an elegant goodbye to manhattan


you wouldn’t know from our pictures that it was hell-ish-y humid today in manhattan or that we got a Tiny Bit Frustrated with the Bank (don’t ask – it’s ok now – we just didn’t understand why it was So Difficult to deposit our advance check into a new teamgloria bank account – they didn’t seem Nearly as Excited about it as we are *sighs*) Or that we traversed All the way across from south to north and west to east to tie up loose ends and get things Done and so on and so forth

you couldn’t tell any of that from our pictures because it’s Not that sort of a blog

it’s one that just celebrates glorious people, places and things (like the delicious cheese and crackers plate with some figs and a large iced glass of water that John just put in front of us telling us to “hydrate before setting off for the airport!” – quelle loveliness).

so here’s our day in Pictures without the frustrating and hot and a tiny bit perspiring-ness-bits.

just loveliness.



there was a darling exhibition at The Plaza for Mr. Lurhman’s upcoming movie (in fact Many of the windows on Fifth Avenue were heralding this event – what those in the Industry call “quite a media and added value spend” – for some reason)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


very gloria.


and what’s Not to love about a chandelier?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this is a pot of coffee that we had – no, not at The Plaza – we prefer the ambience (for coffee) at the St. Regis (as you can see we were making our way across Town at this point). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

plus they have the loveliest art deco statues downstairs. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



can you see how hot it was?

such bring colo(u)rs/shade/hues just Pop in the sizzling heat

now on another note (before we Dash Into A Cab!)

we also stopped in and saw a harrowingly beautiful exhibition called “We Went Back” at ICP which was ASTONISHING and you can see a commentary about that here (we wept)

it’s always edifying to see art when one travels.

just in case you’re in NYC.

there’s a lovely little exhibition down at ‘sNice.

if you hadn’t heard.

(breakfast) haiku and a week-with-a-windfall (fantasy roadtrip to Portofino in two delicious vintage cars)


there’s a Haiku moment over at subliminal coffee today and we decided to join in (a rare occurrence, for us, but we Do Try from time to time to be more of a “team-player”).

here’s ours (the theme is ORIGIN):

marmalade begins
oranges and sugar sweet
ends on toast chez nous


now – to be Entirely honest – we wrote this because we have an unfulfilled desire.

we can’t have marmalade in the House because we’d get up in the middle of the night to eat it with a spoon* – nor toast – or a Toaster (even a Breville that Sloane Ranger brides put on wedding lists from The General Trading Company – look at all those Royal Warrants)

so, once again, the realm of the inspirational brings forth hidden desires and heals, darlings ;-)

and we order Toast and Marmalade (usually in the company of friends) at 5-star hotels, instead.

like here – at the St. Regis (the toast had not yet arrived).


*was this too much information? *askanceLookToCamera* we do hope not.

a moment of Vulnerability never hurt anyone, apparently.



we Rather enjoyed writing that haiku.

here it is again:

marmalade begins
oranges and sugar sweet
ends on toast chez nous

perhaps we’ll go for a more Pastoral theme next time.

who knows.

Life is very mysterious right now.

one never knows What will happen.

in Other News (as they used to say on the BBC), we saw this “daily prompt” over at wordpress HQ and thought – “in-ter-est-ing…..” (which was possibly what Eddie Izzard used to call “strokey-beard-time” but we don’t have any need for epilation creams due to our pale creamy complexion).

the “call to action” as they probably still say in digital media meetings *looktocamera* is this:

Daily Prompt: Seven Days

by michelle w. on March 7, 2013

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.

now here’s what Victoria Wood and Julie Walters might suggest for a week in the sun with a windfall (dear American friends and others Further Afield – this is a comedy sketch based on truly dreadful British Daytime Telly and we giggle at it A Lot even today, many years later).

and us?


well – let’s see – assuming we have the green card *sighs* by this week-with-a-windfall (and can thus Leave The Country).

1. Hiring an Aston Martin DB5

2. Drive up Highway 1

3. A night in San Francisco in homage to Anita Loos who was born there and wrote This

4. Fly to Europe (said very vaguely – hopefully Someone Clever will be making the Arrangements – not one of our skills – how we miss our Assistant, the splendid Olga *sighs* from the last day job) and get a Train through the Alps in homage to Sybille Bedford

“True, when the train had crossed the Alps and engaged its slow descent into a sunlit fruitful valley, I had experienced a state of sheer joy, a fulfilment of a longing that lies dormant in many of us whose birth has been into the rain.”

Sybille Bedford | Quicksands | P.194

5. Pick up a 1953 Sunbeam Alpine and continue on for a few days until arriving in Portofino – spend one night there and drive all the way along the coast to Cannes


6. final night in Cannes at Hotel Splendide before taking Le Train Bleu (we know it doesn’t run anymore but Tis Fantasy, non?) all the way up to Paris and flying back to Los Angeles (at the front of the plane please, with the nice linens on the back of the headrest).

To complete the fantasy of a week off with 10K to spend?

A commission from a wealthy and capricious editor, probably foreign, possibly titled, so we have an entree to the finest and make back the 10K in writing and syndication fees……



what would You do with a Week Off and 10,000 in your currency? 

a quiet moment of reflection in the library at the st regis

It must have been the afternoon nap – such a pleasant thing to do – drifting off after a delicious lunch and something Very Interesting on Radio 4……….and then we drowsed into slumber, pulling the soft gray/grey/DiorShade closer until……it was time to rouse oneself and head to the swimming pool and then supper uptown with nMP.

But now we are Wide Awake. 

So we took the long way home; walking a little with nMP who gave us some cherubs for Christmas #divine


And he slipped into the subway but we needed to walk ourselves into quiet reverie again…..

and So took in the clever creative splendo(u)r of fifth avenue.



We must say that Bergdorfs outdid themselves this year!

Oh! Fifth Avenue was all sparkles and festiveness and Joy to the World and friendly and foreign (not a native new yorker heard until we stepped into the hotel)


We always seem to end up popping into the St Regis for a deep sigh and a chandelier and a sense of elegant decorum and a silver pot of hot chocolate and a moment by the christmas tree and the gently flickering fire…..



This is our last New York Christmas.

And it is perfectly beautiful already.

Happy December 1st darlings. 


And a moment of quiet reflection for those we have lost.

Willoughbys (since 1898) and the grown-up camera.

after the day job – and the vigorous swim at the Pool – we took a leisurely stroll through central park with a dream in our heart and a song through the slim white cord from the iTouch into our ears (ok, ok, it wasn’t Doris Day it was the Scorpions Still Loving You – a rousing ballad to get pepped up on a late afternoon in the sniper fire of midtown manhattan darlings but not, we know, exactly our usual Fare ;-)

the dream was a grown-up camera.

we’ve had a (pink) point-and-shoot (sounds vaguely menacing but it was a very sweet machine) and has been around the world with us – twice – china, INDIA, paris, milan, madrid, taiwan, london – oh, the places we’ve been!

but we knew – for our new chapter – we needed a grown-up machine – but a light bodied one – as most of the cameras would make our (very narrow) shoulders ache for the carrying and our lady-sized hands find it hard to reach the buttons on the Very Large cameras.

yet it’s an “outlay” as the Americans call it (a ton-a-dosh for our british friends and, if one is Spanish and Italian, that adorable rubbing of the thumb and forefinger with the seductive smile denoting a larger price than one might have expected – we don’t have an asian equivalent – actually our Friends in China just tell you the amount utterly-sans-blushing and we sort of admire their bravery – although not the amount of credit card advertisements with lovely young and free 20 something women shopping their hearts out so maybe it’s a matter of time)

we digress (as usual).


we have procrastinated for a while now.

and we did so again yesterday – by having tea at the St. Regis….

finally – the sun having set a while ago and time marching on – we emerged, soothed by the pot of Eros tea (black tea with mandarin orange and warm vanilla – divine) – and caught a bus down Fifth Avenue to Willoughbys (since 1898).

this is a Vintage picture – isn’t it Achingly glamorous? Look at that neon, the font on the words “Movie Equipment”, a swooning phrase in itself, and the dashing hat and tailored three piece suits on the chaps. Do you see the lady in the white? Perhaps she’s a shop assistant or a Lab Technician. Willoughbys are Very Forward Thinking – they have had women working at their Photography Emporium since the very beginning – look below.

the lady on the left (behind the chap with the bowler hat and in front of the man on-the-ladder) – wonder what her life was like: while we were waiting to pay (and there was some special deal about a lens cap so we waited patiently, even though they were shutting up shop, it was late and we probably should have been going home) we looked a while at this photograph (it’s still there, inside Willoughbys, behind the counter where one pays).

we came up with a story:

Mabel Jones had just arrived from Michigan the prior year, her parents had forbade her to move to New York, but when her brother, Frank, got a job at the newspaper plant, and she had turned down most of the local boys – I’m not the marrying kind, Father! she had cried, and, eventually, they all went away. The day she packed her small cream case (the one with the pale shell pink satin lining she had been saving for this day), her younger siblings cried and clung to her at the train station. Once on the train, she cleared the piece of soot from her eye and convinced herself she was doing the Right Thing. Of course she was terrified. But Frank was living high in the big city and his letters home of sailors and bars and Broadway had captured her imagination and no mistake. Her letters to him had been carefully phrased to avoid scaring him and, slowly but surely, the idea of her living with him, just for a while, had been raised and discussed and warmly received. After many, many hours, the train pulled into Manhattan and she stepped down onto the platform. The noise was incredible. People rushing here and there and so many excited women carrying parcels and flowers and holding their hats down with one hand, with a newspaper under their arm. Women who read newspapers! The idea was thrilling. She resolved to become one of those new-fangled photo-journalists and looked around for a place to get experience. While buying stockings one day, she saw the shimmering neon sign of Willoughbys and walked right in, up to the counter, and asked for a job. Just like that! She was bold and fearless and ready for adventure. It had been a year now. She loved her life. The photography equipment was theirs to use so they could be fully helpful to the customers and she had become an expert in no time. Nestled beneath her winter coat, in the ladies’ locker room, was her new portfolio, that she had paid for on layaway for the past few months. Inside were all her photographs and she had an appointment at the New York Herald at 4PM with Mr. Charles, the photo editor. She could feel it in her bones. He was going to hire her. She was going to work on the newspaper and then, in a year or so, make her way across the country on the long train west and go to that new place they called Hollywood. Moving pictures were making it big and she was going to take all the stills on set for the celluloid palaces. It was a wonderful life. Truly.


We’re never without a moment to make up a story every time we see a picture that inspires us ;-)

the camera is here, next to us as we write.

something from Olympus.


(frowns prettily) oh yes, Lots of Them.

and it has a very nice body (small, black, light) and a Super Lens (for portraits – we have a list of people we want to “shoot” before we leave NYC at the end of the year) and some darling “caps” to go on the lens and a memory card (we need one of those for our head somedays, it feels Awfully Full up there) and a battery charger and something in velvet, a pouch, that we Think is to carry the flash that you insert on a little “foot” thing on the top.


it’s divine.


how was your day darlings?

any vintage dreams?

did you have a delicious summer, darlings?

we’re back! are you?

did you have a delicious summer, darlings?

we did.

bits of it were quite tough – but, we feel, character-building.

thank goodness for a languid luscious lunch with The Sophisticate at – gasp! – La Grenouille (the palest pink of the interiors and the low lamps and the pearls and the cashmere over-the-shoulder and the Conversations and the – oh – the Upper East Side blondes of-a-certain-tax-bracket – Divine!) and tea with Very Glamorous people at the St. Regis and late night suppers uptown after a walk-through-the-park with generous and beautiful souls with stories of summer’s in Paris with designer chaps and a suite at the Ritz and tapas on the terrace.

a few pictures?

but of course!

a few from the house (lots of reading, being quiet and general r  e  l  a  x  i  n  g moments to start with)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

then, towards the end of July, william met us at the train station in deepest south-west england (the bit not far from where king arthur hung out with his knights and a round table).

it was a delightful sojourn in the old country – even if we did need our galoshes and wellingtons (translation: water-proof clothing and rubber boots) – but we could not possibly take up William’s kind offer of a cagoule and, instead, purchased a Storm Hat in Sensible navy (and, with a sigh, left the sun parasol inside).

thank you dear william.

………back in NYC, the temperatures reached a quite ridiculous height (100 – whatever that it is in old money) and made working awfully exhausting.

thank goodness for this summer’s movies: and yes, we saw them ALL (even the bad ones which no, we shan’t mention – this is teamgloria – only glorious people, places and things here, please).

did you celebrate July 4th?

always amusing to have a British passport for that one.

thank goodness we have friends-who-have-friends-who-own-Penthouse-apartments (and know deliciously eccentric and Most Diverting artists who left Berlin before-the-wall-came-down and now live partly in Marakech (well, wouldn’t you?)

and then there was a biopsy – no – please don’t worry – all clear – just a continual reminder of you-know-what…… be honest, the slow, slightly sly at times, thought, of what-might-happen if Tobias returns has lead to our big decision*

(read on, dear friends – do you need to pop the kettle on and make a delicious hot beverage? we’ll wait…….welcome back – oh, that’s a lovely cup and saucer – Fortnums? lemon, please – most kind.)

where were we?

oh yes. we also changed our doctor (see! – it *was* a Big summer over here – lots of decisions and outside help was required) to get off the synthroid and we’re So Much Happier (the black dog of depression and mood swings and the most unwelcome side effects got us Really Down).

new stuff?

thanks for asking.

are you squeamish?

if so – look away.

for those still with us – this is what we’re on now – yup – doesn’t really bear thinking about Too Closely for the implications – but we’re Lighter and not nearly as cRaZY.

moving swiftly on ;-)

we had a lovely tea and a reading of poetry and a discussion of the late great anita loos with Joseph at his pied a terre uptown – book heaven, non?

one could spend So Many happy hours at Joseph’s – look at all those delicious tomes.

shall we have a quick moment to take in all the movies/films/art-moments we saw?

here’s the list (yes, it was a hot summer in NYC and yes, movies are Very Distracting for RL stuff)

1. The Well-Digger’s Daughter: Daniel Auteuil and a bevy of beautiful daughters in a meditation on honor/honour/family pride in the period before WWII when girls still hung out petticoats to dry in the sunshine on the line and despite feeling cross and lacking in future prospects, got a good hat trimmed and headed out to an airshow with a smile and a pat for the horse.

2. Seeking a Friend for the End of The World: curiously affecting – but we were ever so shocked (spoiler alert) that Bruce Willis didn’t come in at the last minute.

3. Sacrifice (yes, the one from China): the body-count was so high in the first few minutes (and especially disturbing to see how much force one needs to pierce a many-layered traditional Chinese court garment with a knife) that we slipped into the movie next door (seeking a friend for the end of the world) which is maybe why we were a Bit Surprised that Bruce didn’t save the day because we missed the first 10 pages of script “story-set-up-unfolding”.

4. Bruce was in Moonrise Kingdom – you did see it, right? oh! glorious. Summer love, toasted white and pink squishy sweet products by the campfire, tents, trails and trials, maps and old-fashioned vinyl players, the soft eager first young yearning-ness of Youth.

5. To Catch A Thief – it was at MoMA in a reassuringly not-remastered-print (comfortingly bleached out and scratchy and just pleasurable in the extreme) – you can’t go wrong with 1950s sassy dialogue, a beautiful car, a more beautiful Grace Kelly and a in-his-absolute-prime beautiful Cary Grant – and a simple Mediterranean picnic lunch for two.

6. Hope Springs – we didn’t Love this (god knows it’s hard enough to sit through one’s own therapy sessions) but we did Admire it. Please don’t see it with someone you love, or might love, or might even be divorced from one day. And if you’ve just got divorced, definitely don’t see it. And if you might be getting divorced soon’ish, like within the year, and are considering couples therapy (is anyone in NYC or LA and in a couple without such a thing?) definitely double definitely don’t see it. The rest of you – go ahead – Meryl and Tommy (can we still call him Tommy?) are magnificent.

7. Ruby Sparks – if you’re in a relationship (particularly if it’s with a fictional character that you’re attempting to control who just appeared in RL sort of suddenly) then you might want to avoid this too – but you’d be missing out (maybe see it – but not actually With your Significant Other). The Kazan genes are still strong in Talent we see. Brava, Zoe.

8. 2 Days in New York – Julie Delpy is a (beautiful, neurotic, highly-observant) genius.

9. Chicken With Plums – we would buy a ticket to see matthieu in anything (even something as sad and as melancholic as this – but oh, it was beautiful and clever and surprising and then ever-so-heartbreaking all over again) but we’d prefer to see him with Deneuve (do you remember when we went to the Event where they honored/honoured Catherine? did you miss that? it’s here) – especially a Christmas Tale (we wrote about that movie here).

10. Luckily this summer season DID have a Catherine Deneuve film in it – Beloved – and we saw it – and stayed for the Q & A with the director, Christophe Honoré – (the joys of living in NYC and going to the IFC to watch late-night movies) – and we even asked a question in French (so glam – we didn’t mean to but his translator was often skipping over the deeper nuance of the questions from the American audience and we wanted to make sure he understood the subtext of our deep inquiry – we lie – we were showing off, bien sur, cheri – forgive).

oh! wait! the revelation of Beloved was Paul Schneider – seriously – we had to rub our tired jet-lagged eyes (we had just returned from a Business Trip – alas no time for pictures – 24 hours in Seattle) several times to recall where we’d seen this splendid actor before – it took riffling through the DVD collection (yes, we still have DVDs – we like the pictures on the disks and the extras) to realize it was in Elizabethtown. Remarkable. It’s amazing how slipping into a (Nicole Fahri for men?) elegant cashmere-mix chunky expensive sweater and singing (gently and winningly) in French can move the soul.

11. last movie note – (why yes, we also saw Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises – do you really need our opinion of them, darlings? there are Other Blogs that do a lot better ;-)  Did you see Robot and Frank? Oh! so moving, so thought-provoking, so careful and yearning and heart-breaking in its approach to humans and humanoids and losing memory and erasing memory and – oh – that bit at the end where (spoiler alert) Frank has to – you know – and the Robot falls forward (we were In Pieces in the balcony among the plush lilac velvet-ness of the Paris Theatre) and………go and see it……please……we haven’t met anyone else who has (not everyone loves a machine, tis clear, but Susan Sarandon is in it and Very Good, as always).

so that’s the movie round-up.

and then we went to Los Angeles.

yes, you read that right.

in fact we just got back in the early hours of this morning (which is why we’re still Up and writing with a large pot of decaf gurgling in the very-small-anteroom of the kitchen behind us).



yeah. it was Great.

the place where “hey” comes with five slow drawled out sexy syllables. #sigh


of course, darlings.

so the hour is getting late – and we promised to return for september which it will be in 48 minutes, darlings – and we’ve almost told you about the bits of our summer that chose to divulge (you know how it is) – so we can publish the blue button (for tis blue on wordpress, it might well be different on your blog platform, we know).

our big news?

*big decision alert:

we’ve decided it’s time to leave NYC & corporate America.

ah no – tis not dramatic or even flip and whimsical – tis a long thought out decision – partly why we took a break from blogging, really, so we could think it out and Talk to Learned Friends and so on.

so, watch this space, we guess.

we don’t yet know our “exit date” as there are still Details to be worked out so we can finish up everything that needs to be done and make a Big Binder of everything that has been done to date for whomever moves into our office/role.

and this blog is about the future – not about who we are in RL, as you know (although sharing the travel pictures with you has been delicious).

Where are we going?

you probably guessed it already – we’re going back to Los Angeles.

what will we be doing?


that’s for another day.

we promise to tell you whenever the time is right.

until then, there are glorious people, places and things to continue to share……….like “I’m Your Man” the biography of Leonard Cohen, which we were given in review copy (in fact we’re listening to “Dance Me To The End Of Love” right now – a wonderful heart-opening and moist eye musical moment-of-sheer-poetry if ever there was one……don’t you agree?)

btw, before we slip off and run a hot bubble bath (yes, of course, Crabtree and Evelyn, but we might need to use it up and switch to something a bit more West Coast soon – tuberose and jasmine, hmmm? any ideas of bubble bath brands with those scents?) we digress – where were we? oh yes – do you like the new fonts and color/colour/shade scheme? we got a Bit Excited doing an upgrade to “Custom Design” (only 30 bucks, bargain).

answers on a postcard (we jest – you know the drill – pop them all in the box below and we promise to visit You on the web soon).

it’s been too long.

we missed you.

cue: shy wave from SoHo. *blush*

we took our sadness to tea at the St Regis Hotel on 5th Avenue……..

our sadness was much alleviated (about irritating immigration Delays and So Forth) by tea with someone Fabulous and glamorous and Fashionable at the St. Regis………

tea and elegant conversation and a scone, or two.

and yes…..indeed there was – several of them – because when one is sad one Truly appreciates soft lighting from a twinkly crystal drops of beauteous deliciousness Chandelier.







Deep exhale.


That’s a Lot Better.

lobster club at the St. Regis with bL

our dear friend bL had Something to Celebrate so we met at the St. Regis for a lobster club, tea, fizzy Italian mineral water and felt Very disciplined as we waved away the (warm and oozing with chocolatey bits) cookies ;)

It was divine.

And Delicious.



Of course there was a Chandelier, darlings.

Our (very) late seventeenth/(early) eighteenth century soul feels So much happier when there’s one Nearby.

JFK 1AM: home 2AM: what planet is this, darlings?



jet Lag has descended.

JFK at 1AM

on the cab rank for HOURS (ok, 40 minutes)

a lovely ride home as the manhattan skyline twinkled in the early hours (or the late hours, depending on your mode de vivre, love ;-) with a very respectful and deeply spiritual driver from bangladesh who admired our accent (it is very nice) and instantly turned to the BBC and we listened to the news in companionable silence until reaching soho.

now it’s……god knows what time it is. or what meal we are supposed to be enjoying. or work we are meant to be feverishly concentrating on…..we’ll manage.

we started our day with a Brisk Walk and a hearty cafe au lait at Reggio (beloved in the Village since the late 1920s – hence why teamgloria likes to hang out there with its spirits of bobbed hair and cloche hats and naughty Flappers and dandies).

weirdly no snow in NYC today (it is february!) but we are most grateful (plus our LA tan would look silly against the winter gloom)

all this……..and a delicious supper with bL this evening at the St Regis (yes, there will be pictures)

are you having a lovely tuesday?

Is it Tuesday?

confusion abounds..

tea at the st regis and sanity returns.

team gloria had a most dispiriting and somewhat challenging experience at the day job (apart from a most engaging hour with the wonderful KR, resplendent in navy and wreathed in smiles) so – before our 6PM meeting, we walked through the soupy humidity and 90 degree heat to one of our most favorite/favourite places for tea – the St Regis.

we once had a delicious pot of tea here with a lady editor who had worked with the greats of the mid-Sixties onwards (we never divulge talent and their tales) but suffice it to say we BEGGED her to write her memoirs……………….


and she had the most beautiful bouffant set blonde curls.

we did make a picture.

by the way, the lighting is so terribly KIND here we do appreciate that.