jet lag (movie), jet lag (reality) and a stopped clock always tells the right time twice a day


the bedside clock battery failed.

and our internal clock is still re-adjusting from jetlag.

which we watched last night, actually.

but we Made it in on time (ED: just, darling).

and spent a few moments letting the caffeine kick in while writing in the moleskine (#132, just in case you’re keeping count, darlings)

inspiration double page spread in moleskine #132: gilt, bronze, cherubs, tiles, blue, peonies, staircases, chandeliers, paneled gorgeousness and Vita Sackville-West (the 1 subway to midtown was much improved as a result).

we’ve been a Little bit behind all day – due to the failing of the clock battery, we think – but as you know…

Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day

*you knew this was coming, right? ;-)

roll on end-of-jet-lag

(just in time for us to leave again end June…….#forEngland)

and now off for a cup of tea (ahem – Very Important Meeting) with someone splendid.