an elegant goodbye to manhattan


you wouldn’t know from our pictures that it was hell-ish-y humid today in manhattan or that we got a Tiny Bit Frustrated with the Bank (don’t ask – it’s ok now – we just didn’t understand why it was So Difficult to deposit our advance check into a new teamgloria bank account – they didn’t seem Nearly as Excited about it as we are *sighs*) Or that we traversed All the way across from south to north and west to east to tie up loose ends and get things Done and so on and so forth

you couldn’t tell any of that from our pictures because it’s Not that sort of a blog

it’s one that just celebrates glorious people, places and things (like the delicious cheese and crackers plate with some figs and a large iced glass of water that John just put in front of us telling us to “hydrate before setting off for the airport!” – quelle loveliness).

so here’s our day in Pictures without the frustrating and hot and a tiny bit perspiring-ness-bits.

just loveliness.



there was a darling exhibition at The Plaza for Mr. Lurhman’s upcoming movie (in fact Many of the windows on Fifth Avenue were heralding this event – what those in the Industry call “quite a media and added value spend” – for some reason)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


very gloria.


and what’s Not to love about a chandelier?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this is a pot of coffee that we had – no, not at The Plaza – we prefer the ambience (for coffee) at the St. Regis (as you can see we were making our way across Town at this point). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

plus they have the loveliest art deco statues downstairs. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



can you see how hot it was?

such bring colo(u)rs/shade/hues just Pop in the sizzling heat

now on another note (before we Dash Into A Cab!)

we also stopped in and saw a harrowingly beautiful exhibition called “We Went Back” at ICP which was ASTONISHING and you can see a commentary about that here (we wept)

it’s always edifying to see art when one travels.

just in case you’re in NYC.

there’s a lovely little exhibition down at ‘sNice.

if you hadn’t heard.

zen combat (welcome back to NYC) and a walk through The Plaza #weadoreachandelier

Post the Day Job work hours, we strolled (as much as is possible in NYC) to the Health Club to swim (and wake up before our supper with bL) and we were Stopped in our Tracks by the class schedule at equinox.


Zen Combat.

Only in NYC, darlings.

An hour at the Health club and we are Most Refreshed.

Took a moment to walk through The Plaza and by central park en route to the St Regis.





It’s not possible to admire too many chandeliers and gilt suffused sweeping staircases.

It is dreamy.

And Exceedingly soothing.