gosh! 인증샷 ! #sightings #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld #london ! #southafrica ! #austria #silverlake !


the 인증샷 are pouring in now (yes, we had a quick vocab lesson from Our Contact In KOREA, the lovely Seoul Flâneur).

what’s that?




인증샷  = #sightings (or more correctly in KOREAN “evidence shots”)

shall we proceed?




@_coeurdepirate – who also writes beautifully at herzpiratenblog ordered the book and had it sent (parcel post) all the way to AUSTRIA and, in a little correspondence after we admired the setting-with-ballet-shoes, said (in an excerpt below):

oh yes…*blush* straight from austria these days but with the good intention to spread the word not only in the “Alpenrepublik” but taking it even further up north to Norway with me on my next trip back up there next week. And jetsetter as we are, we might even take it further and let it see the rest of Europe, too. ;-)

isn’t that glorious? The ALPS!

doesn’t that remind you of the Chalet School? *shivers* (there’s a nice essay here if you’re not familiar with this reference of hearty sports and snow-bound teen angst in pinafores and woolly caps).

back to (the United States of) America now for our 2nd 인증샷  of the day.



#howtostaysaneinacrazyworld appears to be a Biker Chick.



the book is also going to slip into a bubble bath with one of the young gods of mobile technology….SA

and is already languishing wantonly on a bed of grapes in SOUTH AFRICA (thank you Colleen!)silverlakeand Rosie in Silver Lake is protecting her copy from potential invaders.

you may recall that Rosie is one of our favo(u)rite silent screen actresses, along with her late companion Jake. 

and in other news.

let’s see.

we went to sip mineral water with Doree Shafrir for Los Angeles I’m Yours.


there’s been a lot of (nice) driving east and west in the past few days (today is the one day a week where we do NOT get in the car – happily keeping who-we-are-in-RL company as she completes the edits on her piece for ELLE CHINA).


one of the trips *saidvaguely* was all the way over there to the virtual bungalow on the Studio Lot to visit Miss Vickie Lester (who has a wickedly funny post on her site that Just went Live *smiles*) as who-we-are-in-RL was doing a digital check up (we curled up quietly on the lovely chaise looking out through the picture window and flicked idly through a vintage copy of Variety of course).

we digress.

because En Route we stopped for a little breather at a Most charming Armenian cafe where we saw this poster for a hopefully not-forgotten rock band.

armenianow THAT’s a moustache and no mistake.

the men sitting in the cafe drinking harsh coffee (the sort in tiny cups with grounds at the bottom that probably are very bitter unless one adds sugar and we hear people still do that in certain parts of the world) looked Up as we gazed with curious smiles at the poster and got chatting (because we always stop to find out someone’s story) as the kind cafe owner made our skim latte-to-go but did not meet our eye (we have a feeling it was a male refuge of a cafe for men to talk about the Old Days in Armenia so we did not interrupt).

but there was one chap with a moustache and he looked slightly shy as we looked back at the poster so you never know (ever, actually, which makes everything So Refreshing).

and then, later that day, we ended up somewhere we have not been for a while.


it was a regular check up.

but still, we are Not Fond of these places having spent far too much time there while researching the book, if you know what we mean.

the Charming part (because if one looks carefully and diligently enough there is Always a charming part to every situation) was that we followed the (rather Viking-like) lab technician into the room with waiting test tubes and before he could say anything, we slipped into the (quite comfy actually) seat and pulled down the arm rest and rolled up the slim-fit-black-ballet-teacher-like-long-sleeved-top (almost mesh but not quite) and offered the left (slightly dotted with freckles) arm.

you’ve done this before

he smiled, a tiny bit tinged with sadness.

hell, yeah.

we said.

pointing to the scar (which Adores a mention from time to time).


got it.

he said, nodding (with some respect we feel, which was Ever so nice because if one is going to carry a slain-across-the-throat-scar, one Does enjoy Respect for one’s inner Russian gangster circa 1941 soul).

and so we proceeded to carry on with our day.

while the scar preened.

more Sightings Please!

we’re Ever so excited over here (if you couldn’t tell – *ironic_moue*)

in fact we heard the book is going to take a few Flights (in the cabin and not inside a mr. amazon box in the Hold this time).

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 9.01.13 AM

we’re not sure the book drinks, but it probably enjoys a contact high and if placed by the window, will be Thrilled to see the View.

because the View from here is certainly glorious.

this just in from #SouthAfrica, darlings


the lovely team at Bookmarks in South AFRICA just sent over some pictures and a video of who-we-are-in-RL from the trip over there when she was the International Publisher Judge for the Bookmarks [digital awards] in South Africa in Nov 2013


there’s a video of the judges here (the whole video is great but if you want to see who-we-are-in-RL with a LOT OF JETLAG but some interesting things to say, that bit starts at 06:31 mins)



at the top of the table ;-)


and doing some Thoughtful thinking with glasses-and-pashmina-and-pearls

it’s funny to see her work.

well, not funny-ha-ha but funny in a “oh, there we are” sort of a way.

mixed in with a gosh-yes-we-went-back-to-south-AFRICA

all jumbled in with a sensation of excitement at Where Next, Love?

it’s all rather Thrilling actually.

just as we’d hoped it would Be.

sunday in cape town.


a lovely sunday in cape town – and now we fly to Johannesburg! (flight 5 of 10!) in a few hours……see you in Another South African City shortly(ish).


we adore a chandelier!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and an earthenware plant pot. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the old brewery where a lot of digital and film companies now live is fabulously decadently worn….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

from 1901 no less. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and some modern additions. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


lovely light inside. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and a most heart-warming welcome from the host agency to us Judges (in a good way)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

stylish chairs. Very Digital. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and then to the V&A waterfront for a fish supper. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and a curious sight of red ballooooooooons….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

flying free (symbolic gesture? it did feel so, but we didn’t stop to ask on this occasion – it seemed intrusive for some reason so we just smiled and watched and snapped a shot).

although yes, we, too, though of Nena.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14IRDDnEPR4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and gave deep pause and respect. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAas the twilight drew in (and who doesn’t love a Twilight – particularly over a mountain top)?

we must pack (again) for the black town car awaits after breakfast.

judging. in a good way.


while who-we-are-in-RL is judging (in a good way, because The Bookmarks national digital awards of SOUTH AFRICA asked specifically if she would, you see) we’ve met some Fascinating People and made a few Tiny Alterations* to who-we-are-in-RL’s speech for Tuesday – in Johannesburg (hurrah! flight 5 of 10!) – as she’s giving a Workshop (most exciting) and nodded (sagely) as she was interviewed by the Media (yes, she wore pearls and we applied some helpful make-up solutions to counteract jet lag dark circles) and generally Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves taking pictures in this beautiful country.

take a look!



we do find twinkle lights just so soothing and, well, beautiful.


this is where we’ve been spending daylight hours doing the Judging for The Bookmarks – we don’t usually tell you where we are (specifically) but this is such an Interesting and groovy workplace (and you could easily find out online as they are a worthy sponsor of the Awards by providing us a space to Judge (in a good way)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as night fell over the mountain tops we took a few moments to feel at peace and tell the jet lag to bugger off (it was descending -fast- into the front cortex).

and then JT came to get us and we had a quiet lovely evening in Town (JT is worth mentioning, albeit under Initials only – a wondrous friend from NYC who just happens to have been living in South AFRICA and is about to leave but waited another week so we could spend time together – and he could pack properly as that takes a while when you move countries – and we should know, love ;-)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the sunlight is very harsh (in an exciting way) below the Equator *shivers* and deliciously warm.

what’s next?

a few more categories of judging…..

there’s also a Networking Ladies Brunch (definitely pearls and a Helpful Hopeful attitude for that one) when we get back to Cape Town (flight 6 of 10!) and then…..well…….who knows…..we’ve got a couple of people that we met before during our International Travels who just Happen to be in Johannesburg and we’ve heard that they’re around and we can sip tea and catch up.

isn’t life just GLORIAous?

what’s that, darlings?




you saw the star* on the (almost) throwaway line about us making Tiny Alterations on who-we-are-in-RL’s speech?

and were curious as to How?

please don’t tell her you’ve seen this….

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 12.05.55 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 12.06.31 PM

well, it just needed Our Flair – and there’s nothing to be Lost by using Stills from Hollywood movies starring Mr. Rock Hudson and the glorious Doris Day – right?

plus, did you see what her speech is called?

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 12.07.26 PMquelle subtle title ;-)

at least she mentioned Us.

or there’d be trouble.



it’s so big and exciting and brave and new and BOLD.


gosh, september already?


who-we-are-in-RL has been ever so busy that it was hard to get near the trusty computer to do an update Here until now.

and then we just heard that she’s off to South AFRICA in November (is that cashmere weather time of year? *lookstocamera* not Entirely Sure – we’ll have to ask Mr. Google).


it’s hard to keep up.

but we’re doing our best.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.14.38 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.14.21 PM

0e20875214ae11e383e622000a1fb86d_7 4b14320013d511e3938522000a1fb8b0_7 49bf41f813f111e3913e22000ae8004c_7 87c234cc14bb11e3815e22000a1f8e11_7 796c529c12a211e3852322000a9e288c_7 526515ac135c11e3af2822000ae81103_7 36965136140811e3a2ad22000a9e17ad_7 a09297cc14e211e391ae22000ae9112d_7 ce1a4842150b11e3a0ee22000aeb0fed_7as you can see – a few sunrises and quite a few more sunsets.


but it is all Jolly Exciting.

have You been to South Africa?

who-we-are-in-RL went once before (before she started teamgloria) to speak at a Conference (she still wore the Doctor Martens we heard) in Cape Town.

apparently it was a tremendously eye-opening and glorious experience.

unlike what happened today at 09:30 hours.


another medical establishment’s choice of colo(u)r way.

only “routine” examination.

but when one went through this (can you believe it’s almost TWO YEARS AGO?) – there’s always a sinking of the heart and a need to do some deep breathing in the waiting room.


there’s always South Africa ahead in November!

isn’t that delicious?

did you see how quickly we recovered then from potential Gloom?


when one has International Travel (and being a Judge, no less) on the Horizon it’s hard to be down for long at All.




send caffeine

team gloria is exhausted.

send caffeine.

preferably in our special mug (see pix).

with our own beloved shade of blue (pantone 292C).

*btw, the carved stone elephant is from cape town, south africa (in our super special day job we once spoke at a rather important conference there) – alas we didn’t meet any elephants on that trip. but we did meet an elephant in india. we know! too, too, glam?!

did you know elephants are surprisingly hairy and scratchy? and their sad eyes make one weep. at least the one we met in india was ever so sad looking. but there again she wasn’t running free and wild with the other elephants in the wide open plains of life.


neither is team gloria.


back to the looooooonnnnnngggg day ahead at the day job in a conference – maintaining a steady drip of caffeine and surreptitious texting ;)

we know – it’s not exactly a hard life.

but there are movies playing at the cinema…………….