i went to a marvelous/marvellous party

As Noel Coward sang: I went to a marvellous party (am pretty sure Noel used the British spelling, just in case you got confused by the extra L my american friends) tonight – all view from the penthouse, deeply glamorous cropped beauties with tiny dogs and imposing husbands, the delicious open-air grill and a good array of salads with cute puppies looking pensively up at the table. I had one of those conversations that you only get in NY about strength and ideas and get-out-there-and-do-it guts, girl.

Thank you to the lovely N for taking me uptown!

you’ve got mail.

wonderful. watched this again for the first time in YEARS last night. the innocence of dial-up modems, only having two emails to open in your pre-HMTL-compatible mail program and the upper west side in its glory of book parties, spring days whimsically walking by Verdi Square with your decaf mocha to go and long afternoons spent eating pretzels in conversation on a bench. dreamy. also useful for women in business to learn the basics of quoting from The Godfather. it helps….I know.