The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there


who-we-are-in-RL was on the Radio today (and we see that’s there another Broadcast in the wee small hours of the morning in case you missed it).

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 8.53.26 PM

we did not Catch the Show because we had driven all the way to the Pacific Ocean and along the coastal road and turned right up Topanga Canyon and, shortly after, emerged at our destination to accompany who-we-are-in-RL as she was Doing Some Digital Consulting today (and most enjoyable it was too).

but we know that Other people caught it because….



we had a Massive Spike in traffic according to Mr. WordPress.

hello (new) darlings!

now we are Completely aware that someone who heard who-we-are-in-RL who then Visits us here might be a tiny-bit-confused.

we understand that.

but this is where we get to be the nicest side of our good (selves) ness and so can Make it out there in the world.

so welcome.

we’re glad you dropped in.


we’ve been pasting everything (well, a selection of everything) into the current Scrapbok – because we adore scrapbooking.

it’s a way to leave behind what one doesn’t need anymore (but is awfully grateful it happened because nothing is wasted – and most of it is Material anyway, love) and also Acknowledge where one has been and generally get a sense of Purpose and that Life is happening and we are Awake (sort of).

“Your task is not to seek love,but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.


plus it’s always good to smooth away the fears of the past and get ready for what’s next.


because tomorrow is Publication Day.


and that is        d e l i c i o u s.

(you saw that coming, non?)

while also being a Tiny bit scary.

people from the Past whom we have loved and lost (or feared and run away from) might Well be passing a W. H. Smith in an airport somewhere in the world or perhaps on Oxford Street (is there still a Smiths on Oxford Street? – ah, yes – there Is) Or (wearing snow boots currently) in Union Square and there are Those who might be Popping into Foyles (oh look, we’re 10 per cent off on and even some who could be in INDIA (having picked up a copy of Good Housekeeping, the British edition – sounds unlikely but it does happen) and asked the nice people at India Times to order them a copy (gosh – 881 rupees – that sounds like a Lot – is it?) and then, well, they might say:

blimey – sophia stuart……there’s a name I’ve not heard for a while.


m e m o r i e s.

hello, darlings.

memories are precious things but sometimes they are just Moments that one is living and then suddenly they are forgotten.

unless one faithfully records in a moleskine notebook and remembers to scrapbook every three months or so – in a Cecil Beaton sort of a way or an Albert Hadley style of reliving and reviving what-was-once and what-may-well-become-MATERIAL.

nothing is wasted, love.


we met up with George before the sun came up and as we gulped down delicately appreciated the soft embrace of caffeine we both talked not of Memories but Visions (which are also glorious). 15b67fe63e6911e3bb5722000aeb3e27_8

then, a little later, we spent a lovely hour reading the Financial Times at Chateau Marmont (because, well, we can).

before we go on – let’s watch this Transmission if you can see it in your Territory (not just for the Sublime Ms. Babs singing about Memories but also for the hair on those ladies in the audience – serious back-comb over large rollers – non?


so this is how we spent the afternoon……OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

recording the past few months into the latest scrapbook….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and remembering (as if anew) the Thrills (those are the bit with an exclamation point/mark after them – not the Hospital visits where they continue to probe us every so often to see if there’s a new Cousin from the once-lingering Tobias.) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

wistful cutting out. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we have a LOT of memories (here are some of them – and no, we’re not interested in having shelves – they like being in boxes and Farrow and Ball bags – we don’t really look at them until years later or when embarking on a new Novel…..and that won’t be until the holiday season…..*shivers*)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and we always ceremoniously tie the latest one up with a ribbon.

the oddest thing about memory-keeping?


sometimes one has to do the Grocery Shopping (because there was no food in the fridge) but when one has a Trader Joes on Sunset with Vinyl in the elevator/lift, one really can’t complain. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAespecially when we got to return not long after and watch the sky softly release a slow b l u s h.

and attempt to drown out the Rather loud party from a not-too-far-away-building with a little more Ms. Babs.

well – wouldn’t you?