lunch with Julia Child.

well, this new life is certainly turning out to be extraordinary.

we woke up early (after spending Far Too Long writing emails to people and uploading blog posts and watching DVDs of British Telly sent from Abroad and reading Los Angeles Magazine – in preparation, you understand) and had to apply Rather a lot of YSL to combat the dark circles (sigh).

then we Dashed out the door (umbrella poised – it’s raining – autumn, it seems, is truly here)

there was a Very Glamorous business breakfast (more on that one soon) and some signing of documents (nice ones) and even some photographing (of Us! a change of experience and one we are a Tiny bit apprehensive about these days but it all went Rather Well and we’re hoping for a Post-PhotoShopped surprise – be kind).

and then – well – our next meeting isn’t until tea-time (yes, a civilized consultancy type occasion – over an actual pot of tea – hell – maybe even Two).

so we thought –

shall we buy some more Chanel No. 5?

do we need any more patent leather Dr. Martens?

shall we drink more coffee?

no – no and definitely no – it was too early for Chanel – the cleaners were still readying the shelves from overnight dust particles – ditto over at Dr. Marten’s place (- and god knows we need to Cut Back on the dark embrace of caffeine).

so we stood in the street as the rain Poured Down and we thought:



let’s go home and read Julia Child’s new biography (or the one that the clever Bob Spitz has written and we were given as a gift by a Very Chic Editor-in-Chief as a parting gift) and perhaps…………..make lunch.

we can’t remember the last time we made lunch.

not real lunch. at the time when most people make it. as opposed to jet-lag-lunch-nibbles-at-4AM. or a bowl of cereal instead of straight-after-work-snack.

actual lunch.

you know – using the oven and actual condiments.


so we did.

 just so you have the full effect, darlings – here’s the bit of Julia Child Herself – during her first Television Broadcast – making an omelet/omelette/deliciousFrenchness
Julia Child was going to cook. She was going to cook! And on TV, imagine that. This promised to be one for the record books.
There was a brief, awkward moment as Julia unwound her giant frame from the precious leather chair. Producing a small copper bowl and a whisk, she looked directly into the camera with the intimacy of a lover, and said,: “I thought it would be nice if we made an omelet…..”
…………..”They’re so delicious and so easy to make.” She cracked two eggs into the bowl with a one-handed flourish and began to beat them with the fury of a half-crazed thug.
Next she introduced her sturdy black-rimmed omelet pan. An omelet pan. It was unreasonable to think you could find an omelet pan in any store in Boston, but Julia assured her audience it was exactly what they needed. And butter, rich, silky butter – not that artificial stuff they produced in a lab. An omelet had to be exciting in the mouth, she purred, making it sound like oral sex.
………….Her omelet was perfect, intense and creamy, a masterpiece of eggdom. Despite the constraints of black-and-white TV, it was hard for those at home to keep from drooling.
……..”Therrrre. You seeee,” she cooed. “Just as I said: delicious.”
Dearie – the remarkable life of Julia Child
by Bob Spitz
and so was ours.

the last peach of summer and the first umbrella of fall

today we ate the last ripe peach of summer……..

drizzled with some fine portuguese olive oil….(that’s not true but we wanted to use the picture and tried to tie into the narrative but honesty overwhelmed us suddenly).

and lost the first umbrella in the first rainstorm of fall (autumn for our english chums).

and in between there was a Mad Men lunch with a Deeply cool person (no names, darlings) in a Very Manhattan joint (downtown).

remarkably, we’re still on West Coast time.

Or are we just adjusting to the seasonal switch?

Whatever it is, we found ourselves being a tiny bit sociable after work, swimming lengths (and Trying not to get cross with the Super-competitive chaps in the Lane – we’re so much smaller than they are and we get Irritated when they overtake our graceful yet a little bit languid breast-stroke…….bless you for listening).

Bumping into D in the local Greenwich village grocery made us feel all native new yorker (especially in our respective choices of soy milk – him -and overpriced designer water – us – hey, it had minerals and something electrical, whatever that means, but the black bottle swayed our purchasing decision this time, however it tasted like London Tap, we were Ever so disappointed.

The decision we’ve been waiting for has been put off at Least another ten days. #sigh

So we stocked up on more DVDs.

A Julie Andrews (Modern Millie), an Award Winning agatha Christie TV drama costume drama deliciousness on a train to somewhere glam (and no doubt Deadly) and, um, one we are a Bit embarrassed we bought (but Diane Lane has great hair in it and it’s not the one with the large dog).

Hey, it’s fall in NYC.

You have to stock up on early night’s-to-bed-in-PJs, cold cream and hot tea, darlings.