forgotten them (we didn’t know them Very well as they were in Another Country for most of the time and we were charged to work on the Other Coast eventually – a long story – for another blog post – or perhaps another blog…)


yesterday, we found their email address and said Thank You.

thank you.

and we invited them to Lunch (because they’re a business Chap and chaps-do-lunch – quite short lunches, but lunches nevertheless – however with the Lady – or more Cultured Executives and Glam Types we suggest Tea at the St. Regis because then there’s the Tantalizing prospect of cake. And Real teapots and china cups and cherubs and a grand piano and a harpist and Really Good Lighting – via a splendiferous number of Chandeliers…….business chaps don’t usually understand the Swoon factor of a Chandelier.  or cake.)

it felt great to say thank you.

then we said thank you to Kathleen Turner.*

it was a mid-week-oh-god-it-is-raining-and-we-are-tired sort of a feeling post-work-meetings so we took ourselves to the Cinema, because That Always Helps and saw The Perfect Family.

*we don’t actually Know Kathleen Turner – not yet, anyway. But we sent her a note to say thank you for making the movie.

what did we think of the movie?

well – it’s curious.

because the Trailer is cut (see – use of professional term alert ;-) to render the text (cue Academic treatise-style) as a comedic force.

but actually it’s a heart-warming, deeply serious look at faith, families and expectations and growing up with unbelievable pressures to conform and then – it being a movie – all hell (sorry, couldn’t resist) breaks loose and as the Original movie poster says “heaven help them”.

highly recommended.

a little slow in parts.

which was perfect for a wednesday – and the subject matter.

and yes – tears were shed somewhere around Act II.

so thank you to the Chap who sponsored our Original work visa to the USA – AND Kathleen Turner.


one more…..

we’re Back At the Doctors this morning (no, not the surgeon’s office where we first heard about Tobias the tumor (before he had sisters and then there-were-three) but to the Other Doctor (it’s NYC – we have several – unlike England where we barely saw one our entire life until emigrating ;-)

this doctor is the one we said Thank You to as she (for tis a Lady Doctor) found the first lump.

don’t like the feel of this

were her exact words.

did you not notice this?

she said.

and we replied (Rather Wittily, we thought, despite the Great Fear of the word LUMP coursing through our Neuro-core at The Time).

gosh. no. um. that Is a Lump, isn’t it. Well, we don’t usually put our hands around our neck – or get into Those Kind of Relationships anymore so we didn’t feel it.

she looked sideways at us, was there a faint smile?

and then the World crashed in.

and you know the Rest.

so thank you.

to the Lady Doctor who-found-Tobias

thank you to the Chap who sponsored our first Work Visa to the USA in 2001

and a final thank you to Kathleen Turner.

for being Kathleen Turner – but also, most recently, making The Perfect Family.

which made for the Perfect Wednesday Night at the cinema.

a thousand thanks.


a warm glow.


that Did Feel Good.

eat, pray, love, bubbles, parcels, fierce footwear, caffeine, paranoia, medical bills = wednesday.

hello darlings.

it’s wednesday.

isn’t it?

the throat aches with a vengeance now (scar tissue? problems? chill wind descending on manhattan? breathing re-constituted air inside a skyscraper all day?)

who knows. actually the surgeon will (if it’s physical rather than spiritual) and we see him tomorrow at 3pm. so we’ll let you know..

in the meantime, this is our wednesday so far – do describe yours!

we were a Bit Gloomy upon awakening: so blew bubbles while the synthroid kicked in and the coffee percolated

listening to eat pray love with the utterly delicious elizabeth gilbert reading it herself made applying mascara ever so nice. felt like she was with us, reading to us (although our manhattan bathroom is Awfully Small so she’d have to have been sitting on the side of the bath but still, Awfully Sweet image.

TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS poorer now :-( #medicalbills

gasp. for. air.

sent a parcel (we Adore a Parcel) to the lovely Stacy Morrison (yes, we do know her in RL, we’re not being strange and stalk-y ;-) it’s one of our decoupages and it reminds us of the bit in her book when she talks about moving to the big city to become a glam-and-glossy-magazine-editor.

en route to the subway: caffeine and paranoia (new york observer mental health issue)

then AT the office (at last – <ahem>) we just had the Most Fabulous meeting at the Day Job today with a glorious young woman who wore such Fierce Footwear (see pic)

we have never worn such spikey-cool-heels (while sober) but she walked with an Attitude that a drag queen would die for.

of course, we prefer doctor martens – like these – especially the shiny ones.

and it’s only just lunchtime (tummy growling) so we’re going to nip out to forage for something comforting (that isn’t bread – sigh – yes, we’ve been skating close to the edge with the “spelt” and “sprouted wheat” that is So Dangerous for us…..just felt like sharing. please don’t judge. or if you do. please Be Kind (we’re Very Sensitive) ;-)

tell us about your Wednesday!

wednesday’s pictures.

it’s Awfully Busy here at the Day Job so forgive our brevity.

a few shots. just to amuse you.

more words later.

we have jw(1) staying this evening (a small Geek camp over chez nous) for some plotting and we both have Very Early Business Breakfasts so we offered him the aerobed and the good (spare set) of (silky) linens. we do like being grown up enough to have not only several sets of linens but a spare set too. and they are very nice. we popped them on the sofa once for a languishing afternoon’s nap and novel-reading and they were jolly silky. hence why we call them the silky set.

the soy sauce bottle is from our delicious sushi lunch with SA – much talk of london, photography, dreams, galleries, famous lensman and a couple of lensladies (or lens_broads, more accurately) – splendid.

we Adore Plotting (as you know.)