a chandelier tree sparkles in silver lake.


we went to visit the chandelier tree last night at 2811 W Silver Lake Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (just in case you want to send it a postcard).


it’s in Silver Lake so you need to drive down Rowena – past the lithe types carrying yoga mats who have not brushed their hair today because they didn’t have an audition so didn’t need to unloose the braid (this is both genders – or all 3.5 genders, being Los Angeles) – and the spirit-filled statues and pendulous hanging lamps from India (or Cost Plus in the Farmers Market where you can also purchase Cafe Du Monde chicory-laced sweet dreams of caffeine cans in orange).



there’s an old-fashioned Parking Meter (metre) installed just outside for donations (we did, indeed, always important to reward Art and Whimsy) because the City of Los Angeles has (seemingly overnight) taken out 30,000 of them to bring in new-fangled ones that also take cards (helpful because one Never Used to carry enough Quarters in the old days).

isn’t the Chandelier Tree Most magical?

we paused outside with a look on our face akin to a small child in Mary Poppins-land and someone emerged (with yoga mat and unbrushed hair) and slipped into their hybrid-chic-vehicle and suddenly stopped and said, “Isn’t it great?”

“It’s delicious,” we said.

which rather surprised them (the accent does, sometimes, and because we thought we were in Mary Poppins-land, we did a Very Crisp English accent indeed).


mild winter thoughts over hot wonton soup

How was (is?) your tuesday darlings?


Chez teamgloria?

A breakthrough, actually (as opposed to a breakdown but we hear those can be remarkably similar in effect or affect – never Quite understood the connection and usage of those two).

We digress.

First, a few pictures. And then the revelation.
(pause for arrival of hot wonton soup – we are at the noodle place, post-therapy, hence the revelation.)

Oooo. That Is Hot.

We shall leave it to cool…..



So we were up Very Early and made our way out of soho (as you can see from the change in decor)


Into the gritty and glorious lower east side…..


To have a splendid breakfast with someone with excellent sequin-y tastes in mini-tablet-cases.


We do love having friends from Abroad. Especially when they bring news of ideas that we shared a couple of years ago which are now in breathtaking Reality in a Far Off Land. #delightful  and quietly proud and pleased actually. 


Then we walked back through town and admired the concept of christmas which is expressed in Such individual ways as one moves from one Quarter to t:other.


Caught up on some reading between Tasks.


And inspirational imagery for potential commerce.


Under a strangely blue sky considering the Month and Coast and usual weather patterns at this time of year.

Then the revelation……..

We have noticed how Delicious it is when people (very lovely people, said with approving nod and moist eyes to give you the full Picture)email or text (how Modern as William would Say) to say “we loved it when gloria said that today” or “before we emailed you back, we caught up with gloria to see what has been going on” and so on….or our Fav one from Yesterday:

Could you send a hi-res version of that picture you took of us so we can frame it for the staircase gallery?

(we ADORED that One).

Or our friends on IG (the picture place via the interweb ) suddenly realize that our literary agent told us it was Time for the reveal and they were Most Pleasantly surprised by who we are in Real Life.


We are very twinkly to get messages like this from Mr. Puff (or is it Mr. dub? So hard to tell with these new/digital/monikers).

In contrast.

And we say this biting our (clara bow-esque) bottom lip, darlings.

We have received a few messages in the past week that ask when we’re moving to the Other Coast or Whether we’ve been travel(l)ing or other such inquiries/enquiries/questioningness and with a Gulp we realize that (and this is Very hard to say):

They haven’t been reading teamgloria.com At All.

They’re clearly Not Interested in our writing or ideas or allusions and illusions or the book deal or one woman photo show or just-7-weeksto-Move-experiences.

Deep sigh.


We guess it isn’t mandatory to love gloria in order to be our friend.



Yes. It. Is.

because gloria (getting a tiny bit cross purpose and multi personality on you for a second) is our best self (as our friend the goddess we used to work with says.

Thank you for listening.

Because you’re here.

And we Adore You.

Cue *winningandwinsomesmile*

We really. Do.

embracing the inner sparkly Vampire after a night at the Monkey Bar

have you watched this?

we’ve followed Kara for years (we emailed each other first in 1999 – just a “hello, fabulous-fellow-person who also loves the internet-and-stuff”, although we’ve never met – we almost met, in a hotel lobby, in San Francisco, for a pot of tea and an actual hello face-to-face, but it didn’t happen)

it’s impossible not to admire someone who has a stroke and turns it into something incredibly life-affirming.

we relate, as the Americans say, as you know, darlings.

Kara also loves the word Plush and hates the word ointment.

and clearly embraces her inner sparkly-ness too.

we’ve got an outer sparkly-ness today. one of our pearl(ish) bangles (looks like Dior – actually from one of those shops teen girls hang out in, as we’ve said before, forgive us repeating that line but we Really Like It) was a bit stretched (yeah, nylon string apparently) and we threw it in the garbage/bin/receptable_of_rubbish but the cleaning lady at our Day Job in the skyscraper we work in (her name is Julia, we met her the other night when we worked late and she said “Oh! I wondered what you looked like!” which was Delicious and she explained it was because she likes all our pictures and roses and divine objects scattered/placed_elegantly around – we giggled, prettily, in response and beamed).

anyway. the bangle was carefully placed on our desk by the computer this morning when we got to the Office.

clearly Julia (and the Universe) don’t think the bangle is dead.

so we put it on.

we don’t argue with Julias or the Universe.

especially when we’re Very Tired (but in a good way) from having been At An Event last night.

at the Monkey Bar, no less.

it was a very late night, for a school night, but we felt inspired by the once-speakeasy-joint to take our morning coffee in bed, this morning, and read Swifty.

Swifty would have appreciated Kara’s talk, we are sure.

especially on a day like today with Quelle gloria(ous) nimbus (nimbii?) in the heavens.

waving up, Swifty.

waving up…..

have a gorgeous day, darlings.

must get back to the Day Job.

Lots of Important Meetings….

and you?

any gloria(ous) plans?

art-y projects: we thought about etsy….and then had another latte.

so we thought about setting up a little shop on etsy* (see latest art-y projects below) – and then we gave up – and ordered another latte and decided to write more on the latestscreenplay.

why did we give up?

it’s not hard to sell on etsy (although god knows the paypal-setting-up-account-ness was a lousy UX – user experience, darlings and after the warm glow of etsy-world we felt thrust into a strange and dark Corporate scary-fraud-panic-unfriendly-arena and we’re Not Keen) but the troubles-behind-the-scenes and changes at etsy are a little unsettling.

why, oh why, isn’t Judi Dench the CEO of a lovely crafts and antiquing and arty-y site – we’d feel Very Comfortable if Judi was In Charge (of pretty much everything, actually).

so here are the art-y projects from the past week.

we Do love them.

perhaps we’ll send them to you as a gift instead. maybe it was just about the therapy of taking all those gorgeous photographs, buying canvas and glue and glaze and getting a tiny bit sticky and covered in glitter.

maybe that’s what it was about.

we don’t want to stop making them.

but we are Running Out of Wall Space chez nous ;-)