putting on our radio voice.



it was delicious!

we were on the RADIO this morning.

switchboardcall sign: WBLQ

(which is in Rhode Island all the way across the Continent on the Other Coast)

and here’s the programme – it’s not yet tied up with tape and popped onto the interweb for re-broadcast (if you listened Live, we’re very grateful, thank you for doing so) but it looks like it will be soon….


we were lying back on the (many) pillows and cradling the princess phone to the ear of who-we-are-in-RL

of course, being on Talk Radio, reminded us (deeply) of Tim Curry (although our voice is not Quite in his deliciously deep register) in Times Square.

tumblr_mdvfafo5bi1rhzr0co1_500of course dear Karen Hager – the beautifully melodic voiced Host of the Radio Show – was much lighter in tone than Mr. Curry – but there is something about the Radio that encourages vulnerability and whimsy and a sense of place yet not and a healing vibe (it was entitled transformational talk radio so we stuck more to that storyline and only mentioned how much we ADORE chandeliers once).



THAT was so much fun.

we’d LOVE to do it again.

oh wait.

(come on, you knew that was coming)

we will be joining Diane Ray on February 17th…..

quelle vie!

now that was ALL about us.

we do apologize.

how’s your wednesday so far?

sunny? cold? is there a long-running British television marathon on later with a late supper of scrambled eggs on a Terence Conran white plate in front of the fire?

if not – consider it – sounds nice, right?