1st peek at the Book Cover #HowToStaySaneInACrazyWorld


look what arrived today via the magic of email!

HowToStaySaneInACrazyWorldlo-reswe are faint with happiness as you might imagine.

the “format” as they say in the business is 6 x 7 inches (what *is* that in old money? – bijou! that’s what it is – bijou and no mistake.)

this, of course, is perfect for a nightstand.

one of those nightstands that’s a Philippe Starck stool in (the now discontinued shade of sky blue or) heavy cream with a deeply ornate lamp and some exquisite pen and pad of paper from a far-off foreign and mysterious hotel.


like the ones at our house.

or yours.

do you have a nice nightstand that might benefit from a 6 x 7 inch book?

oh good.

it’s out on Valentine’s Day 2014.