well, hello, los angeles ;) looking good………

so happy.

to be BACK – in Los Angeles.

and at shutters on the beach for a light taco plate (corn, of course) after a (very) fast (surprisingly empty 405 and 10) drive in the chevy malibu (love that) silver rental with donna summer on the radio

this place is such a cliche. In the Best Possible Taste (that was for those lovely types who remember Kenny Everett)

more, later (yes please)

heading to pacific ocean, shutters and then yolk!

omg. we are so excited. almost in los angeles. yeah, still in seat 30e (yup, a middle one) but surprisingly comforting having people either side…..

so – upon arrival on the Other Coast we always do the following:

1. drive to shutters, park the car (the bliss of valet parking), freshen up, drink a pot of tea

2. put feet in pacific ocean

3. drive to silverlake

4. say hello to maria at YOLK!

do visit Yolk (not necessarily today, although today is also a good day to shop at Yolk)