New York in the Fall: the shoes, sunsets and sequins.

it was a delicious autumnal day in New York yesterday – were you here? Or was it also glorious where You were?

the view over the park in the (early-ish – ok, not so early to be honest) morning was crisp, green and dewy.

it’s an odd weather time – one needs a little cashmere (just a very light one) for the evening – perhaps just over the shoulder – especially if one has been swimming (hurrah!) and is heading up to the Upper East Side to meet up with friends.

isn’t the upper East side different?

even the typography on the buildings is from a different era and the hair – don’t get us started – there’s shades of blonde up there that haven’t been seen anywhere outside of 1930s Hollywood – the creamy waves-set-into-a-fall – amazing and inspiring –

you know – we do believe we feel a Set At Kenneth’s coming on:


so the cashmere was also useful when enjoying the Tremendously beautiful sunsets over the Park – at 90th (we Rarely go up this far – quelle adventurous)

talking of textiles and draping and fun stuff – we almost felt ready to shimmy up the look (post Corporate America) when, during a Very Lovely meeting we looked down at the shoes and saw darling 1920s sort of t-bar (the line is called Joy Chen, apparently, but the designer’s name in RL is – Glory – almost the same – isn’t that splendid? and even more splendiferous that she’s a designer from the Other Coast)

and the sequins – there were lots of tiny sequins in palest cream, lemon and chiffon around yesterday from (another West Coast Designer) Maria Bianca Nero.

so that’s decided:

1. a set by Kenneth

2. some tip-tap-shoes

3. tiny sequins

feeling all Rather Modern like Julie Andrews doing-the-tap-tap-i-oca

shall we?

so – for autumn – hair, shoes, sequins and a Lot of Sunsets.

Fall sounds lovely. Or Autumn for our English friends and – Rather Confusingly – Not in the Southern Hemisphere where they’re starting to choose athletic swimwear and stock up on Factor Whatever.






7.50AM: talk of Courrèges and dreaming of Halston.

some days are just beautiful. and this one isn’t even halfway through.

it started off Very Early #yawn.

we swept ourselves into a waiting cab as the caffeine kicked in somewhere around the east 60s…….like the Lady executive (that we are), we rifled through our paperwork and memorized various anecdotes……stealing a glance out of the window from time to time, checking where we were – Ah… last……the crisp coldness of central park was exhilarating as the cab pulled up….

outside a private club (ahem – no lady members ;-) seriously? hmmm)

sadly (you knew this was coming, non?) we can say Absolutely Nothing about the breakfast itself – except there was talk of Paris and Designers and Houston and

André Courrèges

delicious. there were other words that were used but to be honest we drifted into a Complete Reverie for a moment after the words

André Courrèges

you understand, darlings, don’t you?

And there was a chandelier.

we Adore a Chandelier.

it was a lovely breakfast and we had to leave, sadly, before the conversation truly turned into a temps perdu for the rest of thursday ;-)

dashed (cabs are too slow in NYC any moment after 8AM, darlings) across the Park – past the Plaza (as one does).

doesn’t the park look delicious (behind our dark glasses with the eyes streaming from the Bitter Cold)?

then to another Deeply cool office to do a little encouragement and some revelatory sharing of new knowledge to enhance and empower (yes, the revolution can be subtle – you never know whom one will influence when you provide someone with influence with a few new tools – just saying ;-)

then we Rushed into another meeting (today is So not running on schedule and we are impressed that we Really Don’t Mind – quelle growth. ahem)

we admired a silky-striped-lining-inside-tweed en route.

and we will be recording the day in the New Moleskine (number 127, darlings)

why yes. that Is Halston.

we’re going to see the movie on saturday with NMP. can life Get Any Better?

why yes it can ;-)

darlings. are you enjoying Thursday wherever in the World you are today?


the upper east side is different.


we don’t often go to the upper east side but we had a meeting there today (with someone Terribly CHIC who happened to be visiting from Abroad for the Season).

isn’t it lovely? in sort of an old-fashioned, slightly shabby faded elegant way.

isn’t this gorgeous? all that soft reflected light off beautifully curated stacks of delicious books?

The Corner Bookstore has been at Madison and 93rd for over thirty years.

and is Still There.

most definitely a local treasure. we actually saw a famous (nope, not telling you – we like to protect the anonymity of Talent) writer walk in (not quite in slippers – but in a general corduroy-jacket-and-battered-jeans-mismatching-socks – sort of a way) and the clerk said:

shall we put this on your account?

Just like in the Movies.


and then – after our Important Meeting – we took a taxi back down to the Office and paused at the traffic lights by The Metropolitan Museum

Just like in the Thomas Crown Affair (but we didn’t nick a painting, obviously – the driver drove on too fast anyway, even to purchase a postcard from a street vendor ;-)

and then back to work.

to a GIFT!

thank you dP!

(darlings – we hear your question – yes – the photograph Is from our trip earlier this year to Madrid – Well Spotted, Parker.)


upper east side dinner for nine.

so chic.

we went to a Very Important Occasion last night. It was a dinner party for nine. With an honoured/honored/special guest (gosh, no, can’t reveal on Guide’s honour/honor – although team gloria never made it to the Guides as we were somewhat bitchy – there may even have been a 7 year olds slapping session – to Brown Owl’s priggish daughter whom, we felt, gained a badge rather more swiftly than team gloria and so we were asked to turn in our unflattering mid-brown dress).

so last night was chic and clever and we were indulged with elegant repast and returned the compliment with rather glittering conversation.

however grown-up we might be Out There, a little team gloria slips into the general flow when we get animated.

as, for example, when we were explaining how an illegal IP address re-router opens up a channel for naughty file-sharing and thereby provides a wormhole into one’s hard-drive…….to enhance our message we found ourselves doing a visual (we put our fingers around our eyes to mimic goggles) and everyone stopped talking.

Cue: giggling.