hello tuesday.




another Tuesday?


so soon?


what shall we talk about?

do you have tea?

we have tea.

oh good, you’re sorted.

then we’ll begin.

did you remember it was Mozart’s birthday yesterday?

we celebrated by listening to much of his Greatest Hits and felt Rather Rousing while conducting an imaginary string quartet while driving down sunset boulevard….


—-en route to another person beginning with M’s birthday!


and what else shall we tell you about?


while waiting (checks/cheques, Commissions, code to be examined on Current “gigs” and consultancy proposals to be consulted About before hired On and probably other things beginning with C but that’s quite Enough to be going on with) we’ve been enjoying a perusal down the Beverly Hills Library Section where the Philosophy books live.

This One particularly caught our eye (bet you spotted that one too) – and it’s jolly good.

more on Mr. J. Baggott’s text when we’ve finished it.

well! we were Very Pleased to receive a Piece of Post from the sprite!

whom – you may well recall – because it was a jolly good drawing – we spent a (probably rather cold, it being on the Other coast at that time) splendid afternoon with Two Years Ago, almost to the day (that day being January 29th 2012 you see).

let’s all wish the sprite the customary theatrical cry of “break a leg” for her performance in Manhattan (or was it in an Outer Borough/off Broadway?)

in other news, we took a small break in the proceedings today and met up with our old friend Amy (she’s not at all old, but we first met her over a decade ago now) and her small son, young Master. J. as he shall be known here.

who has a most excellent collection of spiderman miniature cars.

such fun.

highly recommended.

letters from the East Coast and some pretend race track adventures with miniature cars.

and now we return to normal transmission – and Back to Work.

thank you so much for popping by!

quiet moments while waiting.


such a lovely 24 hours.

and even more precious because we are Waiting (sort of patiently) for Responses to Requested Ideas and so we *thought_hard* about new things to write about and carefully typed them up with references and everything and “hooks” (if you’re not familiar and not everyone Is with this term it means Timely which is Everything in journalism circles) and sent them out Into the World.

and now we wait. for a little while. because we are aware that we are Very fast when it comes to Ideas and the careful-typing-bit and so not Everyone (or even Anyone) expected our emails so soon.

plenty to do in the meantime – – – – –

fear not.



we got up before Dawn this morning and drove East to see friends for breakfast and take a walk and enjoy the mellow sunshine (being not too naughty to gloat when there are snowstorms – brrrrr – in Many other places around the globe right now)20140121_190735

and last night we snuck down using the goods elevator to admire the pool at The Beverly Hills Hotel because our dear friend Barry (who had escaped the snowstorm on That Coast) was in Town with his niece Miss. S and he had invited yours truly as well as Mr. Chris and Mr. Victor and we had the MOST delicious time in, you guessed it, The Polo Lounge (note to non-existent sub-editor: chk: Polo reference? no horses or small mints with holes in them that we could see at all).

now we couldn’t take Photographs (it would be deeply frowned on by the hangers on surrounding their Talent charges which, we are happy to tell you, included a man-with-black-fingernails, a Movie Mogul and Miss. P. Anderson last night – all True) but we can tell you that the lobby is a symphony of beige (the good stuff, not a lack-of-imagination) softly intertwined with the Most flattering lighting for anyone over the age of 12.

and there you have it.



the slightly decadent life in L.A – as shown here by a stag (that is a stag, right?) atop of a Rather ornate surround that reminded one of a faded Estate in Tuscany that has been abandoned by the son and heir because he wanted to go and make pop videos for MTV in the 80s and is now lived in by the aged aunt who reads Dante and weeps into her tisane.

in other news:

we Tidied up a lot and threw away three bags (some of “trash” as the Americans call it – the others to be recycled into something New by the paper mill people, not us, and a bag of books to leave downstairs by the washing machines for another resident to Enjoy) not that we had any clutter to begin but it’s amazing how Invigorating cleaning and tidying can be while one is Waiting. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

who-we-are-in-RL has a Very important call on Monday morning with someone Abroad so we decided to re-frame some of our work so we can have an extra nice background to the call (yup, it’s a video call, which usually she can’t cope with but the backdrop is such a Nice talking point that All Will Be Well). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

there’s also lots of magazines to read and take close-up pictures of for our friends on Instagram. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


even as the light fades slowly and rather beautifully like a Vermeer (or do you see another sort of light going on? it does feel Nordic actually, non?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

oh good!

this week’s column just came out. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 12.42.33 PMso lots to do.

but what do we do a Lot while we Wait?

drink a lot of coffee.


a193b61a82f111e3ab4012f602fa8bc2_8thank goodness for sweet baristas who amuse us with the pictures-in-foam.

small mercies, darlings, small mercies.




Upon the heat and flame of thy distemper sprinkle cool patience.

William Shakespeare

Hamlet, Act III


Patience:  A minor form of despair disguised as a virtue. 

~Ambrose Bierce

Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day. And for once I’m inclined to believe Withnail is right; we are indeed drifting into the arena of the unwell. Making an enemy of our own future. What we need is harmony. Fresh air.

Withnail and I


Waiting is Horrid. Patience is overated. But at least our surroundings are delicious. #sigh

– teamgloria

Darlings – any good quotes in your arsenal on Patience and Waiting and so on and so forth?

Just not all in Good time. You might get a virtual slap (just a tiny one) for that one ;)

What do we wait for?


E v e r y t h i n g.

don’t speak, don’t speak…..loving-the-alien.

we reached a crashing point on emotion at Precisely (as the British Rail Talking Clock voice used to say with a Crisp and Firm diction and nary a smile) eighteen hundred hours (and a half hour for the extra sigh).

but you are going to be missed!

Please don’t.

Not sure I can – I need to tell you how much you’ll be missed.

stop. right. now.

and we got tearful (eek) in the cinema in times square (don’t ask – the movie was dreadful and why we agreed to Times Square on a SATURDAY is beyond comprehension – it fit in with dinner plans and a reservation and a sense of giving-up-control-for-once).

yesterday saw us (WHY?) saying goodbye to three very important people in our east coast life (ON THE SAME DAY?) and it all got too much at 6pm in Times Square.


this could have been the reason for the underlying collapse in any sort of keepingItTogether stiff-upper-lip (the bottom lip definitely trembled).

we had to change our address for the immigration services (we’ve got temporary living-residency-status still on the east coast and officially will be going Back and Forth and probably in Reality too as some consultancy for who-we-are-in-RL has emerged – as well as the work we are Already Doing right now).

and it always Hits us right between the Eyes.

the word ALIEN.

the immeasurably-unknowable-status-problem.

you see – we’ve never known if we could stay Here.


if we’re being Honest (and why not, tis So Refreshing and Freeing).

in many places.

shall we explain?

let’s see.

there was the simple matter of a younger sibling being born and there was not a great deal of cash and we thought there was only room for one child so we ran away from home for the first time (age 7).

the ensuing panic and trauma did not convince us that explanations were always Helpful.

painful memory.

but – you know – shone light on with a more grown-up and kindly eye – and all is well (yes, we lie).

and then the Boarding Schools (two of them) and the matter of being a Scholarship Girl (we had 4 scholarships by the last one, age 16 – and didn’t tell a soul until the letters were printed after our name in the Roll Call distributed on day 1 to Everyone – the shame – and now – the pride at having been That Clever) and having to OverAchieve (constantly – always tiring – for us and those around us) and never quite knowing if one would be “Invited Back” the next Term (michaelmas, trinity……..beautiful words).

let’s see (as we’re being totally honest – did you have breakfast? or at least a cup of tea to hand? we’re sipping coffee and Typing Fast, darlings).

various relationships where one was the lesser (in our eyes) status (economically, status, other things perhaps – but this is all good territory that has been Explored and examined and laid to rest).

during our years as a Journalist – going to the French Embassy (we had a French passport at the time – a story for another place – rather complicated parentage) and being told we would not be given another one.

walking out of the embassy – Stateless.

(the rules had changed on immigration and children-of-non-residents – complicated and heart-breaking and confusing).

we waited for (a year? no moleskine journal-keeping in those days).

many people Wrote Letters.

we (finally) got a British Passport.

then the USA.

almost 12 years: visas, more visas, losing visas, getting visas, new jobs, green card application – waiting waiting waiting waiting – and still we wait (although apparently we are in “Initial Review” which is terrifying and yet hopeful at the same time).

but if you follow the line of reasoning carefully (and there’s probably more, we’re just giving you the highlights and god-bless-you-for-reading-thus-far)……..We Chose All Those Situations.




we chose to be in all those places where we didn’t know if we could stay or felt less than or uneasy of status.

all. of. them.

we COULD have waited to see what happened on the next episode of EastEnders and had a somewhat quiet life.

but. we. didn’t.



we’ve had a HUGE life thus far.

and long may it continue.

so, yesterday, we updated our east coast address with the Alien Registration online and Fell Apart and went to have lunch with a dear friend and tried to hold it all in.

and failed by 6 O’Clock.


we took flowers to the second meeting (for tea on the upper west side).

flowers are always such a Kind Companion, non?

and then there was the matter of walking almost two miles (why?) from 91st and amsterdam (lunch with C) to 73rd and broadway (tea with Kc) to columbus circle (to swim) to Times Square (movies with NMP) and then the subway (why??) to supper uptown (very nice but rather overwrought with feeling by that point and trying to submerge aforementioned feelings with the bread basket – sigh).


and now?

it’s 08.37am on sunday morning.

just the sound of hissing pipes in the walls to bring steam heat and a sip of coffee and a siren screams past and footsteps, someone on the way to buy a newspaper perhaps, or milk, and we sit here talking to you, in the blue-blue-noel-coward-dressing gown and prepare to get up and shower and apply mascara (just a smidge)…..

……and take a train from grand central station to connecticut.


train journeys solve all bruised hearts.

as will toast in front of the telly with a doctor who episode and a deep talk over the papers while waiting for the tea to brew.


thank you JW1.

we shall arrive on the 12.02 Precisely.

learning patience in paradise with the kindness of strangers.

we did not realize that when one seeks to be a More patient human one is thrown a whole bunch of agonizingly difficult life circumstances with myriad opportunities to, er, well, Practice it.

one might assume – almost 12 years later – that waiting for a green card would have given us the patience of a saint (were they particularly patient? serene, we’re sure, yes, but patient? why? do tell if you know).

on good days, it has.

or at least it has given us a delicious sense of fun to distract us While we are waiting.

because magical things happen when One Waits.

for example, today, we wait to see if our application for an apartment has been accepted.

and while we wait someone glorious emailed us and said “let’s have tea!”

which is Quite the Nicest thing to happen today (and it’s only 9.19AM on This coast).

what we haven’t Confessed thus far (and this is only going to be a Tiny bit of what is a Really Long and not-for-the-faint-hearted life story – but it’ll make many movies some day – not merely one – no one would believe that such Adventures have befallen just one human being – and If/When one is in a Hollywood pitch meeting, one needs just one good Hook and three distinct acts – we’ve lived Many More than that and we’re pretty sure we’re not even Half-way through as yet…..darlings).


large exhale.

we’re hard to quantify.


quick moment of distraction here to pause and say, don’t you just adore the way the californian sun tantalizingly peeks through the wooden slatted white blinds and caresses the 1960s style lamp? delicious.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

more distraction – this is the view if one (just to give you a visual) – pops one’s long hair up in a ponytail and ties up the fluffy white hotel robe and ventures forth onto the communal balcony to take a photograph…….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this is the blue-blue (but alas quite Chilly, for L.A) sky. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


back to the Point.

one is never sure whether one will get Approved for anything in America because we are hard to quantify.

you see we have no debt, no loans and don’t use other-people’s-money-to-buy-things (because it’s illogical).

which means we don’t Exist.

in. a. way.

(and in many ways, we don’t. we are pretty self-realized as opposed to self-created – we would not dare assume we did this – it’s been Rather magical and inspired/inspiring non?).

so people get quite freaked out when they look for Records.

we are very Honest.

we tell them all the names we have used (and there have been quite a few).

and we offer to pay more of our own cash to make them feel Comfortable.

but then we Wait.

to see if they call.

if not.

what shall we do?

it’s worked so far.

but not always.

there’s always the possibility of getting another flight back to NYC – waiting here – finding another apartment – seeing if someone else appreciates our mode-de-vivre on the ebb and flow of energy/money and let’s us Live there. wherever That is.

in the meantime, we write to you.

which we love doing.


and we wrote a letter to Victoria magazine (do you know it? all southern ladies and tea and trips to Venice and paris and entrepreneurs of beauteous things? we adore it).

here’s our letter.

because it’s a thank you letter, in a way.

and there’s nothing that makes Waiting easier than saying thank you for what one already has (smiling gently and beatifically at you via the interweb darling).

Victoria magazine was asking for letters on the theme of the “Kindness of Strangers”.


Dearest Victoria Magazine

The kindness of strangers is often virtual and via the internet, these days, and no less precious for that.
In May 2011, I was traveling the world with a big corporate job and suddenly got diagnosed with three tumors in my throat. I was shocked beyond belief and could not tell anyone close to me for the longest time.
Instead, I posted on Instagram, the photo-sharing site, anonymously, using my teamgloria moniker, keeping my real identity hidden, due to my job.
I follow, and am followed, on Instagram by about 300 people and they walked me through the diagnosis, surgery and subsequent month’s medical leave. I posted pictures from my hospital bed. They posted photographs of bouquets of raspberry pink roses with messages of love and support from as far afield as Tokyo and Berlin, Australia to London.
When I was confined to my apartment in a great deal of physical and emotional pain, I took still-life images of candles, bed linens and endless of cups of tea. They took soaring landscapes and breathtaking sunsets from all over the world and told me I would see the world again.
In time, I started to write about how to get through difficult times and used all my photographs to compile a book. I got signed by a literary agent and she sold my book to a publisher. None of this would have been possible without my Instagram virtual friends who showed me the kindness of strangers.
Much love, teamgloria (sophia stuart).

so that’s our take on the Kindness of Strangers……….what would yours be, darlings?