#eastcoastportraits: stacy and zack and sidney.

to everything there is a season.

we’ve been thinking a Lot about this, darlings, mainly because we have seen many-a-season change (especially in NYC which has at least four, per year, L.A, not so many, apart from cRaZY santa ana winds season, occasional rainy day and mostly SunnyAnd70, and, of course, in Europe, one might experience the Fashion Seasons – or at least, we once did – as who-we-were-in-RL) and in Asia-Lands we recall tumultuous rains and blistering heat, seasons in themselves, if rather Dante-esque, tis true.

but (yes, yes, getting Back to the Point) we have seen many people recently go through their own seasons-changing and starting anew and afresh and building new Lives and houses and plants-growing and children-learning-language-and-ideas and starting Something that will carry one ever-so-elegantly on to a new land (metaphorical or Actual).

and knowing people for a while, as we have now, in Manhattan these past (very nearly) seven years (if one is Rounding up to 2013 instead of admitting the Actual date of July 2006) well, we have seen many new seasons starting for Friends true.

like stacy.

who has been many roles and always-herself and yet-changing-changing-always-too in a Most Glorious and goddess-like way (with the closet-of-unfathomably-goddess-heels to boot).

we used to work together in a skyscraper.

many moons ago.

and we connected instantly and there were Many quick and happy brainstorms and Ideas and Projects and Launches of new technology-concepts (for tis such that we both worked on together in Those days).

we always came away Energized and invigorated and Very Smiley after a time in Stacy’s office or when meeting-for-tea or a lunch during a conference where we slipped out to Think and digest and sip italian fizzy mineral water and brim over with ideas.

and then there’s Zack.

freshly becoming 9 years old, a Rather splendid age, and with a Great Deal going on and a beautiful soul emerging.

who knows where Zack will go and all the Places he’ll see.

and then there’s Sidney.

Sidney would like you to sit on the rich darkest hue of emerald velvet 1930s-style couch, near the eau-de-nil walls, which sets Everything off so beautifully, just near the softest-of-soft cashmere-mix-warmest-blanket and only then will he jump into your lap and look adoringly into your eyes.

for Sidney there is not a season – there is the world of the couch.

for Zack we will look intrigued as he emerges into his seasons and shows us what is in Store.

and Stacy – Stacy is the Phoenix.