roses, books, @2paperflowers and a train not taken.


firstly a mention for your aural/visual and imagination’s delight – may we present two very talented singer-songwriter-ballad-delivery-muses


and then a gift (exchange) from Miss Vickie Lester given at Tea yesterday.


signed copy – SIGNED COPY! of #TwiceOverLightly that we wrote so Extensively about (and from) during our last few months before Leaving Manhattan (not to be confused with that film by Mr. Nicolas Cage about *sad_look* Vegas – a very different sort of taking one’s leave from a city Indeed)

and then – today – we *almost* caught a Train.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbecause we saw one – on the way. 

then got Rather distracted by a rose garden (sort of) nearby (if one took a detour through the Park en route to meet someone – if one wasn’t actually in the Wrong Bloody Place – and had to rush back to pick up the car – again – NOT taking a Train So Tempted as we were – and then drive another few miles south to the Correct Location). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

but the roses were lovely.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand Trains are Awfully Tempting.

especially because they remind one of Mr. Brian Patten’s Poems from the (early) 1960s. 

And later he caught a bus and she a train
And all there was between them then
was rain.

or perhaps they remind You of stanzas by Mr. Betjeman and his contemporaries?

“The train at Pershore station was waiting that Sunday night
Gas light on the platform, in my carriage electric light,
Gas light on frosty evergreens, electric on Empire wood……..

ah yes.

trains and poems and roses and songwriters……

perfect for a Tuesday.

or any day, really.



the train ticket left by a modern Zuleika Dobson

most exciting. a mystery, almost…..

I was reading Diana Athill’s book “instead of a letter” (see earlier post here) and suddenly a train ticket fell out.

The passenger’s name was on the ticket stub. An intrigue! She was in the business class carriage (chic!) and she had been reading Diana’s book en route from Providence, RI to New York Penn Station on September 6th, last year. Of course I looked her up, just to see who she was (and no, I’m not sharing her name, she’s entitled to her privacy). However, I was tickled pink by her provenance. Very bold-faced name in the Hamptons magazine crowd.

Quite literally a modern Zuleika Dobson.