#newLife plotting, inspiration, action and dreams.


we went to a Reading with a writer-compadre last night and talked about creating-work and plot lines and beats in narrative and all sorts of interesting things that writers talk about – including the two of us (who had never met in RL before now although we’ve been writing back and forth in a fragmented story-line for almost two years – isn’t the interweb glorious?)

then we went online and checked our photography choices for the exhibition and learned that our lovely portraits of a lovely author are being chosen as The new Author Headshot for their new site (which makes us Terribly Pleased) and we remembered to ask another Friend/model when she next has a blonde-ing-appointment so we can schedule Her portrait and so on……

while we wait this morning for a 10AM conference call (so nice to do these on the princess phone) for a digital consultancy gig we’re doing (or rather she’s doing – we’ll be lying down listening to a Radio 4 BBC show during that hour) and then answer emails from prospective digital clients and sort out future lessons (did we tell you about the Lessons? doing our first few as soon as we get Back from NYC)


you see Nothing is fixed.

when people say “what do you do?” in that Nancy Mitford non-U way (the real Upper Classes, of course, do – or did – nothing but Tend the Land and Protect Their Heritage and so would never Ask such a Q) we pause.

we do three things.

we say or sometimes we say:

can we just talk about films that we’ve both seen and loved?

because usually:

what do you do?

really means:

are you useful – to us?

and the larger Universe spiritual answer is “of course” but not in the way you’d expect (because people always get very uplifted and excited when we start to get going about music and plays and life and movies and photographs and roses and Lovely Things).

so if we do get Honest *sighs* and talk about what-we-do we give them a precis of The Bio. and leave-it-at-that and hope we can return to talking about Lovely Things.

we know we’re meant to be all Thrusting and go-getting and furthering-our-bank-account – and maybe we will, in time.

but really all we want to do is do the digital therapy lessons (because one meets the Most Interesting People when doing Those) and a few consulting clients who have products/services we Adore (until the bank account gets drained and then we’ll probably take on some we only-sort-of-feel-lukewarm-about but We Hope Not) and then take Photographs and have Exhibitions but mostly write books-for-teens and novels for people-who-have-been-heartbroken-but-love-LaVieCashmere and helpful beautiful books perhaps in-a-series (we adore a series) and maybe, just maybe (*innerSqueal*) not only write movies but (*inhale*) directthemtoo (said quickly and with a shy little moue).

as the boys from Essex said – it’s a new life indeed.

there’s necessarily a Slight (ok, maybe not slight) Wait until All This Takes Off (and maybe one thing takes off More than the Others) – so we do something on each Strand of our Life each day and feel like we’re in forward motion (although we do Take Naps – for the creative replenishment of course in a dreamlike state) and Try not to Panic.

and After we’ve done all that Action?

we fill up the well again: making sumptuous and lovely suppers, while reading, writing, dreaming, roses, photography, friends, evenings-out-with-writers, naps, movies, walking, driving-while-singing-loudly, watching Danish television DVDs sent from abroad (thanks, dad), Requesting Materials from (2 different) Libraries, and generally getting Inspired all over again.




the only drawback to a life with three strands?

one needs to get up Terribly Early.

and be Alert for clues.

just saying ;-)

thanks ever so much for stopping by…….and now we need to get back to writing a Haiku because Heather suggested we did and Suze is running a Haiku friday moment

you see?

a life of wondrous twists and turns and miniature poems.


Vogue | November 1968

stopped by the flea-market in chelsea after brunch with friends nearby and found this rather battered (but wonderful) copy of Vogue Nov 1968 (in those days Vogue was a bi-monthly so this is the Nov 1st issue).

Curious fact: there are three women called Gloria on the masthead:

1. Gloria Schiff, Special Projects Editor

2. Gloria Gersh, Art Department

3. Gloria Lister, Public Relations Director

Those in the know will recognize the name Gloria Schiff as one of Slim Aarons beautiful people. Here’s a snippet of the picture below (the birds in cages made me too sad in the full shot but you can see it here.)