post check-up RX: noodles and Golden Girls

after the visit to the surgeon for blood test results (sigh – higher dosage meds on their way) and the pushing of Scar and shoving camera down nose into throat, we needed a Hot Bath, noodle soup from the asian take-out (what’s a Fridge in soho without left-over cantonese noodle soup, darlings? Like a fridge in Paris sans mustard and little delicate pots of fromage frais!) and the newly-acquired DVD box set of the Golden Girls



we’d Forgotten how soothing mid-80s television re-runs could be (as we don’t Own a TV so never happen-by-chance to do a -weekend-marathon-of-Knight-rider – which we Would if we Owned one, which is precisely why we Don’t ;)

all those flowing satin PJ sets in jewel tones, Blanche’s writing of a romance novel and being boy-mad; Rose’s delicious stories of farmland reveries of youth and innocence, Sophia’s saucy quips from back-in-the-day NY Italian naughtiness but OH it was Dorothy we’d truly missed……….her wry wit and too-long-glances-as-reaction were genius and we’d Quite forgotten the lilting sunshine of Miami that belied the strong feminist message of the four women bonding together

we watched four episodes before we just Had to sleep – but they covered age discrimination, pension fraud, artificial insemination and – in the Absolutely Best bit – Dorothy traipsing round doctors who all dismissed her symptoms until she found one that listened and then – Oh Joy – her showdown in a restaurant as she faced off one of the Doctors who told her to get a new haircut to make herself feel better was Genius.

whopping in joy – we slipped further under the high thread count and dreamed of an Auntie Mame/Dorothy who was going to swoop into Town and come and fight our battles for us.

wouldn’t that be Divine?

***bonus DVD extras, darling: the bio of the glorious Susan Harris, creator and showrunner and head writer of the Golden Girls and someone-we-would-adore-to-have-a-very-long-lunch-with.

Of course we’ll be writing to her.

because, as you know, we write such Lovely letters that People often Write Back ;)

september 9th.

so team gloria has a date for the surgery –

september 9th –

and the rather hideous diagnosis of:

“thirty percent chance of cancer”

and – shocking –

we have three tumors/tumours, not just tobias.

this isn’t the realm of the unwell – it’s a veritable breeding machine inside our throat.

the plus side (we live in the USA these days, there has to be a plus side, people) is we’ve finished a photography book (called “how to stay sane in a crazy world” – yes, we are an expert on THAT, darlings) and someone tremendously important and experienced has agreed to be our agent.

to sum up:

team gloria has tumors/tumours – but we have an agent.

welcome to America.


talking to someone who understands

a little bit late for work so taking a cab up 8th so I can do the voluminous correspondence on email for the day job as we hurtle uptown.

just had breakfast with someone who had their own tumor (didn’t ask if she named it – not everyone gets that it helps me to do so ;) Bb was so kind and direct and full of useful insights into the process of what to do (and what NOT to do) when being invaded by a growth in one’s body that, quite frankly, one didn’t issue with an invitation to the team gloria party.

yeah. we get cross sometimes.

cross that something happened that is beyond our control.

because, when you get down to it – everything is beyond our control and for the first time ever, we get that it’s actually rather nice to say “sod it!” and let the whole bloody great weight slide off and dissolve like bubbles into the air.

sigh. feeling better now.

thanks for listening :)

is it me – or just the eclipse? ask @vonStrunckel

gosh. didn’t sleep a wink. partly due to the whole “we found something in your tumor” call yesterday. but mostly because the people upstairs keep strange hours (and seem to need to Hoover/vacuum at three AM which means speed or its modern derivative is probably involved)

and then i checked out my horoscope (sun in pisces, rising sign capricorn – hence the ability to wear Brooks Brothers when required, moon in scorpio – yeah, i heard what that means ;) and found out just what those pesky eclipses are up to. team gloria has many sources in the celestial information realm but our favorite today is Shelley Von Strunckel – practical, to the point and deeply witty when its required. do say team gloria sent you…..she also tweets here @vonStrunckel (and we tweet here @teamgloria_)



DR called back.

the tumor looks different this time. they found something. we need to talk about the results on june 16. we may well need to remove it.


Cue big eyes and freaked out expression.

Breathing, breathing, breathing.


richard e grant, country life and tobias the tumor.

first things first: team gloria list:

1. glorious people = m_P who came with me today to hospital

2. glorious places = central park where we walked afterwards

3. glorious things = country life magazine which i devoured over a nice long lunch post-hospital visit in the manner of Noel Coward who, when working Paris, during the war, would often taken himself out for an hour or more to digest the day’s sad news:

“Frequently when too oppressed by these echoes from dear green England, I was compelled to leave the office abruptly and have a very good lunch”

(p. 74: future indefinite, by noel coward)

am now living inside one of team gloria’s fav movies: how to get ahead in advertising. slightly dated but utterly compelling in the lessons learned through the growth of a “foreign body” aka tumor (although his was known as BOIL in the movie).

i am choosing to call mine: “tobias” the tumor. stately, yet still endearing, non?