from Virginia Woolf to #JackieCollins via the mid-century works of Mr. Steve Martin

hello darlings

so we woke up Very Early (it was 5 something AM) and went for a Walk to greet the day (and be energetic enough for a Work Call with Europe – can’t be sleepy and pre-caffeinated just because it’s a Different Time Zone, darlings ;-)


and the world looked beautiful at Dawn. 


yesterday we found ourselves on a Hollywood Studio Lot (which we ADORE doing). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand then watching the oeuvre of Mr. Steve(n) Martin — because, you see, we have an Idea for a piece about L.A and so we’re catching up with his Other homage* to this fine city (as opposed to the-tale-of-here).

[*which was very affecting and vulnerable and beautiful actually – we had no idea.]

f26d0596f59811e296cd22000a1fd1c2_7on the Writing side – who-we-are-in-RL is having some deep(ish) Thoughts about one’s virtual self (but she doesn’t mention Us once – *sighs*)

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 7.21.31 PM

If you don’t have a room of your own on the Internet, you don’t have a voice in the modern world.

sophia stuart: A Room Of Your Own (Online)

and what’s this?

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 7.32.29 PM


so those trips to Malibu are now making sense.



we *did* help with This one – she couldn’t possibly get from Edward Hopper to Ms. Jackie Collins without our influence, love.

but you knew that didn’t you?

and now she’s next door (drinking more coffee – there’ll be Tears Later) because she’s on a Deadline apparently (for something we can’t talk about) and so we’ve been told to be Quiet.



we’ll see about that.

jet lag: new york city style.

we fell asleep (after cooking for the first time in, gosh, months – we knew it felt weird….)

and then – whaddyaknow – wide AWAKE again at 1AM.

hello, jet lag.

welcome back.

ok: team gloria recipe (RX for our american friends is the usual terminology and if one is terribly old-fashioned “receipt” for recipe – yes, we know it’s strange, but that’s what they used to call them) for new york city style jet lag:

1. watch LA Story: best line: “it’s a place where they’ve taken a desert and turned it into their dreams” (#bighugesigh)

2. turn on the tweets (gosh we MISSED twitter in CHINA – all those conversations and bon mots flying around and we couldn’t catch them….) – oh dear though, it’s a TERRIBLE opportunity to “catch up” on people that one used to have a crush on without them knowing (eek).

3. coffee pot gurgling sound soothing us, windows open and the sounds of SoHo revelers/party-goers heading into the small hours

4. btw, victoria tennant’s character is an early prototype for team gloria (british, the hat, the questionable driving, the engaging naivety and clever-clogs writer)! we only just noticed….

5. it’s entirely possible that we should (horrid word) do a little work for the day job – MAIS NON.

6. because we did an astonishing amount of ordering on amazon before we left for abroad which meant we came back to LOTS of yummy packages – like these:

book #1: gully wells: the house in france

book #2: 1938 edition: irene kuhn, assigned to adventure (a RIPPING tale of a female journalist/girl-reporter)

I wanted to write and I wanted to travel.

we love it already.

ok. it’s now 2.55 AM and the heat is unbearably intense in nyc right now. back to the cool sheets and the blast of air-con/AC unit to read……..

night, darlings.

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