looking awfully Lady-Mary takes a job at the BBC, today.

we just caught sight of ourselves in the posh elevators at the Day Job en route back to our Desk (having rushed out with a bag containing our swimsuit and hiding behind some Large Dark Glasses for “Lunch”) and realized we had a very specific “look” today –

it’s rather Lady-Mary takes-a-job-at-the-BBC – don’t you think?

or perhaps a spymaster general-turned-Dame

or the New ambassador in Paris (actually any of those would be lovely).

the original shot captured the Scar rather well but we felt a bit tearful so decided to Crop (the joy of Modern digital photography, darlings).

moving swiftly on…..(gulp)

our surgeon has decided we’re not getting well enough in the time allotted (he didn’t share That information with us before now…) so we’ve had to move our time-to-take-meds from early morning to just before bedtime.

in order to spur our memory and Avoid awkwardness we have been reduced to leaving little Alice in Wonderland notes around the house…..like this:

you see we can become Very Distracted when we fall in love with a new author, darlings.

when we were at Chelsea Market yesterday, with lady-of-letters and the sprite (in her mini cloche hat), we stopped in at Posman Books and the clerk recommended Simon Van Booy‘s collection of short stories – it’s beautiful and haunting and captivating and we’ve just tumbled into a new obsession (always fun).

you can read a little for yourself here:

of course we still have Lots of books waiting for us to return home after the Day Job (and something of a social outing first – must remember to nourish RL relationships, not just Those In Books although those are very important and enriching in themselves as you know).

post check-up RX: noodles and Golden Girls

after the visit to the surgeon for blood test results (sigh – higher dosage meds on their way) and the pushing of Scar and shoving camera down nose into throat, we needed a Hot Bath, noodle soup from the asian take-out (what’s a Fridge in soho without left-over cantonese noodle soup, darlings? Like a fridge in Paris sans mustard and little delicate pots of fromage frais!) and the newly-acquired DVD box set of the Golden Girls



we’d Forgotten how soothing mid-80s television re-runs could be (as we don’t Own a TV so never happen-by-chance to do a -weekend-marathon-of-Knight-rider – which we Would if we Owned one, which is precisely why we Don’t ;)

all those flowing satin PJ sets in jewel tones, Blanche’s writing of a romance novel and being boy-mad; Rose’s delicious stories of farmland reveries of youth and innocence, Sophia’s saucy quips from back-in-the-day NY Italian naughtiness but OH it was Dorothy we’d truly missed……….her wry wit and too-long-glances-as-reaction were genius and we’d Quite forgotten the lilting sunshine of Miami that belied the strong feminist message of the four women bonding together

we watched four episodes before we just Had to sleep – but they covered age discrimination, pension fraud, artificial insemination and – in the Absolutely Best bit – Dorothy traipsing round doctors who all dismissed her symptoms until she found one that listened and then – Oh Joy – her showdown in a restaurant as she faced off one of the Doctors who told her to get a new haircut to make herself feel better was Genius.

whopping in joy – we slipped further under the high thread count and dreamed of an Auntie Mame/Dorothy who was going to swoop into Town and come and fight our battles for us.

wouldn’t that be Divine?

***bonus DVD extras, darling: the bio of the glorious Susan Harris, creator and showrunner and head writer of the Golden Girls and someone-we-would-adore-to-have-a-very-long-lunch-with.

Of course we’ll be writing to her.

because, as you know, we write such Lovely letters that People often Write Back ;)

surgeon visit = more meds. #sigh

so our blood tests came back…..

…….so we headed Back to The Hospital for the following:

1. Pressing of the Scar (ow!)

2. Stuff ending in _caine shot up nose (ugh!)

3. Camera up nose and Down Throat (ow!!)

4. Neck squeezed (ow!) for more tumors (all clear there)

5. Pulse taken (excellent)

6. Blood test results – Not So Good

……….so More Meds #ugh

Returning June for follow up.


And then we posted to instagram and the Love-li-ness brought moist tears to eyes.


Isn’t the Internet bloody Lovely?!

Thank you for listening.

What did people do Before the Internet when poorly?

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.




higher doses and lesser worries.

It went alright.

Well, it Went.

Because it does.

But OW.


It hurt.

The snakey camera up-the-nose-and-down-the-throat (and out again – almost worse, if that’s possible)

Diagnosis. More rest.

And more synthroid.


So we took a stroll into virtual monochrome, called a mentor for wise counsel and saw some friends…..





And night falls in manhattan.


It’s easier to be hopeful when surrounded by twinkle lights.

check up and blood test results and the descending melancholy

so it’s here – winter – with its bare trees and dark gloomy mornings………….

and not a good smile to be found chez teamgloria (although tis only halfway into the first few moments of caffeine’s dark embrace ;)

we have our check up, back at the surgeon’s office today – blood test results (is the body still freaking out at the absence of the three tumors/tumours/Tobias together with the diseased-battered glands and a strangled thyroid?)

and the bit we Really Hate.

when they force a tube down our nose into our throat (after spraying some substance that has some distinctly similar properties of numbing and well-being-albeit-brief from the days of Studio 54, darlings – apparently non-negotiable) which has a camera and probe attached as they look at the (sadly still swollen and inflammed according to our special accupuncture/chiropractor/shaman magic man Dr. P) remains of our slain throat.

then after that hideousness, the surgeon lectures us about our scar maintenance (we just Don’t Like Pressing on the scar to make it blend in – It Makes Us Sick to our stomach).

and he demonstrates how to do it.


(the sound of a teamgloria, mascara coursing down her cheeks)

so wherever you are today – a little soothing thought at 3pm EST (american friends) or 1500 hours + 5 or + 6 for our europeans (so that would be mid-first-act Theatre or a Late Supper in Vienna sort of a time) or a nuit blanche (lucky you) for our kind Friends in Asia – or a very late night clubbing and returning home, high heels in hand, Burberry trench casually slung (vintage, naturally) over your companion’s arm and a smile on your face to send good wellness vibes from the land of mystery and intrigue and breathtaking economic rising……..actually, your thoughts can only help, no matter how exhausted you are at 3AM, love.

thanks for listening – it helps.

are you worried about anything today you’d like to “share with the group”?


go on.

the water’s warm here – we like to listen, with a concerned and loving half-smile, while toying with our grapefruit in the morning……..

press the scar. (seriously??) *tears*


press down on the scar

fuck. Seriously?


or it won’t heal flat

Don’t care how it looks. But have no intention of causing Pain.

like this.

Ow Ow OW!

er, that hurt.

you have to.

Oh god.

So we tried this morning and the look in our eyes broke our heart.


If it disappears, how will we remember to use the experience for good?

blood tests and tomato soup.

Familiar place……


so we found out why we can barely get out of bed in the mornings since the surgery seven weeks ago.

our blood tests were Most Revealing.

Amusing moment in surgery office – actually two:

1. Strange choice of art for head and neck surgery unit (van gogh below).

2. Etiquette joy:

thank you for your thoughtful card

oh! You’re most welcome.

not many people send thank you cards

oh, such a pity

wasn’t sure who it was from

(gulp. Did we just put in a team gloria card? Oops)

oh! Yes. We don’t use our original full name in our professional life

(but of course tis the one on our health insurance)

yes. So I looked at the name and looked you up on the Internet.


you’re really up there


we do have a rather grand job

and I looked at the site you do too

(another team gloria reader, darlings!)

most interesting

(grin. We Think So)

Nice moment.


back to the chemist/drugstore/synthroiddealer for a stronger dose, calcium tweaking and adding in a strong hit of vitamin D too.

While waiting for the pharmacist we popped here to snice for a deep bowl of tomato soup*

*off camera is a date slice (made with soy flour and agave but still Not Good for us At All #sigh back to healthy eating when we can drag ourselves out of bed of a morning :(



Back to hospital: more tests (followed by a Nice Walk)

after a Most dispiriting meeting, we were almost Relieved to spend the afternoon at the Hospital…

(and then, after Traditional Medicine took Yet More Blood for tests) we went uptown (after delicious lunch with jw1 who held our coat-and-bag at the Hospital – thank you!) for a Most engaging trip/experience/appointment with our alternative genius acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor for some soothing shaman style healing.



Aren’t hospitals so Uninspired in their choice of paint shades?


Unlike the genius sculptures which have appeared all over manhattan.



We took the subway downtown and stopped for a lovely cafe au lait.




The creme de cassis and grenadine were a Proustian moment of Visiting Relatives in France when team gloria (before we became gloria) was about 9 or 10 (when we had a nom de plume of Henrietta Clarke, actually, for some Shocking poetry).

We popped into this cafe while waiting for our refill #sigh of synthroid (quelle joy – has it been 30 days already?


Delicious! But is Berlin still on hold, love?