yonghe gong (lama) temple visit

never one to miss a cultural experience, team gloria set out on an intrepid adventure (see earlier post on bejing subway)

the look?

…..not so good…..

hat on head against the burning sun, glasses on against the “no mascara or other make-up possible in this heat” look and floaty cotton shirt which was soaked through within a few moments……not “super cute” as my friends in the Valley would say.

sure we looked ok in grainy b&w of CCTV.

if you know what we mean.

so – the yonghe gong (lama) temple (chinese site here:) – a maze of interconnected wooden buildings from 1700s (our favorite/favourite period) and extraordinary vast overpowering buddhas in each one (three – past, present and future) and a cloying smokey haze pervaded the entire compound (we speak wisely and carefully) of incense (not the kind one had in one’s dorm-room/student housing at university either, huge thick burning columns everywhere in iron braziers).

now the more observant among you are probably saying:

“but where is the famous blue, red and vivid yellow color/colour scheme of buddhism?”

forgive us.

it’s just not our color/colour palette.

and if you read the earlier post on the subway, you’ll know we got a cab back.

eccentric? yes/

certifiably crazy. nope.

oh the places we’ve been | India

we went to India last year for the first time.

It was a business trip – not an attempt to find oneself or drop out or whatever else one is meant to do on a trip to India.

But it happened all the same. we loved the heat, the Namaste, the frankly curious meeting of minds and spirits. But most of all we loved the afternoon we got to slip away with who-we-are-in-RL after she had finished work and watch the cricket match before walking in the cool gardens of the temple nearby. The sounds of summer. Swishing saris, thwack of the cricket ball and flies buzzing in the thick air.