shyly emerging from beneath the cloak of anonymity.




two pieces of news –

1. we bought some sparkly shoes for our new life post-corporate America – surely perfect for the Other Coast in 2013, non?

aren’t they utterly delicious?

and we decided it was time (post-corporate America and indeed in good and timely order for our literary agent to Take our lovely book to market) to emerge from beneath the cloak of anonymity – just for a sweet second.



there will be a better headshot soon (this one, we Have to admit, was taken 6 years ago upon entering NYC and the skyscraper-world and has not taken into account the amount of stress, tumors, surgery and, ahem, cake-eaten-since)

and here’s the bio.

there’s even a whole Other Site.

and now we won’t be mentioning it again.

because it’s not the one in the picture doing the writing – as everyone knows (she’s merely the vessel, the typist) – the words are Most Definitely coming from ME, darlings.

no matter what She says ;-)

sunset junction: sparkly shoes, army supplies and vintage tile


the weekend has begun……

we drove east – fast – down fountain and took a left up to franklin, a right down vermont into Los Feliz and then over the Shakespeare bridge up into silverlake and almost to echo park before doing an illegal U turn (oops) and heading back to stop at sunset junction. Mystical land of sparkly shoes, committed hipsters, vintage satin gowns, yummy beauty products in pale ballet slipper pink and Italian (sigh for lost loves that never quite transpired or expired for that matter) blue tile floors at intelligensia.





Saucy. (we thought William would like this one)