embracing the inner sparkly Vampire after a night at the Monkey Bar

have you watched this?

we’ve followed Kara for years (we emailed each other first in 1999 – just a “hello, fabulous-fellow-person who also loves the internet-and-stuff”, although we’ve never met – we almost met, in a hotel lobby, in San Francisco, for a pot of tea and an actual hello face-to-face, but it didn’t happen)

it’s impossible not to admire someone who has a stroke and turns it into something incredibly life-affirming.

we relate, as the Americans say, as you know, darlings.

Kara also loves the word Plush and hates the word ointment.

and clearly embraces her inner sparkly-ness too.

we’ve got an outer sparkly-ness today. one of our pearl(ish) bangles (looks like Dior – actually from one of those shops teen girls hang out in, as we’ve said before, forgive us repeating that line but we Really Like It) was a bit stretched (yeah, nylon string apparently) and we threw it in the garbage/bin/receptable_of_rubbish but the cleaning lady at our Day Job in the skyscraper we work in (her name is Julia, we met her the other night when we worked late and she said “Oh! I wondered what you looked like!” which was Delicious and she explained it was because she likes all our pictures and roses and divine objects scattered/placed_elegantly around – we giggled, prettily, in response and beamed).

anyway. the bangle was carefully placed on our desk by the computer this morning when we got to the Office.

clearly Julia (and the Universe) don’t think the bangle is dead.

so we put it on.

we don’t argue with Julias or the Universe.

especially when we’re Very Tired (but in a good way) from having been At An Event last night.

at the Monkey Bar, no less.

it was a very late night, for a school night, but we felt inspired by the once-speakeasy-joint to take our morning coffee in bed, this morning, and read Swifty.

Swifty would have appreciated Kara’s talk, we are sure.

especially on a day like today with Quelle gloria(ous) nimbus (nimbii?) in the heavens.

waving up, Swifty.

waving up…..

have a gorgeous day, darlings.

must get back to the Day Job.

Lots of Important Meetings….

and you?

any gloria(ous) plans?

the view from the penthouse.

darlings we met a new friend-of-a-friend who is destined, we hope, to become a friend-of-gloria’s…..

and they have a penthouse.

which is So thoughtful and Engaging from a new potential friend.

isn’t this the Most Delicious view?

and the best bit about a penthouse (a Wrap-around Penthouse, no less) is there’s a view from the Other Side…

perhaps the loveliest thing about our meeting with this potential-new-friend-of-gloria’s is that they – like us – truly appreciate LaVieJetset because neither of us were Born to the aforementioned Life of Cashmere.

as you can see they have exquisite quiet and congenial Taste too (very important).

but Quite the Nicest Bit was discovering someone else glorious in this big cRAzy city who is grateful for a sumptuous view and has the freedom and elegance to express it.

because we’ve been feeling pretty down recently…..can’t go into it, of course, but we’ve been doing our best to stay Up and Ready for the Day ahead. And admiring the View from our travels – like these from a very Glam breakfast yesterday with one of our Friends From Abroad – really Does Help, as one might expect

(the Hudson Hotel, in case you’re curious – but isn’t it Awfully Italian-like too?)

and then admiring the piano player in washington square as he moved Seamlessly from Chopin to the Beatles and back…

and blowing bubbles against the skyline:

and continuing to get up early to see the Sunrise and read quietly at home for a while before heading out Into the Day…

and then, a little later, admire the sun glinting off a brutal skyscraper, softening the harsh glare of Corporate-ness into something akin to wonder.

the flowers also help – especially a profusion of Dutch tulips (you know we think Often about Tulip Mania, for some reason, darlings – do you?)

and it’s always Most Delightful to feel that a message on a building is waving at one, when one needs it most.

we’ve been thinking about the next chapter – whenever that starts – you know – post-green-card-and-all-that.

someone suggested a Manager would be Awfully Nice.

we agree.

tis hard to be “Talent” (we know of what we speak having Worked in Hollywood) and get Out There and perform (in a corporate or social or Theatrical setting) when one is also lugging-the-spreadsheets and booking-the-gigs (and doing the debt collecting – shudder).

wouldn’t a manager be lovely?

a talent-deal-maker-organizer-hustle-expert?

like swifty lazar, perhaps?

wouldn’t it be delicious to be celebrated at Claridges over an elegant pot of tea and talked to gently about the next few month’s plans (rather than over-scheduling one’s self and haggling over a fee – shudder – and booking-tickets – double-shudder).

we’ve actually Met With a few Potential people-that-know-the-world-of-Public-Relations, just recently. just – you know – to find out how one goes about Hiring One and Building a Support team.

but there’s no rush (sigh, due to immigration).

plenty of time to plan.

which is a Lot Easier to say when a lovely weekend stretches ahead and one enjoyed a walk home through washington square and admired the tulips and saw the sunrise And sunset in one day and generally managed Not to get Cross or crAZy (much) and one was Helpful and supportive and Rather Kind (in a glowing-inwardly-way which feels Lovely and, we hope, was also delicious to the Young people we provided a quiet time and a friendly ear to, because That’s Important).

while we’re looking for a Manager-swifty-type – we’d also love to ask the universe if it would be alright to have a Jeeves too.

we would be a lovely employer. truly lovely.


a long week.

but Much Was Achieved.

and Even More was let go…..