fabulously female.

so the synthroid physique won out.

and we have to say it’s rather fun.

we went to neiman marcus and the Very Helpful Simone listened carefully to our tale of surgery, medication and confusion, whipped out a tape measure and we were jolly surprised by the flirty effect all day of the resultant purchases.


you are Elizabeth Taylor

Said George


We were at the griddle cafe (here’s our establishing shot) Rather Early. And bumped into a friend of a friend who has just opened in a Very Big movie (always lovely to have a Hollywood moment).

Then we headed to Beverly hills to get fitted for new (blush) brassieres.




And then to Santa Monica to get a new virtual thyroid in the etheric realm (when in Los Angeles, do as the californians do – it’s Tuesday – a spot of post surgery healing is always delicious and our chakras have taken Such a Beating since the surgery).

Then all the way over to lake-of-silver to write in a cafe and meet up with @tjenamoss for a gathering of friends and a lovely supper at Brite Spot.

There was even some flirting at the restaurant.

Our new underpinnings have given us Quite the Deneuve wry smile and gentle tilt of the head and subtle allusions.

One spooky thing that happened today.

George and teamgloria went for a constitutional stroll after griddle cafe and we stopped here to take a photograph.

Wait for it…..

When we saw @tjenamoss this evening she said:

that was my first apartment Ever in Los Angeles!

Isn’t that spooky and special?

hmmm, fabulous female
Magic abounds, darlings.