autumn in brooklyn with mr. auden.


we’ve had a Lovely few hours in Brooklyn and now we pack our simply silver surprisingly lightweight samsonite suitcase (with wheels) and wait for the Town car to take us to the Airport and back to the Other Coast once more.

but first – some pictures – because it was a truly glorious day over here in brooklyn.


this was the View from the most magnificent apartment where we stayed last night (sparky’s human guardians are Very Chic and they have an enormous amount of shoes – not shown – but we opened the hall closet and stood back in some amazement and Awe).

we admired this View as we stood with the dark embrace of caffeine and the terrible effects of a red eye flight – and another to come, working non-stop and the ever-present jet lag…..but still – if One Has to work in such a way – what a View to celebrate one’s achievements, non?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

sparky was wearing cerulean blue for Wednesday. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

which matched the sky seen over the water towards downtown manhattan and all those banking executives preparing for a short lunch of a sandwich at their desk (because times have changed). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Autumn is really here on this Coast.

love lane *shivers* with delight (we mis-read it wrongly at first too)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

very elegant stonework abounds over in Brooklyn with plenty of shady corners and dark undergrowth and towering trees (no skyscrapers here darlings). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

oh! how lovely. a Pete Seeger fan, clearly. *winningsmiletocamera*OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Pumpkins everywhere! but looking especially autumn-y on stoops. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a lyrical bloom stretching to the sunlight (still a little chilly, could have done with a scarf around its swan-like neck). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

berries! how christmassy and gorgeous. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

what’s this?

oh my!



we had No Idea it was Here!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdid he like the angels or growl at them as he entered the portal of number one montague street?

for this is where he was inspired to write New Year’s Letter (known as The Double Man as well, apparently).

we adore Auden.

and Brooklyn.

most especially poetry inspired in brooklyn.

“Love each other or perish”  – Auden.


“Let me see what I wrote so I know what I think” – Auden

“The center that I cannot find is known to my unconscious mind.” – Auden

“All the rest is silence
On the other side of the wall,
And the silence ripeness,
And the ripeness all.” – Auden

it appears that Brooklyn has attracted many writers – many of whom have left us their words and passed on to the great library (we imagine it is thus) somewhere beyond the stars that twinkle before the dawn – and of course Mr. Auster – but the Writer we really Wanted to see was unable to do so on This Trip but we hope to catch up with him next time and tell you all about it…..

Travel broadens the mind (but it need not widen the girth if one eats simply).

melancholia mixed with deliciousness.



such an ODD feeling back in Manhattan and the sheer irony of drawing back the shades this morning – or finding the button that denoted “morning” which electronically opened the blackout shades and then another button that said “open shears” which we worked out meant net curtains and not gardening implements to deadhead roses and seeing Our Former Employer’s Skyscraper bold as you like, slap bang in the middle of our View.

how we giggled.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe had a sense of deja Vu about this trip (as surprisingly last minute-and-fleeting-of-a-business-glam-experience as it was) and also a deep melancholia at what-had-happened-before and what happens next (whatever That Is).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAluckily we have friends in KOREA who can explain it to us (because we’re Terribly International) as this feeling came over us at just about Twilight (Manhattan does a very good moody almost-winter late evening silky dusk you see that somehow tears the heart strings)b88676ac351f11e3a3ff22000a1fb762_8here’s what lovely heej_lee left as a virtual note on our picture post on Instagram (so Modern as William would say)>>>>>

“We have this phrase in Korean, 시원섭섭, which means you’re glad in part but you’re also nostalgic/missing the old days in part. Hope the trip down memory lane is a pleasant one. :)”

isn’t that just perfect?

and so better summed up thus – 시원섭섭 – than in English characters or a Western Idiom.

yes, that’s EXACTLY how it feels being back here – until tomorrow night – so, alas fleeting, and we have been working Non-Stop so cannot see anyone for social occasions This Time (forgive!

f22fca92351b11e3951622000ab5aaa3_8thank goodness for the chandeliers or we would have been quite overwhelmed after our long day working (at an undisclosed location with we-signed-that-we-would-not-say-who)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand also for a stolen hour between leaving the work and finding our friends downtown and then across-a-bridge (more on that Tomorrow):

6a0a1042351511e39f2e22000a1fb37d_8manhattan does a dark wood tavern very well – luckily they had refreshingly sparklingly italian mineral water because we needed that after jet-lag-work-experience (although the work was Glam and very exciting and we WISH we could tell you who it was – you’ll have to wait until January – can you believe that? but it’s worth the w a i t, darlings).

so we checked out of the hotel suite (with chandelier) and took the subway here and there and over to that platform and now to Here – and then, as we sit here writing to you, freshly showered and mascara all removed and well-fed (but not overly so) and quietly winding down……..a small furry creature awaits our presence.


958a01d4353b11e3928022000a9f3c6c_8It’s SPARKY!


goodnight, darlings – from the East Coast.

sleepless in manhattan


we’re Here.

in manhattan.


and everyone else is Asleep.




despite being up since 4AM on the Other Coast.

and travel(l)ing for what felt like Days and Delays.

it’s Awfully nice to be here though.

we’re Staying With Friends – and we bribed Sparky to come and hang out with us while we read him a bedtime story.


he got sleepy too though, when we got past the more fast-paced action bits of The House on Church Row, and settled into a slow soft calm up-and-down-body-yawn-sleep-ness.

which is lovely.

but now we’re Wide Awake.

and realized we can’t find our glasses because they’re in the back pocket of 4D on flight 2622 from LAX to JFK.

luckily we sent out a Very Modern search party 

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 11.51.06 PMlet’s see how good their social media team is ;-)


and smiling.

it’s fun to be back in Manhattan.

we probably would have just shrugged and bought over-the-counter reading glasses at the local chemist if back on the West Coast.

but not here.

here we like to get Results.

amazing how quickly one snaps back into a NYC style attitude ;-)


I m p r e s s i v e


#eastcoastportraits – barry, john, and sparky in the divine sunken living room somewhere in chelsea.


we had Such a delicious time doing Yet More #eastcoastportraits and almost Squealed when we saw The Sunken Living Room chez Barry and John (and Sparky) somewhere-in-chelsea (naturally).

of course we know Barry rather well, so we could have squealed (he would not have minded in the Least) but we’ve only met John on one occasion and like to give a Good Impression and young Sparky seemed a little wary of the new human/virtualCharacter in his midst so we Toned It Down.

but oh! it was delicious.

and reminded us a lot of Ms. Zellweger’s divine movie, Down With Love (a favo(u)rite chez teamgloria, as you might expect).

now the sunken living room – if you recall – in Down With Love – is Very 1962 – in decor and color/colour/shade scheme.

barry and john have a much more muted and Deeply soothing and Chic scheme – but do you see the Step-down? doesn’t it remind you of a movie set?

why yes, that Is sparky; clever you.

here’s another one – we captured him in a slightly thoughtful mode, a little later on in the session….

sparky looks like the kind of dog that reads Keats when no one is around – he has that wistful and slightly When-one-was-in-Italy sort of an air as if about to embark on a melancholic and yet lyrical tale.

but back to the Main reason for our visit.

Barry & John.

aren’t they wonderful?

he had to be persuaded away from his deep thought, but sparky joined us in the session and maintained a dignified air as you can see.

john is also good at the thoughtful repose.

barry is a picture of excellent charm and joie de vivre (which we adore, as you know)

and then the chaps indulged us when we said:

“Oh! do let’s do one of those shots that they always have in Elle Deco (the Italian version, of course) that has a caption (in Italian) saying……”

“Barry and John found their hand-dyed rug on a weekend in Tuscany and had it shipped back and it inspired their latest multi-million yet deeply meaningful and world-changing venture.”

and one last look at that lovely sunken living room…..


thank you dearest Barry, John – and sparky – for your kindness, hospitality, excellent coffee (in a cafetiere, no less, darlings) and brilliance.

we Adore doing these portraits.

now if only we could concentrate on enjoying them and not panicking about the future.

because as you might recall – – we Are heading to Los Angeles in (gulp) 2-and-a-half-months – and we don’t quite know where-to-live-yet (it’s all Rather Big and quite, we admit, a Quality Problem).

on the bright side: maybe’s there a sunken living room in our future there?

you never know…………

are you having a lovely monday darlings?

do. tell.

and do you know anyone with a sunken living room?

would they like us to visit and take Their Picture?

just curious……