we miss you, twitter.

btw, we just have to say this: we really miss Twitter (you know we can’t access it inside PRC, right?)

so there are all these conversations going on, inside twitter, and we can’t hear you.

it’s strange.

and lonely.

anyway we also can’t see You Tube (not that we missed that, so much, to be honest) and search results are truncated and weird too.

although team gloria DOES have Google HONG KONG search results (see below) which gave us a little giggle of strangeness.

and when we wanted to reference something we went to imdb (as we always do) and that was blocked too.

did you know what happens inside the people’s republic of china when they censor the inter-web?

you get an error message that says:

because the server unexpectedly dropped the connection

which is not exactly the Cold War spy-level response that we were hoping for :-(

btw, at a business meeting on tuesday we asked one of our colleagues (actually from taiwan) why the Party doesn’t approve of IMDB and he laughed.

it’s to protect local Chinese markets – we have our own IMDB competitor!!

we were SO disappointed.

we really wanted more of an IMDB is subversive with all that decadent western hollywood data about julie andrews…..


we wouldn’t do well here.

it’s now 4.01 AM and we’re starving. so we just thought “perhaps a little chicken and rice and broth and the LARGEST POT OF COFFEE YOU’VE EVEN SEEN PLEASE” would be nice.

but the line was dead.


we got a secret thrill.

are they reading team gloria?

then we used the other phone and ordered.

it’s good to have an overactive imagination.

believe us, it’s not dull being us.

weird. yes.

but never NEVER dull.