subsisting on sips of tomato soup and medicated losenges.




Tis no fun; this illness existence.

This compression chamber of gloom.

Admittedly a glamorous one, thank the god(s) and our exquisite eye for decoration and light.


We had so many Plans for our last few days of manhattan-dwelling.

Breakfasts, lunches, movies, tea in 5 star hotels; all final moments with friends (the friends that don’t work in entertainment and thus will Never set foot in los angeles).


Instead we lie here, languishing.

Subsisting on sips of tomato soup and medicated losenges.

(thanks to Jonathan who left a care package at our door and a text message to let us know to emerge from this room and retrieve it with much gratitude and emotion. Nice moment: we said tomato soup please, expecting the tins/cans that So Inspired Mr. WARHOL and instead received a Delicious new experience of roasted tomato and basil from wholefoods. #yum).

The Very worst bit (apart from slinking out of Town having not said Proper goodbyes) is that we Cannot READ.


Ok. Not torture but highly annoying.

Head/eyes Hurt.

We got horrid cabin fever by 9pm last night so decided to pull on a thick coat and emerge under the protective cover of darkness.

Made it half a block and had to hold onto a lamppost for a while and rest.

Bitterly cold.

And yet we’d never been so happy to sniff the late night manhattan air of gasoline, hope, dreams, ambition, something slightly burned or caramelized from the restaurants nearby and exhaust fuel.

After 7 mins we hastened back inside and collapsed into a deep sleep punctuated at regular intervals by some gremlin appearing to try and break free from inside our chest in a non-Alien imagery recalling way (or maybe that’s how it felt after hours Hours Hours of it).

Before we go back under for another sleep. We must just say

Hujambo wapenzi!*

to our new friends from Uganda!



These were our virtual but oh-so-welcomed Visitors yesterday (we are Totally obsessed by the “stats”tab on the wordpress “dashboard”).

So Terribly glo-bal, non? ;)

Send good thoughts.

You are the Nicest sick bed visitors.

We don’t worry that you will somehow catch this lurgy and we don’t have to retrieve our looks from their wan-and-shockingly-unbrushed-hair-no-mascara state.

*hello, darlings (just in case you didn’t get to study swahilli at university of the Sorbonne).

grippe. Flu. Misery.

Oh no, darlings.

Our last few days in NYC.

And we get sick.


Even our eyeballs hurt.

Everything aches.

Send kind thoughts.


Apparently it’s going around.

Which is dreadfully upsetting.

Sort of a common sort of a Flu?

Whatever would the Mitfords say?

Sleep. Hot baths. Tea. And a novel read to one by Nanny.

No doubt.

Thank goodNess for British radio via the interweb, then.


Update: so Moved by all your comments both here and on instagram darlings!


So kind.



Feeling a little less gloomy now.

Isn’t the interweb delicious?

sick. #NYC_cold


we’re sick.

nothing serious (apart from still-recovering-from-surgery) just a NYC cold :(

can’t remember the last time we crawled home post-therapy (we Wish we could tell you what we’re uncovering There……but it would be a Very different sort of blog…..Blimey)

so we are staying Chez Nous.

and keeping warm.

of course there are pictures ;)




More Essentials.

some Slow Scrapbooking while listening to radio 4

being a Tiny bit arty with the marbles we bought yesterday at the Chelsea artists fair.

who are they for?

insider tip: we have a bag in the closet/cupboard with things-to-give-people.

we read that tip in Martha’s magazine once.

doesn’t Martha inspire You?

answers on a postcard, darlings.

Or (below) ;)