satin robes, leather jackets and 1920s passenger lists from silent movie star crossings.

we’re a Tiny Bit Late!

we wrote another 1000 words into the Novel

answered emails.

dealt with Tasks.

sighed over rescheduling.

admired the sunlight through the enfilade


looked over to count the books-by-the-bed as per Heather‘s note.


ignored the landline because we seem to have been caught on some Hideous Telemarketing List and so it rings but no one is there and suddenly a voice asks:

are you unhappy with your carpet cleaner?


(but the answer is no, not that we tell Them that, as we hang up like a cross movie star in her satin robe).

talking of satin robes.

we have a gorgeous one.

here’s a close-up.


it has the translucent shimmer of a night on-board a crossing of the Queen Mary (especially when nestled up against the DKNY leather jacket).

talking of crossings on the Queen Mary (or – The Normandie – *deepexhale*) – did we ever show you our Treasure of an original 1920s Passenger List for a crossing of an Ocean Liner on the French Line?

this particular passenger list is one shivering-ly-annotated by one of the other 1st class passengers upon seeing silent movie star Ramon Novarro having his stack of original Louis Vuitton Trunks wheeled up the gang-plank (we imagine, with some mistily-eyed-expression)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe passenger list inspired us to buy the satin robe, in fact, as it looks Exactly like the one the poppet is wearing as she catches the ocean breezes during sunrise, non?

of course we rarely Wear It.

it’s a prop, darlings.


welcome to Hollywood.