breakfast chez george with @missjulesberlin


@missjulesberlin was slightly surprised when we said the time we’d like to pick her up in the perfectly-silver-Prius this morning.

das ist 7?

well, ok, we said – let’s make it 7.30AM –


because we’re going to visit George for breakfast so we need to get there early (George gets up very Early to Write).


and then she smiled and was reassured – a breakfast encounter is always delicious.


and we had also made a Plan with George to do a little cinematic-moment-about-his-books (his own books that he writes as well as the ones he owns).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

doesn’t Spengler always remind you of the Waugh (that would be Evelyn) quote?

so I packed up all my clothes and two or three solemn books, such as Spengler’s Decline of the West, and a great many drawing materials, for two of the many unfulfilled resolutions which I made about this trip were that I was going to do some serious reading and drawing. Then I got into an aeroplane and went to Paris, where I spent the night with some kind, generous, and wholly delightful Americans.
when the going was good


we   a d o r e   Mary Wesley and Plum Wodehouse too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as well as naughty Truman and earnestly-earnest Ish.

it was a Lovely Morning.

and yes, we did make a little movie.

you are so Terribly Kind to ask *MGMsmiletocamera*

an evening that ends in icecream @neveuxcreamery is super-sweet-ness


Our friend Greg came to stay (he’s in Town renewing a Visa to Foreign Lands for business Trips).

So there was a very chic (i.e. French) housewarming gift….


A swift tour of our building (and the backlit underlit Pool – very LA)….


Parus for supper (get onto sunset boulevard and keep going East – rather appropriately)…


Followed by Delicious icecream at Neveux Artisan Creamery with unbeknownst combinations that totally worked like strawberries and balsamic or honey and lavender or rosemary and butterscotch or blueberries swirled with creamy chevre.

Very sophisticated and incredibly swoony.


santa monica sunsets and planning post-surgery houseguests.

firstly – here’s the sunset over santa monica beach this evening – delicious, right?

and we had a lovely surprise – we were walking up the beach after taking the sunset photographs and returned a call to a friend who said they would come to NYC and “hang with us” for a couple of days while we – you know – find it hard to move our head and need some cheering up post-september 9th surgery.

bring on the pee wee herman DVDs and lots of tea!

actually, we’re getting rather scared as the day approaches…….

but hey, another full day and a half of our vacation/hols, so focusing on the joy ahead (especially the cover shoot for george’s second novel! hell, yes, we’ll be doing some backlot type shots – but checking with george first to see what we can share with you..)

good night, darlings. sleep soundly.