gluten free toast, twinkle lights and puffball clouds: welcome to Los Angeles

more pictures from paradise, darlings.




Lots of fresh air, gluten free toast (shared with Jake, the most excellent dog, before sunrise this morning) and many naps.

Nap with Rosie.


Then a vegan supper with mN and a meeting up with friends.

Los Angeles does sparkly twinkly nights, beautifully.

Our red painted toenails are luxuriating in the mellow sunshine.

All this – and coffee on a Hollywood lot in a few hours too.

Divine and delicious, darlings.

oh! delightful care packages arriving from all over the globe.

oh. hello there. lovely to see you again.

so. um. the countdown begins. and we’re completely freaking out (inwardly – this being our last day in the office until the end of september we’re trying to keep it together outwardly for a few more hours).

we are going into surgery on friday morning (arrival 0600 at hospital escorted by the redoubtable and capable and lovely Cheltenham Lady and under-the-knife-and-high-as-a-kite by 0730).

and the most delicious “care packages” have been arriving from all over the globe – both real and virtual – from england, seattle, spain, los angeles, germany, tribeca, sweden and east hampton and beyond… add to the lovely books and music and best wishes already in the “apartment-of-confinement” (how ARE we going to cope with not going ANYWHERE for THREE WHOLE WEEKS? especially as, prior to this experience of tobias the tumour/tumor¬†we led a Very JetSet Life)

here are a few pictures we took this morning. our hands were a tiny bit shaky. we’re not in our body and we’re really trying to get there in order to be most helpful.

oh, hell, no we’re not.

we’re just going to Let it Go and Surrender to the whole bloody experience.

maybe a tiny bit of it will be fun.

maybe there will be Beautiful People in the hospital and we can have a tiny flirt.

you know how much we like that, darlings ;-)

Silverlake magic and general store serendipity.

you couldn’t make this up.

we had a lovely supper (it’s LA darlings of course it was sushi!) with MN and then decided a little twilight drive was in order…….

and we ended up at Rowena.

the lights were on on our old house (but it isn’t a house anymore) and so we went in……..and had the most glorious time with Eric (brother of Sophie, the co-proprietor and son of splendid jewelry designer and investor mother – we’re sorry, we forgot to ask her name) and did a virtual walkthrough explaining where the roses used to be and the original 1940s stove and deep sink and the french doors that opened to what would have been a small dining room (but was our room a decade ago) and the tiny bathroom (‘that’s still there!’ he said) and suddenly we got sad and then took a deep breath and said ‘we wrote a movie partly set here when we lost our job and our work visa for the USA and our life changed for the better – but not right away’……..

we will dig out some old pix and email them.

as we strolled away we cheered ourselves up by thinking. ‘maybe the movie will get made and the location scout will book the broome street general store for the opening ten pages’

you never know.

we have lots of adventures. we’re that sort of a team gloria (yes, that is a paraphrase from Paddington ;)

Laurel Kennedy.

that’s the name we gave our character in the movie that starts on Rowena.


isn’t life grand? :)


heading to pacific ocean, shutters and then yolk!

omg. we are so excited. almost in los angeles. yeah, still in seat 30e (yup, a middle one) but surprisingly comforting having people either side…..

so – upon arrival on the Other Coast we always do the following:

1. drive to shutters, park the car (the bliss of valet parking), freshen up, drink a pot of tea

2. put feet in pacific ocean

3. drive to silverlake

4. say hello to maria at YOLK!

do visit Yolk (not necessarily today, although today is also a good day to shop at Yolk)