back on stage, behind the mic at #LAStories with the delicious people @LAImYours


we were Ever so Exhausted by the time who-we-are-in-RL got to speak last night (we enjoy a sunrise, but we rarely see 10:30PM which was the moment she got up to the mic – back on stage once more – it’s been a (very) l    o     n    g t  i   m  e since she performed thus).

would you like to hear the rehearsal tape?

you are Terribly Kind. announcingyourl.a.s.storytellers...2

and here’s the written version just in case you prefer to read it yourself, darlings:

New In Town

d3f44522271411e3af2822000ab6843e_7such fun!

especially when we entered the bar and looked around for a Theatre Space.

it’s here…..

said a lovely man with a beard (so you have a visual) – and then he opened up a SECRET DOOR – just like in a speakeasy during Prohibition – that “looked like a library door” and we entered The Space.


the other storytellers?

so delicious.

poignant – funny – enthusiastic – witty – wild and winsome.

just as one would imagine a storytelling night in Los Angeles on a thursday night to be, darlings.

pearls, sunrises and storytelling.


a lovely day ahead. and another gorgeous morning sky.

what are Your plans for the day? (although we assume that you’ve already had most of it wherever in the World you are – was it a Thursday as you had hoped? or not… tell)

so, we’re working at the Photographic Studio over there *pointsvaguelytotheValley* as who-we-are-in-RL is on a consulting mission.

then there *might* be a haircut (if we can get a last minute appointment which you often Can in Koreatown and wouldn’t get anything but a shocked silence on the phone in Manhattan if one tried to do so, just so you don’t attempt it – we like to spare your *blushes*)


we *almost* forgot – who-we-are-in-RL had our piece about Highland Park published here:


and TONIGHT we’ll be at the storytelling event to cheer her on


…..although we HEARD (not necessarily on the grapevine because, well, they aren’t any round about here and we’re not sure why a Vine would tell Tales anyway) that she Won’t Be Mentioning Us.


what on EARTH is she going to talk about then?


(and we noticed that she didn’t use our moniker on the line up either – just being herself, then? hmmmm…..)

when she was Rehearsing at teamgloria towers (not “off book” but she does a nice “reading from the script” sort of on-a-bare-stage-at-the-CBS-studio circa 1966 performance), we noted that the general tone she’s preparing for the storytelling event tonight is one of a “Saloniste” – as our good friend (sadly departed) Mr. Bertrand Russell might say. 

it *might* not be Quite the Tone that the other performers decide on for themselves – but as far as we can tell from our (not really) extensive Research – she’s the only European so we do need to stand up for the team.

which is why we said “Wear the Pearls” when we had our rehearsal at home.  

a funny (well not funny-ha-ha – more funny “oh that is amusing” with a Dame. M. Smith raised eyebrow and twinkly eyed expression) story about the Pearls:

many moons ago we happened to be at a “street fair” in Greenwich Village and we spotted a beautiful set of pearls on a black velvet (we *think* it was black velvet, we might be making that bit up, perhaps it was a heavy cream silk) stand.

now the thing about Greenwich Village is two-fold – one is that nobody knows whether you’re wearing real (inherited/won in a gambling debts settling of accounts) or fake gems.

you see nobody really cares about pearls anymore in Greenwich Village (unlike on the Upper East Side where one wears a single strand and still hopes, against hopes, to be invited to Jackie Kennedy’s place for tea-with-lemon-no-sandwiches-or-cake).

so we didn’t know if they were real, or not.

the other thing (because we said it was a two-fold answer so here’s Part ii) is that “house clearances” often happen when a person of a great and wonderful age decides it is time to depart for other worlds beyond this one.

in Greenwich Village they might depart having lived in their apartment since 1951 (which means the landlords have been Agonizing over its rent control for Many Decades) and as The Village is a place for bohemians, one might well not have a family (or not have spoken to them for many a year) and so the Pearls they leave behind could be Real (and end up in a “house clearance” and thus on a black velvet or heavy cream silk stand in a Stoop Sale one early summer in the new Millennium).

we wore them for years.

someone who knows about jewels fingered them (in a not unpleasant way) and said, “oh yes, they’re real” and we just smiled winsomely.

cut to the chase.

they weren’t.

we took them all over the world (and perhaps their former owner did too) but in the past few weeks the covering on each pearl just peeled off……so we let them go to the four winds (are there really only four? it feels like so many more).

and bought some new ones.


you see there are no stoop sales with pearls in Los Angeles (that we’ve seen) so we bought these at one of those FUN shops where young ingenues in their early 20s buy Bling (and call it thus).

you’d never know.

because who-we-are-in-RL carries them off as if Nancy Mitford just turned to her at a glorious weekend in the country and said, “Do have Mine, darling girl, they’d suit you.”

but you know the truth.

at least about the pearls.


Los Angeles Stories – and one of them will be performed in a nice british accent @LAImYours



we’re a tiny bit shy to share this with you.

but we Just had a run-through on the Princess Phone with our Editor-in-Chief, Mr. K. Fitzpatrick, and it seems all is On Track for us to perform *squeal* at the new story-telling event (yes, live, and in the flesh – well – probably draped in something soft and black with pearls and Doctor Martens; the shiny patent leather ones) called Los Angeles Stories:  

Mark-Your-Calendars-For-September-26...what’s that you just said?



of course.

September 26th.

are you in Town then?

would you like to come?

here’s the link to get tickets online (very Modern, as William would say).

just to give you tiny Taste of what we’ll be weaving as our magical (but very true) Tale – here are a couple of lines…….

The French windows (which had looked so nice in the pictures online) were cracked and looked straight out onto the street. I sat down on the shag-pile carpet and made a list. Whenever I get worried about things, I make a list.

A friend suggested I moved – temporarily – into someone’s spare room in silver lake.

we’ll publish the whole story (it’s about 6 minutes to read) online after we appear on stage.

and if Mr. Fitzpatrick records it (which he might well do, he knows how to do that sort of thing, he’s Terribly Clever in a young Charles Ryder sort of a way – but with tattoos and an American accent) – we’ll even link to that as well.



so exciting!


haven’t done *that* for a while.


actually that’s not Strictly True.

we did have a job in Corporate America.

synchronicity: malachy mccourt

at team gloria we particularly relish synchronicity – the “in the flow of the universe” and all that jazz (apologies to Fosse – couldn’t resist – sigh – a flick of the head and an ann reinking swish with a bowler hat and we’re a goner). for example – we were just thinking about someone at the day job and there she was, heading for the elevator, in a splendid navy blue summer frock. we talked for a while. so pleasant an encounter.

ok: back to the point.

so a good friend (dZ) emailed me from the not-humid-coast and said he’d just bought a book by malachy mccourt (dZ bought “singing my him song” i believe but malachy has written many as seen here). and dZ said he’d thought of me – because i have a malachy anecdote (you knew that was coming, right?)

team gloria is very polite, in a lovely 18th century european way (handwritten letters, arriving with white roses, helping with the washing-up) but uses 21st century technology to assist (cross-referencing and tagging interesting humans in a multitude of new and exciting devices with random facts to delight the user as if “just recalled” upon meeting a second time. you know – the names of people’s dogs and the fact that a glorious former executive at a global media company met her boss in the mid-1970s in a pub on the grays inn road and always prefers yellow roses when she stays in london – that sort of thing).

so – back to malachy – we found his book in a local carnegie library many years ago and LOVED it. and so did what we always do – sent a thank you note of appreciation.

AND HE WROTE BACK. (god, we love it when that happens)

so – on a trip west – while on business – malachy contacted team gloria and we had tea (it turned out we have mutual friends in common) – it was the most tranquil and splendidly irish story-telling of an evening, truly.

we’ve stayed in touch. and (not that malachy knows this – but he will soon as we send him this link to make him laugh – he has the best throw your head back and roar with pleasure guffaw – it’s worth seeing) we wrote a short story in his honour/honor. called “malachy’s inn”. which we entered into a competition (shiver with anticipation).

more on that at a later date. we promise.

for now – watch malachy embrace the tradition of the irish storyletter seanchai gene here: