jake and rosie – the movie.


we had a meeting with jake to discuss the movie.


jake said he had a real thing (albeit secret until now) for the Babs and Mr. Redford film “The Way We Were”

less for the theme song

he said

more for the general ambiance and sepia-toned lighting and soft, slow unfolding story

gosh, we said

rosie – any thoughts?

rosie just ran around very fast and then did a little overbite to camera (not shown – except in the movie, briefly).

after our initial surprise (but hey, he’s one deep dog), we agreed to work on a Concept – and this is what we all came up with – a team effort – and a few tears were shed in the making (good ones).

did Judith Krantz ever do a business plan?

…………we think not.

we just want to write-and-take-pictures *pouts*

so we stopped doing a silly business plan (there’s no Planning – one just writes – gets an agent or cleverly becomes Ones Own Press and gets the material out into the world and puts a price on it and encourages people to buy it and then Writes Some MOre and More and More and More)


(can you tell we’re frustrated?)

we were Drowning in Sample Business Plans and got Quite irritated with the questions about Product Lines and Market Analysis.

and then we thought (while admiring the Californian light filtering through the blinds)


did Joan Didion ever have a business plan?


did Judith Krantz ever have a business plan?

we think not.


did Jilly Cooper ever Complete a market analysis?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

surely not!

although Leo may have sat her down and pointed out some basic accounting before the church fete that sunday but then she just went back to the study, followed by adoring dogs, a cup of Assam and settled down to write Some More and then go Up to London to See Her Agent (over lunch, of course, probably The Ivy or The Dorchester) and hand over the manilla envelope and then the books came out (said vaguely) a year or so later and she Took The Train back to London and spoke at a lunch at Foyles.

so that’s what we’d like to do, please.

and take photographs and do a tiny bit of very nice consulting for very nice people when required as who-we-are-in-RL


and have supper under twinkle lights in silver lake with fabulous-friends-and-their-illustrious-charming-fathers and Talk about Europe and Life and work and loveliness.


check (or Tick, as the British would say) on that one then.


here’s why we’re writing this.

we’re heading to (said vaguely) somewhere Over There to meet with a business advisor to get Everything Sorted (like California business license and the means to open a bank account to deposit the bloody gorgeous book advance) and we’re Terribly Nervous he’s (we’re sure it’s a chap) going to say “where’s your business plan?”

and we’re going to say brightly:

Jilly Cooper never had a business plan, darling man.

and then we’ll hand over the 7 x sheets (we Did do Some Homework) with Financials (sort of) and Our Questions and hope he’s Kind.

being Kind is the nicest thing in the world.

like you.

You are Very Kind.



we’re Rather Apprehensive about doing this meeting as you can tell.

will you come with us?

in a virtual sense, of course (we don’t want to shock the local Small Business Administration as we all crowd into the waiting room with faded prints of summer days in Portofino and a modest sized watercooler).

oh, thank you.

that would be lovely.

we’ll drive.

vision boards in silver lake.


we went to silver lake last night and there was laughter and thai food take-out and candles, roses, tons of magazines and sparkly mineral water, scissors, glue and glaze.


we were doing Vision Boards.


don’t leave…….

vision boards are not only magical but Awfully Helpful in revealing what one might be looking for or about to arrive if only one would Stop long enough to see the train pull in and not run to the station ahead on the Line and see it leave.

yes, patience.

and gloriousness.

plus some of the Best people do such things, don’t you know.

and it IS Los Angeles – we must adhere to at least a few of the local customs.



words+pictures = a new life.

just as we had hoped and wrote about the day-before-we-moved-back-to-this-Coast.

what we’re a little Perplexed By are the two old wooden doors to the left and the right of the image – the beautiful chap is definitely portrait photography (and a tiny bit reminiscent of a shot by Mr. Ritts which is an awfully good sign) – there are words/books/morebooks mentioned and a preponderance of satin and designer fragrances (on the right track already with both then) – there’s a chandelier (phew) and a 1930s Hollywood shot of Mr. Grant and the twinkling lights from over Mullholland Drive and our favo(u)rite place for tea (and christmas morning breakfasts) – chateau marmont


– but the Doors – are they of Perception?

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”
― Aldous Huxley

how exciting.


vinyl, voyeurism and a very good day.


a Packed 24+ hours!

and yes, the lights are back on chez teamgloria towers (thank you to our friends at Southern California Edison) after the mass (or maybe it was just our street) blackout.


(yesterday) silver lake:

where we spent a very splendid hour having a “re-touching” lesson (in the Cecil Beaton photography sense) with the very gifted (and terribly Patient) Mr. Reuben Reynoso*

*click here to see this sumptuous underwater mermaid-ness from Mr. Reuben Reynoso’s portfolio – isn’t it truly delightful and wondrous? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

there are streets in silver lake that look exactly like exterior locations from The Wonder Years (and maybe they were) circa (fictional) 1961. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

there was also Lots of driving yesterday – mostly around twilight. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we felt this was portentous.

maybe this year (or next or the one after, we’re really quite Patient these days), we’ll get a red-light-from-a-studio.


we mean  GREEN LIGHT.

well-spotted larchmont-adjacent.


someone asked us if we’d take a photograph that denoted – how can we put this – the portent of true love.

so we took two today – the subtle hint of fertility with the bumble bee (or is that a wasp?) – ahem – fertilizing a lavender plant (or is it just having a scratch on its bottom?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

but we thought This one hit the spot – we watched these two people Flirt for ages while we sipped our tea and thoughtfully spread (raspberry) jam on freshly buttered baguette – it was most deliciously voyeur-like (in a French 1960s movie director sort of a Chic way, naturellement). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we also spent sometime today planning-our-next-column for Los Angeles I’m Yours (there will be Vinyl and there will be freshly buttered baguette with jam, no doubt – how real-life-inspires, darlings).


apparently (who can keep up?) cassette tapes are making-a-comeback (we only just got the memo about Vinyl).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthat Very nice man (and co-owner of Vacation Vinyl), Mr. Mark Thompson, gave us a very kind look when we found This Treasure languishing in the 1-dollar-bin (Thrilled!) – and wouldn’t even take a dollar for it – we really are Raking in the karma right now for reasons we can tell you and those we can’t because we-have-not-got-permission (and it’s awfully fun to keep things Quiet and sort of refined and elegantly sotto voce from time to time).

here’s something we’re NOT sotto voce about – our column (it’s been So Long since we could say those two magic words).

the 2nd one (in hopefully a long and deeply popular and yet somehow still cultish way) came out today at noon. 

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 3.27.07 PMwhy, yes, those Are somewhat familiar Jackie O sunglasses, darlings – we do all our own photography too (and thanks to Mr. Reuben Reynoso – our own re-touching as well).

isn’t life just delicious?

we. think. so.

a chandelier tree sparkles in silver lake.


we went to visit the chandelier tree last night at 2811 W Silver Lake Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (just in case you want to send it a postcard).


it’s in Silver Lake so you need to drive down Rowena – past the lithe types carrying yoga mats who have not brushed their hair today because they didn’t have an audition so didn’t need to unloose the braid (this is both genders – or all 3.5 genders, being Los Angeles) – and the spirit-filled statues and pendulous hanging lamps from India (or Cost Plus in the Farmers Market where you can also purchase Cafe Du Monde chicory-laced sweet dreams of caffeine cans in orange).



there’s an old-fashioned Parking Meter (metre) installed just outside for donations (we did, indeed, always important to reward Art and Whimsy) because the City of Los Angeles has (seemingly overnight) taken out 30,000 of them to bring in new-fangled ones that also take cards (helpful because one Never Used to carry enough Quarters in the old days).

isn’t the Chandelier Tree Most magical?

we paused outside with a look on our face akin to a small child in Mary Poppins-land and someone emerged (with yoga mat and unbrushed hair) and slipped into their hybrid-chic-vehicle and suddenly stopped and said, “Isn’t it great?”

“It’s delicious,” we said.

which rather surprised them (the accent does, sometimes, and because we thought we were in Mary Poppins-land, we did a Very Crisp English accent indeed).


moleskines, magazines and more: an entirely subjective guide to deliciously small shops in #losangeles


we were inspired (greatly) by @missjulesberlin who posted this morning – from berlin (how glitteringly gritty and inspired-a-place) – about her favo(u)rite places to shop. 

so we thought we’d do the Same (especially as we are trying to recall from our previous sojourn Here where to buy Essential Supplies like moleskines and magazines and chicory-laden-coffee and more). Of course, the choice to shop in a small place is a decision to browse and get-to-know-the-owners and meet-locals and generally be charmed by one’s retail experience.

we don’t have anything against big shops (per se) – but we get Overwhelmed Very Easily (because we rely so much on visual stimulation and they either have Too Much or none at all and can be Rather Ugly – we-do-not-do-ugly, as you know). But when one wants to save money (always prudent) and has storage for bulk items…….*looksdoubtfullytocamera*……then we understand they can be a good thing.

but here are small shops.

and delicious ones.


snacks/tea/milky-coffee ready?

(we just had a rosemary and salt italian cracker with cucumber and a yoghurt dip – and it’s only 07:56 in los angeles – curious – doing the 1970s dinner party theme again and not sure why – we never question – that way odd Alice in Wonderland inner gazing lies, darlings ;-)

here we go!


this is the 60s.

whenever we take Laurel Canyon to the Valley we stop here at the Canyon Country Store.

it sells everything (and a lot of travel sizes on the left as you go in for small toothpastes to have in the car and mini bottles of baby shampoo which are adorable) including Marmite (because Lots of British Musicians live in Laurel Canyon).

Do you know Dylan Jones? He is a hipster par excellence and edits and has edited many a glorious English magazine. We’ve never actually met face to face but we used to see him at some of the ridiculously glam parties back in London when we were a baby journalist and he was sort of in the gods (as per Eton’s sixth form prefects immortalized by the languid Mr. Everett in Another Country).

Anyway – he – Mr. Dylan Jones, not the languid Mr. Everett, wrote a Very Good article about the Laurel Canyon stores here.

the Canyon has kept the funky, rainbow-coloured charm of the Love Generation, something that is most apparent when visiting the Canyon Country Store, the neighbourhood social hub. Wedged along the twisting Laurel Canyon Boulevard in the Santa Monica Mountains, this is the place mentioned in Jim Morrison’s “Love Street” (“I see you live on Love Street/ There’s this store where the creatures meet…”), the wooden-floored grocery shop/deli/liquor store/café that is still the place to go for Canyon dwellers with the munchies, or for those after an espresso having spent all night partying in the Valley. Here they’ll find Dandy Don’s ice-cream, Dave’s Kombucha (fermented tea), bespoke sandwiches, hearts of palm salads, and the almost-but-not-quite-legendary decaf almond milk latte.

where next, darlings?

let’s drive down Hollywood Boulevard (of broken dreams and grown men playing characters from Star Wars for the Tourists) and go East to Silver Lake*.

*greg just sent us a text (quelle moderne) to remind us that Silver Lake is thus – two words – we stand corrected and humbled).

now this is spooky – we used to live here.

not just in Silver Lake (for we did – for a brief period from december 2001 to the summer of 2002) but In This House – which is now a shop, and a very good one, called Broome Street General Store.

and here’s the really spooky bit.

the present owner of the Broome Street General Store is called Sophie and moved to L.A from SoHo, NYC.

if you recall – whom-we-are-in-RL is sophia (please note the lower case lettering) and just-moved-back-to-LA-from-SoHo-NYC after living-in-what-is-now-this-shop (years ago).

isn’t that spooky?

things like that happen to us all the time (said airily) but it’s still delicious and a Bit WEird.


the other spooky thing about this place is that we wrote a movie and a novel, while living in this house, both called Releasing Butterflies, about a hollywood executive who got fired and had to take the last job in town, running a half-way house for addicted teens (yup, autobiographical, in parts – but we didn’t get fired and it wasn’t Strictly a Hollywood job but we did have a drive-on-pass-to-Paramount).

so this is the moment where Laurel (the lead character, with a rather nice british accent) meets Michael who lives in what is now broome-street-general-store.

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 8.13.13 AM

so that’s Broome Street General Store (as was) and funny enough the room-mate whom we based Michael on became Mr. Gay. Colorado.Leather or something similar which just goes to show that you really can’t make this stuff up, darlings.

what can one buy at Broome Street today? Lovely ceramics and excellent coffee. Highly recommended.

where next?

let’s go back down Franklin but stop before we get to the last-cappuccino–before-the-101 freeway (where they shot Swingers and a certain popular culture writer leaves his reading glasses behind the counter, so we’ve Heard) and pop into Counterpoint.


now Counterpoint is Very Good for Vinyl (which is making a huge comeback with young people, we note) and also excellent for browsing the almost-valuable-paperbacks behind the glass counter where we found this:


isn’t that a Gorgeous Dior-like-satin gown! (or is it more of an opera coat? hard to tell)

we don’t seem to have the book anymore (did we send it as a gift to someone?) but if you want your own copy there’s one here but you won’t find one at Counterpoint anymore because it’s a single-copy-of-vintage-paperbacks sort of a joint.


magazines are essentials in the same vein as vintage paperbacks from the 60s so your two choices here (amongst a dwindling number of them, it seems) are either Venice – Dola on Abbot Kinney……….


or the newsstand round the side of Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard (still get misty-eyed and whimsical driving up and down Sunset).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAas you can see – both are Al Fresco – this being Southern California – but we have to say Book Soup has the Edge by stringing up twinkle lights year round (just like we do in the kitchen chez teamgloria).

viewer-3now one can’t actually Shop at teamgloria Today – but when the book comes out, we are sure we’ll set up an online store so you can get a signed copy or two. Won’t that be delicious?

where next?

as it’s twilight (and the season of christmas in this picture – yes – from 2011) – let’s go Back Down Sunset to Silver Lake once more to Visit YOLK!


now Yolk is where you’ll find celebrities (shhhh – we are TErribly Discreet over here) mingling among the gloriously curated swedish and other nordic country designs or cute children’s gifts and clever greetings cards and some exquisite be-jewelled-pieces to adorn oneself while flitting around the hollywood hills of an evening.

it’s that sort of store.

a gorgeous store.

people love Yolk on Yelp too (apart from one woman who got upset that she could have found the scented candles on amazon – duh – of course she could – but would she have had a cute little flirt with a hipster movie star from the Hills and got invited to a trunk show by an up and coming designer? or helped a new-in-town-person pick out a particularly juicy orange-glass-heart and giggle together over the greetings cards?

we don’t Think So Lady.

Final Stop.

we’re going to drive to Los Feliz now (yes, the land of happy people – or at least morose writers who will be happy when they sell their screenplay or get discovered or just have lunch and stop feeling so bitter and twisted after a decent milkshake at Fred 62 because a certain British Actor is writing in his notebook at the other booth).

let’s go and buy some new moleskine notebooks ourselves, at Blue Rooster Art Supplies.

it’s the sort of place where real painters browse the shelves and ask for large canvases and helped the (themselves artists) staff to roll them up in the back while one waits patiently to purchase a fresh notebook and stares admiringly at the shelves of gouache and consider upgrading from decoupage to a full-on-wall-sized-canvas one day.


so we come to the end of our entirely subjective guide to small shops in Los Angeles.

thanks to Julia for not only inspiring us with her Post about Shops in Berlin – but also sending us a small packet of stationery items FROM BERLIN (you didn’t see that coming did you, darlings?)


aren’t they glorious?


we adore a small packet arriving from Abroad.

Now Julia noticed that the notebooks got a little battered by their journey but we pointed out that Berlin items probably like to get out of the packet during an Airmail Postal Flight and hang out in the back with the envelopes from Italy eating gelato without their seatbelts fastened.


we do think like that.

it makes building a new life and finding new suppliers for essential items like moleskines and coffee and pencils and travel-sized toothpaste a Lot Easier.

where are your favo(u)rite places to shop in your neck of the woods (why do woods have necks? and why would there be a Shop in the Wood?)