a sunday spring clean with monsieur proust.


some spring cleaning was in Order.

newtgbackgroundspring2014a new background for teamgloria.com

(and some Tweaking on the “parent navigation bar” shade-wise, a removal of some no-longer-needed-objects therein as well).


re-folding and applying lavender scented drops on the drawer liners in the linen closet (or “airing cupboard” for our British friends).

a moment of pause to take in a little Proust:

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
― Marcel Proust


taking photographs of the new decorated mini match-boxes (not by us, they’re available at many small shops and special grocery stores in the vicinity of sunset boulevard or just off bundy in brentwood if you’re in Town) before placing them (carefully) around the house nearby (but not too near) the Scented candles.

a drive to the Beach to see some friends very early this morning. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthinking once again of Monsieur Proust:

“Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life.”
― Marcel ProustSwann’s Way


flowers and a Reverie make You think of Proust, aussi?

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”
― Marcel Proust


“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.”
― Marcel Proust

and now, to end, perhaps a little Brahms – for Clarinet?

we have remembered why we came here (very nearly three years ago).

it was to celebrate glorious people, places and things.


and to That – well – we shall return.

starting with today.

the last word, quite naturally and Properly, belongs to Proust:

“Every reader finds himself. The writer’s work is merely a kind of optical instrument that makes it possible for the reader to discern what, without this book, he would perhaps never have seen in himself.”
― Marcel ProustTime Regained



see you as Monday approaches, or fades, depending on the plans of who-we-are-in-RL………

returning to normal light programme transmission.


we had the Most delicious time down south in the further south, that is, of southern california and have returned to normal transmission.

the mood is lighter.

the chiffon is floaty again.

thank goodness.


the blooms are blooming. df749768b09811e399c112c443c9c71e_8

the sunsets are magnificent.01cd6348b08b11e3baae12c7a759b495_8

the craft paper is patterned and congenial. 930bdbe6b06311e3b6410e220c1cbd61_8

the pinks are rosier than before. 73b3590cb09711e3a9531209f41f76b1_8

the signs that say: “Historical 1883 Schoolhouse 3 blocks this way” are followed, as before. dianeray

radio hosts ask us to stop by their Studio and sign copies of the book.


delicious people buy their mothers copies of our book and send them parcel post to switzerland (glam!)f9ae2308b10911e394660e186c330be7_8and all has returned to the lightness of Touch that you came here for previously….bb4abc38b10a11e395c00eb547b2ae3d_8

in many different treatments of filter/shade/theatrical-gel-on-the-lens.

are you having a delicious spring equinox?

we do hope so.

they are so useful at changing the mood in a sunny hopeful sort-of-a-way.

trembling before the exhibition


we’re getting a Tiny bit apprehensive about the show’s opening tonight.

sort of not-wanting-to-be-the-centre-of-attention (which is deeply odd consider we spent so many years desirous of the limelight – and we don’t mean the dodgy club on leicester square in London either – although we did spend a few nights of our Youth there, tis true)

and – well – it feels so official – the new life, and all that.

which is good.

but scary.


in the meantime, we take pictures.


sparky was unwilling to wake up this morning – so we made the coffee instead (and rather strong it was too – magnificent blend) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then we went to visit our friend Donna at her company Buy My Closet which is tremendously exciting a place.

although we did notice we seem to have taken pictures of two completely nude mannequins instead of the vast quantities of gorgeous designer threads on offer at the site itself – do lookOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

she even has a Chandelier!



manhattan in springtime is most deliciously fragrant and floral.


and still stern and impressive in Other Parts (this being Madison Avenue as we strolled by).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and there was lots of time to pause for thought. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and reflect on our Life here – and there and elsewhere.

then (and it was only just lunchtime at this Juncture) we took our immigration attorney to lunch to say THANK YOU FOR THE GREEN CARD at a groovy parisian-esque bistro

where we saw the Bourdain himself.


all those times spent sipping black coffee and staring moodily into space during seven years in manhattan – not a peep – back for a mere few hours to pick up a green card, open an exhibition and say thank you to our immigration attorney – voila!


remarkable in fact.


getting a bit nervous now.

and Must get a fresh slim-fit sky-blue t-shirt on with black jeans and the merest dash of chapstick before heading out to meet our friends and *blush* a little at the pictures on the wall that we took.

buds bursting forth –

Between yesterday and today the view from the couch Changed Entirely – the buds Burst forth into a riotous verdant foamy canopy – we sat curled up, with a strong cup of (half-caf) coffee and read the contents of our Latest Parcel – Conference at Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons.


And So invigorating to read the next part of the adventures of Flora Poste, Robert Poste’s child-as-was (now a vicar’s wife with FIVE children) and yet still getting letters and popping them in her skirt (must have been a post-war-practical-skirt made from a Simplicity Pattern with pockets) to read later before taking the Coach to Sussex to sort out what has be-fallen poor Cold Comfort Farm*

*we’re only up to page 39 but apparently the Farm has been over-run with Management types determined to streamline and repress its basic Rural charm and turn it into a Conference Centre.


We have a Feeling all will not be well. And there will be a Great Deal of Confusion (and some awfully pretty yet stern expressions-under-a-taut-shiny-bob from the former Miss Poste)

On another note.

We are Off to a (short) conference this morning.

But we were So caught up in the ripping tales of Stella Gibbons (who, like us, started her career on a newspaper and wrote quietly and secretly on Other Stuff at a nearby Lyons’ Corner House – alas Lyons’ was Long Gone in London by the time we moved there but the spirit remains) that we almost wore one of the blue paste bejeweled pins/hairgrip/kirbygrip in our hair.


Not exactly Conference attire.

To hell with it.

The pin stays.

The glorious trees outside have inspired us to Throw Caution to the wind.


Plus we have to See the Surgeon later to examine our blood tests and press (OW!) on the Scar to ascertain its healing-speed.

A blue paste bejeweled pin is Probably a good companion.

We’ll slip Stella’s book into our school bag too – for later.

It’s always good to take a riveting friend to hospital for companionship in the Dreary waiting room.

oh the places I’ve been | soho, nyc.

a beautiful spring sunday in soho….cafes, flowers, linen shirts, capri sandals, carrying the newspapers incognito behind sunglasses, breezes lifting branches overhead, even the graffiti shines on a day like today….

this is the view from inside Housing Works bookshop – one of my definite team gloria hangouts where I bought a used copy of Diana Athill’s Instead of a Letter (1962) and went to read in the Crosby Hotel.

not that I’ve told anyone (apart from you, here) but I entered a short story competition last week. I am fluttering a bit inside at the thought of writing again for a living. It’s been a long, long, lifetime since I did. More on that some other sweet time…..