snow melting in tribeca


we took a little trip to tribeca and picked carefully over the soaking wet pavements/sidewalks as the snow melted and looked up to the not-so-tall buildings (few skyscrapers here) to admire signs-from-the-industrial-past.

may we share a few of our B&W photographs with you?

too kind.

pause to look into camera and smile (sweetly).

*yes, we’re still obsessed by the BBC program(me) The Hour and imagining ourselves as a Roaming Reporter, heading to Lime Grove, London with our copy in our small shorthand notebook (tis not far from the truth actually – we once used to Dial in our Copy after late night events at the Royal Festival Hall on an actual payphone – yes, Young People – a payphone – and the Copy Ladies would wait obligingly while we teetered over using a different word for the Opening paragraph before the Copy Editors savaged it the next morning for the Late Edition – ah – heady days).

we digress (as usual.)


cue camera one.

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now we looked and looked and looked In Vain for some mention of Tribeca in Twice Over Lightly (if you’ve just joined us, we’re re-enacting salient chapters of the classic 1972 travel book about New York by Anita Loos and Helen Hayes).

sadly, it seems, they didn’t venture to this Triangle-below-Canal-Street at all.

but we did.

and it was very good for the (wintry) soul.

off to achieve now.

you know, in some moderate, understated and yet deeply useful way.


after the thunderstorm. TriBeCa and #allgoodthings

we got very quiet today, in splendid contemplation – but also because we might have a cold coming on – or maybe it’s autumn – and perhaps our body remembers the night-before-the-knives on-the-throat a year ago tomorrow.

Or maybe we don’t need excuses to get quiet anymore.

we slept for hours this afternoon and then turned on the lamps, made a pot of english breakfast with lemon, grabbed a stack of interior porn (that’s glossy magazines featuring the gorgeous and the Italian and the deeply beautiful houses with Lives loved and lived by the Glamorous Types for those who thought otherwise for a second ;)

as we took a walk to TriBeCa this morning, we thought that manhattan had its movie-autumnal-attitude on already.

local excitement: new artisanal food joint opened in TriBeCa – all good things………

…….artfully distressed walls, rough hewn wood counters, rough grain bread, dark rich sensuous coffee, pure hits of Brooklyn made chocolate and a bench or two to while away a few minutes while gathering up one’s purchases and exchanging deep meaningful looks with fellow citizens in diesel denim.

You know how it is.

Of course we bumped into the one person we know who lives nearby and had one of those ultimate arthouse film conversations about bamboo and cactus care while her seven year old climbed all over the tall stools in late summer print and blonde hair flying.

It is Awfully Cinematic here right now.

To cap it all – the heat broke and a huge thunderstorm racked the skies so we peeked out onto the fire escape to watch.


TriBeCa at dusk. Made by Hand. Art show.

TriBeCa by dusk.





The 1 train had signal failure. So we had to take the Express and Walk.

Which was actually very Helpful to decompress. If you know what we mean, darlings.

And then to an Art Show made by hand with One of the Artists himself,


Strange and beautifully intricate work with chenille stems. Like a Victorian set of wall hangings.

We confessed that we don’t possess artistic language beyond Fragonard at The Wallace.

But thestemist , aka Greg, was kind.

He knows we are into chandeliers.

And crystal water features like this one at the trump soho.

But there was something tranquil about greg’s work. Like an afternoon with a ticking carriage clock and the grandfather Swedish tall one chimes cheerily next to the barometer as tea is brought out from the kitchen on a trolley with bourbon biscuits on Thursdays as a Special Treat.



And Quite different from martyn thompson who is exploring new horizons with falling glitter, cut outs and a pulsing Grace Jones soundtrack.

Very glam. In a Bowie, stardust, Roxy Music, Leigh Bowery way.

We do the most Interesting things.

And it’s only Tuesday.

terribly TriBeCa and a glorious tradeshow @capsuleshow #capsuleNY

yesterday was MLK day in the USA #respect and so we had the day Off from the Day job and did something a Little Different.

we went Fashion. as the Americans might say. Or, to quote a brit – we trolleyed our way to a tradeshow. And it was fascinating.



Such deliciously beautiful people of both – actually all genders if you get our drift. And the divine sight of seeing mid-40 something Japanese designers speaking fluent Italian – que glam!

The show is called capsule.

And appears in Other capital cities around the world.

We may well visit them All.

We felt Very much at home with the international fashion Set. Quelle chic.

So chic, in fact, that we walked south (in the Freezing wind) and went all terribly TriBeCa for brunch with New Friends at Robert DeNiro’s place.

Not his actual apartment, darling. But his hotel. The Greenwich Hotel.

Very Monastery luxe, non?

And then – just now – before we head out into the biting winds in Tuesday – a lovely telephone call from Abroad.

We do love having friends in Foreign lands.