corporate drag

send soothing thoughts of a whimsical picnic on a hillside in kent, a walk through bluebell wood, sussex, a long seductive lunch on a penthouse terrace in portofino…………….for today we are heading into a two day conference type affair (and one evening for an official dinner) in corporate drag (suits-with-irony – well, actually team gloria is still in dr martens but the less frightening mary-janes version for whimsy with the pearls)

today team gloria is brought to you with the fierce attitude of eleanora di toledo (circa early 1500s).

because we need all the glorious female spirit we can draw on (tobias is now almost completely strangling our thyroid with his tumor-ness and we are utterly, completely, wiped out and emotional)

oh dear.

onward and upward with blackberry torch aloft.

send those good thoughts, darlings – we need them.

and you.