happy 90th people’s republic of china!

despite the fact we’ve never dined on the 80th floor of anywhere, we decided against the “western style” restaurant and headed to the 4th floor where we were the only non-chinese person (of course we loved it and did a polite little bow and a nihao to each guest who looked either mildly surprised and/or amused, we couldn’t quite work it out) and read the china morning post where we learned (we’re sure we knew this before but forgive us – we’re a day ahead of the West now) it’s the 90th birthday of the People’s Republic of China!

well, many happy returns!

the chinese television stations are re-playing some old classics which we’d love to tell you what they are but the listings magazine appears to be missing from the hotel suite (a junior suite but delicious all the same with a bathroom that’s a “religious experience” to quote ms. andrews in-a-two-piece-tailored-suit)

we’re also feeling a tiny bit lost in translation as you can see from this shot of our view from the 76th floor (note the strange pastoral large-scale painting behind the california king – curious)

it’s a tiny bit vegas – but with subtler neon (mostly red, obviously, with the touch of chinese worker blue on some of the buildings) and very understated and charming water features.

and here’s the team gloria hat ready for unbelievable humidity tomorrow (we just took a constitutional after an excellent yet deceptively simple chinese meal and it was still incredibly hot at ten PM) and the patent leather dr martens and regular day wear issue.

the swimming pool was lovely, by the way, very holodeck. and we did enjoy the range of hydrotherapy on offer as well as a light box room which cycled through the chakra colours/colors in a heated area to cheesy 80s pop soundtrack. very austin powers, love.

and here’s a small video we made – be kind – this was before we learned how to use all the Right Tools n stuff….