postcards from the past, from Paris.


as you may recall – we adore Post.

sending it, receiving it, admiring it, writing it.

generally very Into Post.

for example – last night, as we walked home from the grocery store after spending the evening with friends, we popped into the smallish cubby hole (yes, the one by the Laundry Room by the mid-70s mirrored glass lobby which is not that photogenic or we Would have shared it already) and Picked up the Post.

what did we find?


Post from ENGLAND!

5d44456a8f3f11e3adf0123b25f3136a_8Mr. William Godwin is a most special Friend.


and we are Very grateful.

what’s that?

ah yes.

perhaps a cross-cultural confusion has arisen.

on the left – Mr. Ronnie Corbett from a comedy duo called The Two Ronnies (yes, there was a second Ronnie, a much taller one – for comedic effect), a stalwart of innuendo-chortle-inducing saturday night “Telly” (as the Brits call it) while the Nation sat agog from the many brown-ish shades of sofas popular that decade (often with a fringe for the more middle-class aspirationals).


but on the Right.

That would be Danny La Rue.


a stunning entertainer and all round genius.

Next time you see William, he can tell you the story of how he MET the great one. It’s a good tale and no mistake. Plenty of sequins (not on William, he does a nice dark suit, slim-cut, polished shoes).

back to the Post (about) Post.

so we got a postcard from Paris – from the Past – this week.

read on….


you see, we Adore a Carte Postale. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

particularly one from PARIS. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and most especially when there’s still the message, quite discernible, on the back.

because when we see a Postcard in an antiques store (the one very near the Mission at San Juan Capistrano that we visited on Friday) and it sort of “speaks to us” (not Literally we hasten to add – more of a delicate yet very clear Vibration – bear with us, this IS california, love, we say stuff like that here and it’s Ever so much fun.)

we pick it up and start to read, with a great deal of Wonder.

Dear Parents, It was a great relief, this a.m, to have Dede’s letter saying you’d received my cable. Those addresses and dates in the cable are the same as I gave you before leaving Nutley. When you receive this I’ll be set to depart for the Grosvenor House Hotel. My reservation on Pan Am is Flight 101 to n.y on aug 16th. LOVE HD


isn’t that delicious?

she – for it was indeed a she – was in PARIS at Le Claridge (or just stopped in to buy this postcard, perhaps she was staying with bohemian 1920s (?) friends in the Quartier Latin) and heading to the Grosvenor House Hotel in London before making her way back to the United States on Pan Am Flight 101 (which just happened to be the flight that the Beatles took in 1964 on their 1st trip to the USA for the so-called “Beatles Invasion” although we do Not believe that was their intention, they just came to play some music and very nice music it is too).


back to our friend HD, still suspended in the early 20th Century (when exactly do you think? post College Trip?) – we became Fascinated at this young American woman, flying on Pan Am, sending Cables (don’t you wish we still could?) and her European sojourn in such fine places.

(plus anyone who writes to their parents and calls them Dear Parents makes us chuckle)

so we did some sleuthing (because that’s what we do).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand here’s what we found!

HD is Harriet Hudson.

Dr. Harriet Hudson.

who became the Dean of Randolph Macon Women’s College in Virginia and was obviously so Respected and beloved that there’s a Scholarship Fund in her hono(u)r to this day.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 7.38.13 AMIn 1965, The Pittsburgh Press, gave notice that Dr. Harriet Hudson would be celebrated at a tea for her great Achievements in Academic Life.

so – working backwards – someone would reach such a venerable age to be so Feted at Retirement age or thereafter – so let’s say that our (for we feel she is now part of teamgloria) Dr. Harriet Hudson was circa 65 in 1965.

thus born at the beginning of the 20th century.

if the Postcard from PARIS was sent post College on a last hurrah before settling into her Career (for we find no record of marriage so we assume she was a Career Lady – like us – which is delicious and probably had a wardrobe of sensible tweed skirts and a Good pearl necklace and interesting hats for sundays) then on Friday, in San Juan Capistrano, we held a Postcard from PARIS 1920s.

the m y s t e r y we will never solve is how Harriet’s postcard from the 1920s got from her parent’s house in the City of Carlinville (where her father was the head of the College there) all the way to california Ninety Years Later.

but we *think* (always a dangerous activity yet such fun) we have solved it.

Dr. Harriet Hudson wanted to send teamgloria a postcard from the past from Paris.

and we’re Thrilled she did.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlet’s face it, if you’re going to send anyone a postcard from the past from paris – at least you know WE are going to get it and treasure it (in moleskine #161 if you’re reading this in the Future and looking through our Archives in the Library).

in other news – here are the other treasures we found on our Road Trip back last week:



due to some Further sleuthing we found that our clipping from Architectural Digest August 1985, contained the apartment of Tommy Tune which was once the dwelling of a certain Mr. Tennessee Williams (145 W.55th Street from 1965 – 1966) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand Mulligans is still here (although the Mulligans themselves have long retired – we did call and ask if we could visit) – where the lovely bear-like Mr. Rob Reiner used to go to stay sane in a crazy world.



we Are going to visit Mulligans (the shop, not the people) today.

so we’ll post pictures later. (and much later there will Also be an Article)

AFTER we drive to the virtual bungalow on the Studio Lot of Miss. Vickie Lester to be helpful around some digital matters (well, we’ll be sitting on the chaise by the window admiring her plantings – who-we-are-in-RL is doing the helpful/digital bit).

isn’t life delicious?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit’s very sunny over here so the blinds are drawn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand light beams play on the creamy walls.

or is that Dr. Harriet Hudson smiling because we got her Postcard from the Past in Paris?

it could be.

you n e v e r know.


because the bit that Really made us *gasps* was not (just) Paris or its probably vintage but the fact that our new friend Harriet was flying from London to NYC on August 16th*.

which is the exact date teamgloria flew from London to NYC in 2001 to start our new life in the United States – here’s where we celebrated a Decade in this lovely Land (2001)

*and is also, of course you know this already, Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone’s birthday.

judging. in a good way.


while who-we-are-in-RL is judging (in a good way, because The Bookmarks national digital awards of SOUTH AFRICA asked specifically if she would, you see) we’ve met some Fascinating People and made a few Tiny Alterations* to who-we-are-in-RL’s speech for Tuesday – in Johannesburg (hurrah! flight 5 of 10!) – as she’s giving a Workshop (most exciting) and nodded (sagely) as she was interviewed by the Media (yes, she wore pearls and we applied some helpful make-up solutions to counteract jet lag dark circles) and generally Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves taking pictures in this beautiful country.

take a look!



we do find twinkle lights just so soothing and, well, beautiful.


this is where we’ve been spending daylight hours doing the Judging for The Bookmarks – we don’t usually tell you where we are (specifically) but this is such an Interesting and groovy workplace (and you could easily find out online as they are a worthy sponsor of the Awards by providing us a space to Judge (in a good way)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as night fell over the mountain tops we took a few moments to feel at peace and tell the jet lag to bugger off (it was descending -fast- into the front cortex).

and then JT came to get us and we had a quiet lovely evening in Town (JT is worth mentioning, albeit under Initials only – a wondrous friend from NYC who just happens to have been living in South AFRICA and is about to leave but waited another week so we could spend time together – and he could pack properly as that takes a while when you move countries – and we should know, love ;-)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the sunlight is very harsh (in an exciting way) below the Equator *shivers* and deliciously warm.

what’s next?

a few more categories of judging…..

there’s also a Networking Ladies Brunch (definitely pearls and a Helpful Hopeful attitude for that one) when we get back to Cape Town (flight 6 of 10!) and then…..well…….who knows…..we’ve got a couple of people that we met before during our International Travels who just Happen to be in Johannesburg and we’ve heard that they’re around and we can sip tea and catch up.

isn’t life just GLORIAous?

what’s that, darlings?




you saw the star* on the (almost) throwaway line about us making Tiny Alterations on who-we-are-in-RL’s speech?

and were curious as to How?

please don’t tell her you’ve seen this….

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 12.05.55 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 12.06.31 PM

well, it just needed Our Flair – and there’s nothing to be Lost by using Stills from Hollywood movies starring Mr. Rock Hudson and the glorious Doris Day – right?

plus, did you see what her speech is called?

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 12.07.26 PMquelle subtle title ;-)

at least she mentioned Us.

or there’d be trouble.



it’s so big and exciting and brave and new and BOLD.


late afternoon sunlight falls on manhattan


super tired #jetlag now.

but wanted to share a few pictures before we turn in for the night of late afternoon sunlight falling on manhattan as we walked up 7th avenue (felt very Calvin Klein and fashion-y saying “7th Avenue” so freely then – could you feel that?).





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand then we had chicken soup and did some study-hall-stuff in companionship with B.

yes, white roses.

wonder who bought those……


Greenwich village evening.

It was a beautiful evening to walk through Greenwich village to meet friends up on fifth at 12th where I took this shot. Felt almost poetic as I watched the sunlight fade softly through the trees against mellow 19th century brick facades. Yes, I’m beyond tired. It was a long week. And today included the request “please remove your pearls so we can do the sonogram on your neck.” not my favorite piece of dialogue, it has to be said.



early morning sunday sunshine

It’s early. 7.52 AM on a sunday. Doesn’t the sunshine peeking through the blinds look gorgeous? Team Gloria photography expedition today, I think – the sunlight beckons.

In case you were wondering, the photography is from the great Norman Parkinson: “Jean Patchett, Jean Desses evening dress, Paris, Vogue 1950” and last came up for auction at Sothebys in 2004 for lots of lovely British Pound Sterling.

I was not the bidder, on that occasion.

There was a lovely print that I bought from one of those open-all-night-it-seems poster shops on Bleecker in NYC. And I got a posh framer in Tribeca to make it seem gallery-specific…….

[The sofa? Oh, that’s from Pottery Barn – it’s called Greenwich. And is most comfortable for afternoon naps under a thin cotton sheet].