scenes from a study, somewhere in los angeles.




who-we-are-in-RL is Studying. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

she’s reading all sorts of strange Texts. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

like the Financial Times.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and a lot of Mr. GibsonOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

who quotes many deeply curious Articles like this one written by Mr. V. Bush (no relation to the former presidents, apparently) in The Atlantic (a magazine, not the wide expanse of water when he was floating after a rescue from a large liner) in 1945 when he (V. Bush) “predicted” (we prefer to think “imagined in a glorious yet slightly troubling Vision of the Future”) the internet (he called it Memex which is sort of catchy when you say it out loud – try it – nice, right?) and hand-held computational devices that talked to a cloud (not a real one, a massive configuration of networked machines). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

it sounds a little bit rude (or Cricket Terminology if you don’t quite catch what someone just said) but it’s actually a very clever speech that he gave. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and now she sits and Makes Sense of it All. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAor takes to the boudoir to call interview subjects (do you think they guess that we’re not at a desk? – that’s the beauty of the Princess Phone – it has no camera – and we know this because we took apart the last one to find out and couldn’t put it back together again).


of course with all this work (which is a Very good thing), we haven’t been to a (moving) Picture House or a Museum-with-Pictures for Ages.

the last one we saw was This:

yi_dai_zong_shi_ver3and it was jolly exciting (but we have a Sneaking suspicious it was also Research – especially as there was no review forthcoming for our friend Arianna).

so while who-we-are-in-RL is Sequestered in the Study, we’ve started doing some light reading of our own in preparation for our business trip to South Africa


how’s Tuesday where you are in the world?

and have You managed to see any movies or great works of Art recently?

do. send. reviews and links.

we love to hear what’s going on out there.


in a holding pattern until being published is strangely delicious.


we’re in a Deeply interesting holding pattern.

due to the nature of publishing cycles, we won’t be asked to Talk about the book until sometime later this year (for the magazines with Long Leads – as they call it in the Business) – the beauty-of-blogging (and there is much beauty there) is that we can have a conversation with another blogger who wants to write about the book just a moment before going to Press (preferably on the Princess phone – but how much nicer over a cafe creme in a Foreign Airport) and still see a Review and a Link and lovely new people to comment and *blush* – we profoundly-hope-enjoy-the-book in a few seconds flat (depending on how fast the blogger’s Typing Speeds are).


hang on a moment.

we just got a little #memoryShift when we said Typing Speeds.

it reminded us of Lucie Clayton (do you know about Lucie Clayton?) – it was where Very Pretty (code for early-to-marry-Well) gels (posh English for “girls”) got “finished” (if their parents couldn’t afford a Swiss Finishing School) in typing and deportment and Typing Speed improvement so they could get a job as a Secretary and ensnare some nice but dim chap.

what’s that you say?

er, no.

we didn’t go to Lucie Clayton.

but many of our friends did (or Le Cordon Bleu if they were meant to marry Well to someone with Prospects of a Foreign Posting in the Diplomatic Service).

how were We “finished”?

good question.

let’s see – late night clubbing under the arches by the Pier in Brighton, waitressing on saturdays, long walks in the rain along the Sussex Cliffs (in despair, but with notebook to record teen angst for posterity – and no, we didn’t keep them) and University adventures (where we’ll send Emerald soon to write about Those – *significantlooktocamera*).

back to Today.

so while we Wait (to talk about the book and Other writing-ness), what do we DO?

there’s Consulting and special advising and Meetings and interesting (many curiously fulfilling) work stuff to do – as who we are in RL – and a Launch (which we’ll get permission to talk about if we can) Rather Soon of something digital and Stylish.

and of course we have to tell the story (because it is being Terribly Insistent) of The House on Church Row and deliver it to our Literary Agent in New York (such a delicious sentence) and see if anyone loves Emerald and wants to Publish her and then probably start writing out Laurel………


have we told you about Laurel before? we already wrote it as a screenplay – or a scenario as the French deliciously call it – but it wants to be a Novel too – here’s the Movie Version synopsis:

Releasing Butterflies | 

A Hollywood executive gets fired for being toxic and finds out she can’t get hired. The last job in town is running a half-way house for teen girls straight out of rehab. She takes it. With both hilarious and poignant results and the wayward teens help her get her career back – but does she want it?




thank you for asking.

it *is* somewhat autobiographical, darlings.

and while we Wait – we Study.

yes, study.

you see we’ve been Busy for a Decade (or more) and yes, we read and saw movies and Travel(l)ed but it was all squeezed in around the Day Job and NYC and Life and so forth.

we’ve been exhausted for a long time – which probably and no doubt created you-know-what – so to be Completely Honest – we’ve been Studying and LOVING IT.

we Request Materials from the Library system here in Los Angeles (they are most mystified when we pick up, on average, 5 books a week and return them almost instantly, we binge-read – in an Attractive way we hasten to point out).

and find Treasures in used bookshops in Pasadena and beyond.



and meditate or just sit quietly and think in front of a full moon…………OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and sleep eight hours a night (haven’t done that in forever – if ever, actually). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and dream of travel writing (when we can leave the country again which we can’t until we get – or get turned down – for a green card – more on that when – well, when We know ;-)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and we Swim (sometimes at night because as you can see – it’s lit par nuit and heated) – ah, the sound of Laps by moonlight. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this one is for JW/1 – we’ll be attending this and Reporting back, dear digital cousin!viewer-1

the latest gift from the Postman – Thrilling!!viewerwe may Even go back to School with some of the Advance from the book……………..who knows (well, we will a bit later – going to visit Los Angeles Film School at 11.30AM today, darlings).

you see – there’s Lots to do.

it’s sort of our own Finishing School Curriculum when you think about it.

which is Terribly delicious.