convalescence companions: bedside tales.

in preparation for our bedside vigil at the witness of the slit throat people keep asking (which is VERY thoughtful) “what can we do? ” and we think about the person offering and come up with answers.

sometimes we ask for a mix-tape (or whatever young people call a bunch of tracks to get well to), or a list of their favorite/favourite movies so we can feverishly have a good excuse to use the commercial interweb. we saw a friend recently whom we might ask to take us for a ride in their car to see the east river if we are mobile enough.

and then there’s d.

who has the Best Speaking Voice.

“will you come and read Tales of the City to us?”

he threw back his head and gave a deep fruity-rich laugh. “yes!”

Convalescence might not be so bad.

It’ll be nice not to ride the subway for a few weeks.

sometimes it feels like the jaws of hell.