somewhere in midtown in a butterscotch and cream moire silk hotel room

well – darlings – take a look at these pictures! – taken from various vantage points of the vast suite that we found ourselves in somewhere in midtown manhattan – at two different times in the day (because we’ve been working Very Hard and not here much).


a very blue (and rather chilly for our california blood) skies today on This Coast – but gorgeously optimistic and sort of throw-your-hat-in-the-air MTM kind of a day. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and just LOOK at this suite, darlings. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

how chic and gorgeous and grateful we feel for such a Palace.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and – yes – *sighshappily* – a chandelier.

we ADORE a chandelier

and take a look at that night-time view – it’s the sort of View that a writer has in the Movies (but only sales people on someone else’s travel schedule usually get to see in RL) – but for tonight – it’s ours.

of course we’re on West Coast time and we haven’t sleep a full night since Friday because we left on the jet plane at 11.20PM L.A time and -oh! the fire engines and sirens BLARING outside reminded us of the FrEnZY of Manhattan.

such fun.

lots to do.

what a deeply curiously interesting new chapter this is turning out to BE.

smart is over. intelligence wins.

dialogue from within an elevator today (inside a super high security building – you couldn’t even LEAVE without showing ID – oh, my).

*teamgloria is dressed in a black trench coat and dark glasses in this scene.

MAN: sorry. didn’t mean to bash you with my bag.

tg: no worries. i know how to fight back.

MAN: [turns around] hey, [laughs] you look like a spy in the trench coat and dark glasses.

tg: [small smile] you never know.

MAN: [silence]

we are aware that the packed elevator turned round to study us carefully (being in a high security building, and all). we just stayed very still and terribly inscrutable and calmly checked our blackberry. nobody spoke. as the elevator/lift/electronicconveyance doors open, the crowd parted and we walked out first.

as if on a mission.

yes, darlings – WE LOVED IT.

don’t tell ;-)

ok. so (forgive) – we can’t tell you where we were – or why we were there – but oh, The View from the 50th floor corridors-of-power indeed! (take a look)

there was even a jetty…..(but we didn’t arrive by boat – this time)

and it was a Truly International set of fabulous women from the USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden and we heard a few other accents but those were the ones we met.


did we let that slip?

yes. almost everyone in the room was female.

the corridors of power are indeed changing.

and the speaker was incredible.

a pensive weekend ahead, digesting everything we’ve learned.

oh life is getting Very Exciting, darlings.


people we love: sally zigmond.

@SallyZig Rosedale Abbey, N Yorks

did some serendipitous surfing on the interweb and found this lovely writer – what a delicious description…..wish I could head to Yorkshire today and find a small farmhouse tea-shop and dreamily stare into the middle distance. 

Novelist and short story writer, over-prone to leaning on farm gates and gazing at the view.