hello tuesday.




another Tuesday?


so soon?


what shall we talk about?

do you have tea?

we have tea.

oh good, you’re sorted.

then we’ll begin.

did you remember it was Mozart’s birthday yesterday?

we celebrated by listening to much of his Greatest Hits and felt Rather Rousing while conducting an imaginary string quartet while driving down sunset boulevard….


—-en route to another person beginning with M’s birthday!


and what else shall we tell you about?


while waiting (checks/cheques, Commissions, code to be examined on Current “gigs” and consultancy proposals to be consulted About before hired On and probably other things beginning with C but that’s quite Enough to be going on with) we’ve been enjoying a perusal down the Beverly Hills Library Section where the Philosophy books live.

This One particularly caught our eye (bet you spotted that one too) – and it’s jolly good.

more on Mr. J. Baggott’s text when we’ve finished it.

well! we were Very Pleased to receive a Piece of Post from the sprite!

whom – you may well recall – because it was a jolly good drawing – we spent a (probably rather cold, it being on the Other coast at that time) splendid afternoon with Two Years Ago, almost to the day (that day being January 29th 2012 you see).

let’s all wish the sprite the customary theatrical cry of “break a leg” for her performance in Manhattan (or was it in an Outer Borough/off Broadway?)

in other news, we took a small break in the proceedings today and met up with our old friend Amy (she’s not at all old, but we first met her over a decade ago now) and her small son, young Master. J. as he shall be known here.

who has a most excellent collection of spiderman miniature cars.

such fun.

highly recommended.

letters from the East Coast and some pretend race track adventures with miniature cars.

and now we return to normal transmission – and Back to Work.

thank you so much for popping by!

east coast portraits – so far – and a confession.

oh this has been Such a divine project so far – and there are still many to go.

we realized how happy we are with camera in hand, a cardigan discarded on the sofa, listening intently to how someone sees themselves and how they’d like to look and – when there’s children involved, working out distractions (cartoons) or puppies (snacks) or older dogs (stroking the ears – actually that works with humans too but then you just call it “may I just smooth out your eyebrow?” but it’s really touch and being kind and connecting – shhh – don’t tell).

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we have an odd and yet necessary confession to make.

when we were at university (we talked a little about our experiences there – real and otherwise fictionalized – in the Library here) our happiest moments were with-camera-in-hand (in those days, of course, there was film in the camera and celluloid canisters rolling around our pockets ready to be loaded into the camera, when needed).

we took courses in photography and learned how to Print (oh – the joyous hours spent in the darkroom with Joni Mitchell on the tape player – yes, children, a tape player in those days) and the smell of fixer fluid (always slightly dangerous to the brain and fuzzy when we were printing at 2AM – ah, the heady enthusiasms of Youth).

during those days – and for a couple of years after – we did headshots and band album covers (or the ones in their heads – sometimes indeed even ones that got pressed as vinyl and covered with our photographs –  gosh, no, they are all gone to the four winds – we kept nothing, sadly) and Many theatrical productions.

there were photo sessions galore (we have very beautiful friends) – especially late night in our kitchen (in south london, by those days, having Graduated and living with lots of actors, writers and people-who-did-creative-type-activities) with a strong light and a Vivid Imagination (and a wardrobe of ballgowns, gloves and waistcoats/vests which we liberally dressed everyone up in).

here are a few.

we even took some photographs (sadly lost now and the book is Out of Print) which got Published (and then ripped off by some club promoters in NYC which was daring and exciting and sort of naughty but thrilling to see them pasted over downtown on our First ever trip to the USA)

but – here comes the confession – we messed up a professional photography job (Many Years ago) and the film got ruined and we were so Mortified that we Didn’t Pick Up A Camera for almost Fifteen Years.

we went and did other things.

and became successful doing those other things.

but the heart was broken.

you get that, don’t you?

it hurt for a long time.

and doing these most recent East Coast Portraits (and having been on Instagram for over a year now and slowly, shyly, trying to accept that we Adore taking photographs and sharing them) has helped us, you know, feel a lot better.

which is completely delicious.

and if you’re in our pictures – we thank you for that. Immensely.

how’s your Monday?

we swam, had some work-y type meetings, saw our Financial Advisor (and was Remarkably grown up and enjoyed the experience a lot actually – always a nice surprise) and generally felt Rather hopeful about the future.

do you?

you know – feel hopeful?

we hope so….


east coast portraits: jacqueline, jorden and the sprite!

we are Very Moved by the experience of taking these East Coast Portraits of people-we-love on this side of the USA before we switch coasts.

each session has been a stolen hour of thoughtful conversation, apprehension (we do love to portray people in the Best possible light) and a slight-catch-of-breath when we send them off to the people concerned with a “do you like them?” sort of a worry.

and when they say “yes! Do put those up!” we get all excited and quite a Bit sort of smiley and happy and like we’ve done something nice (all karma helps).

so – on saturday – we popped over to see the Sprite and her family and here they are – no last names but if you know them in RL, don’t they look Splendid?

back to school.


alas, tomorrow, we’re Back To School, together with all the other people in Corporate America post-Labor-Day weekend.

unlike the sprite (whom we saw today for a Most delicious cup of Tea) who heads back – according to her Desk Planner (see fig. 1) on the 6th.

fig. 1

(we like that the sprite shows a certain degree of enthusiasm regarding her return to School – that’s encouraging).

other sites seen today as we caught up on life-in-manhattan, downtown.

the missoni family gave David his winter woolens (so kind, if not a Bit Strange)
One of the magical things about manhattan are the books left on the sidewalk for passers-by to take (we would do the same if we didn’t have Jonathan to take our donations to housing works) – you can usually tell the neighborhood/locale by the selection left behind (all the Joan Didions are snapped up instantly, of course) – this box had James Joyce, assorted spiritual’ish texts from the lesser known west coast cultural movements of the mid-to-late-70s, a Virginia Woolf (Room of……., not the novels) and a Margaret Drabble, perhaps two.
for once, we didn’t take anything because we are Rather Stocked Up at the moment (and we blush to admit we’d read most of the materials in the box, including one of the dodgy texts from the mid-70s – as a Retro Exercise while a Radical Student, we hasten to assure you.)
what else?
ah yes.
a View of the Rooftops from the meatpacking district (yes, tinted and “enhanced” – the thunderstorms predicted for tonight were heavy in the air all day).
back at the sprite’s house, we drank tea and admired the flowers growing on the balcony –
aren’t they beautiful? apparently they’re called Mandeville. not Mandalay (as in Noel Coward’s Road To Mandalay)
do you – like the sprite – have freshly sharpened pencils?
oh! darlings! remember that line from You’ve Got Mail?
Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.
one of the joys of living in manhattan (for another three months, that is) is seeing Movie Stars near one’s apartment.
like Meg Ryan.
she was standing outside ‘snice (sullivan street) on saturday late afternoon as we sipped our iced coffee (just two per cent milk please, no sugar needed), and we suddenly realized who it was when she did that little back-shoulder-move-in-sheer-delight at something someone on the phone had said and we thought “oh, wow, that’s Meg Ryan”.
we Must leave you now and go and sharpen some pencils.
and maybe watch You’ve Got Mail.
it’s a movie that definitely celebrates autumn in New York – freshly sharpened pencils, falling leaves and listening to Sinatra while taking a walk in the park.

to the river and back.

today was Truly lovely.

it started at home – with writing, scrapbooking, thinking, coffee-drinking, listening to BBC Radio on the blackberry (so Modern) and musing out of the window at the Most delicious green-ness of the view outside.

then to brunch – at the mercer (we had the Roast Chicken – it is a Sunday, after all and we were feeling a bit British for a change).

and then back to write for a bit and call William, in England (and get Very Excited in preparation for our trip to Cornwall….)

we also have an Inspirational Tool (as they call it in Writing Workshops at minor universities with good campuses Out Of Town for summer Retreats) and cut out pictures from magazines and then, once inserted into the moleskine (#132 if you’re keeping track – we know We Are), we quickly, without thinking, write a quick few lines or so – sometimes these become a short story or a bit of a Screenplay but mostly it’s just Fun. And that’s Very Important when one is Writing and imagining and thinking and dreaming and Plotting.

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the boats?

oh! yes.

that was a Lovely hour – with lady-of-letters and her tiny sprite (in a Most adorable mini-cloche hat) – we headed to chelsea market (to buy thank you cards and a book of short stories which the clerk persuaded us to try – if it’s good, we’ll let you know. if it’s crap, we’ll let Him know ;-) – and then to the Hudson River to walk around the Piers and dream of when the Transatlantic Liners made the crossing, bringing people from Europe to the New World to fulfill their dreams and plots of their own……


we arrived as a member of the jet set, in business class (we got upgraded, we had No Money in those days ;-), on a plane called Ruby Tuesday (Virgin Atlantic).

but secretly we like to think we Made the Crossing in a state-room embellished with fat little cherubs and tea-on-a-tray and a rose-silk dressing gown and Ponds cold cream and read novels as the waves gently lapped the Spring-tides outside our window.

we can but dream.

maybe we’ll be going Back in that mode – one day ;-)

did you have a lovely weekend?

to our English chums (as Jean Paul Gaultier used to say on eurotrash which we Adored) – have a Simply Splendid Bank Holiday, darlings.

lashings of sandwich-spread-on-Slimcea and Tizer and sand in your knickers on Brighton Beach for some of you?

we must keep up certain traditions.


sprites, umbrellas and chinese lanterns and Useful Information

We almost Forgot…………..in the midst of last minute chores before the Driver arrives to swiftly deliver us and our modicum of carry-on-only-luggage to JFK!

A most marvelous/marvellous/splendiferous morning was had – the sprite and her literary Parent joined us at chelsea markets where there were Lanterns (“Chinese Lanterns”, corrected the sprite, and we concurred indeed They Were) and people-sheltering-from-the-rain shaking out umbrellas while hanging-out-hopefully at the Crepe stand and a curious whiff of Incense at the arty-fair and then – Quite by surprise – we were handed a Piece of Most Useful information about something that has been Troubling us and we felt a Vast Exhale was in order.

Thank you.

You know who you Are ;)


Bon voyage a nous!

magical sprites, pink mittens and the UniGem.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to spend an hour or so with a magical sprite in pink mittens and a Most Curiously brilliant mind that produces such a glorious creature as this one….


Ladies, gentlemen and those as yet undecided or between or just sui generis (as teamgloria, darlings)……..may we present the UniGem!!!!

isn’t the UniGem fabulous?

Note the generous application of glitter based nail polish for the final flourish.

we feel restored.

and now off to the movies (the glam and the decadence backstage antics at Crazy Horse – oui, Paris!)