serena & lily: fabric fantasies.

I had a somewhat dispiriting day. It involved meetings with people who see life from the spreadsheet point of view. I’m not one of those people. There’s magic in the numbers. But they come after the vision, the audience, the idea, the brilliance, the exciting oh-my-god-wouldn’t-it-be-great conversations. We don’t speak the same language. But that doesn’t make my way any less valid (she says with a quivering lower lip and a gulped sigh).

Serena & Lily’s new catalogue. It was in my mailbox when I got home. I know I never requested it. And I’m super careful about not getting on mailing lists. But something or someone knew that fabric fantasies, soft throw pillows and dreaming of herringbone blankets was exactly what I needed.

Maybe you do too?

say uncle.

I was on the phone (baby blue princess one a la doris day movies to give you a mental image) with eric shaw quinn last night (he was on a headset – I’m sure it was a modern one but in my head it was one of those stenographer contraptions as seen in the best of everything) and he told me Say Uncle is available as an e-book for new devices (and in good old-fashioned curl up in bed in your PJs style”book-book”). most exciting. highly recommended. a good read.

Vogue | November 1968

stopped by the flea-market in chelsea after brunch with friends nearby and found this rather battered (but wonderful) copy of Vogue Nov 1968 (in those days Vogue was a bi-monthly so this is the Nov 1st issue).

Curious fact: there are three women called Gloria on the masthead:

1. Gloria Schiff, Special Projects Editor

2. Gloria Gersh, Art Department

3. Gloria Lister, Public Relations Director

Those in the know will recognize the name Gloria Schiff as one of Slim Aarons beautiful people. Here’s a snippet of the picture below (the birds in cages made me too sad in the full shot but you can see it here.)

early morning sunday sunshine

It’s early. 7.52 AM on a sunday. Doesn’t the sunshine peeking through the blinds look gorgeous? Team Gloria photography expedition today, I think – the sunlight beckons.

In case you were wondering, the photography is from the great Norman Parkinson: “Jean Patchett, Jean Desses evening dress, Paris, Vogue 1950” and last came up for auction at Sothebys in 2004 for lots of lovely British Pound Sterling.

I was not the bidder, on that occasion.

There was a lovely print that I bought from one of those open-all-night-it-seems poster shops on Bleecker in NYC. And I got a posh framer in Tribeca to make it seem gallery-specific…….

[The sofa? Oh, that’s from Pottery Barn – it’s called Greenwich. And is most comfortable for afternoon naps under a thin cotton sheet].

you’ve got mail.

wonderful. watched this again for the first time in YEARS last night. the innocence of dial-up modems, only having two emails to open in your pre-HMTL-compatible mail program and the upper west side in its glory of book parties, spring days whimsically walking by Verdi Square with your decaf mocha to go and long afternoons spent eating pretzels in conversation on a bench. dreamy. also useful for women in business to learn the basics of quoting from The Godfather. it helps….I know.

we whistle a happy tune.

team gloria has a meeting this morning that we are, shall we say, rather apprehensive about.

so bring on the “happiness” playlist full of optimism and a throw your hat in the air, lady, devil-may-care-ness. damn, we wish we (still) had pale pink ruffles and cowboy boots to rock that olivia newton-john look (but we might scare the immigration attorneys ;-)