a ferris wheel, screenwriter heaven and #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld sightings!


we’re awfully late to accompany who-we-are-in-RL on her work day so here’s just a few snapshots from yesterday!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAspring had arrived in santa monica (although this is the land that summer never leaves so it’s sort of a moot point – but the flowers were Very Pretty).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand there was a desolate and yet beautiful aura hanging around the beach as we passed…



yes, of course, we rode it!

this is the View from the top overlooking Santa Monica Pier. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we stayed near the ocean until it got late (to avoid the traffic).

in other news….there have been Many Sightings of How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World which is Terribly Exciting!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.01.15 AM

HURRAH! first British Sighting!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.01.37 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.02.37 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.02.25 AM

and we’ve already had Lovely Notes from Portugal saying “It’s a little gem!” (thank you, dad ;-)

while Friends in Manhattan sent very kind texts saying “I adore it!” (don’t you love those three little words?)

what else can we tell you?

oh yes!

after a gorgeous afternoon-into the evening we went to Screenwriter Heaven to hear Lindsay Doran speak at the Writers Guild about movies and story and magic.

fd1df3fa9aa811e3b2270aeff6dc0bcf_8-1isn’t life glorious?

sunday in santa monica with jonathan.


a lovely day in santa monica – and a quick whip around the farmers market in santa monica with the newest resident of This Coast just before lunch!

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 5.07.49 PM

so happy when lovely people decide to escapewinterinmanhattan move WEST!


what else?

let’s see…..

we popped over to Lamill Coffee yesterday and they had ever such gorgeous blooms on the counter top.08cbc256551511e3bc39120ce0231231_8

we managed to s l e e p through an entire night and wake up at dawn so the #jetlag is subsiding at last!47a04660551911e38b1612aeb095b634_8

and our gift to William has been framed in Whitstable, by William, because we only carry hand luggage so we had to put in rolled up in our case and not encased behind glass which is what he has done Now (and this is our version annotated – digitally with a virtual stylus on our Galaxy Note – oh thank you! yes, how clever – from William’s Own post earlier today on Instagram – how Modern)d9af1b4e548d11e380340aca97abc920_8

and it being a Weekend we’ve been drinking rooibos tea (deeply South African) and reading the Financial Times (Very European) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this was Santa Monica early this morning where we went to meet some friends for a sort of non-breakfast (chatting but no food – actually rather nice). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and this FANTASTIC creature was at the tiny petting zoo where small people can give nutritious looking pellets of food, we assume, to the small animals therein, at the Farmers Market on Main StreetOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

here’s a “wide shot” as the say in the movies (actually not that wide, they’d probably call this is a 2-shot if we hadn’t caught the hooves of some other type of creature top of frame) just to get the full effect of that bona riah (do you speak Polari, love?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then after our lovely chat with the newest resident of Los Angeles (Jonathan, not the bizarre creature with the fluffy “do”), we took a drive up into the Hills above Sunset Strip to admire the view and dream wistfully of what’s next..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

this is the Sort of view that gives itself to Wistfulness as I’m sure you can see. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as do chandelier lustres. theNTlikedYourPicture

and *gasps* nice “likes” from the National Trust on Instagram (terribly Modern as William would say) – looks like somebody learned howtosearchforhastags ;-)

f84e8bc4555611e3924b12f247178dfa_8-1and now we can admire the apples we bought at the farmers market before heading out into the evening (hopefully we can stay awake!) to be sociable and see friends we’ve not been Able to see because we’ve been asleep by teatime since returning from Abroad.

how lovely.

how nice.

in fact.

did you have a delicious sunday evening?

which television program(me) did you end up watching?


did you see Doctor WHO?

we’re dying to see that one……..we’ve been promised it on a thumbdrive in the Post.


that’s how we receive Television Transmissions over here.

it’s perfectly lovely.

what’s that?


excellent point.


you want to know Where we bought William’s artwork gift?

do you remember the Wish List where all that lovely tulle and beauteousness lived?

we bought it there.

yes, then.

we were Dying to put up a picture at the time but William might have seen it so it would have Ruined the surprise.

we’re good at keeping secrets special information hidden.

just so you know.

standing in the sand facing the sun with seagulls.


yesterday was a WHIRL of meetings and calls and driving here and there and then there was a lovely p a u s e in the schedule.

we happened to be not far from the Ocean (the delights of living in southern california make this sentence possible and most delicious to write or rather t y p e).

so we parked the perfectly silver prius and took a stroll, the cardigan slung casually over one shoulder (it was a cool day but only relatively speaking for this climate) and got lots of sand on the doctor martens (which we had to wipe off carefully at a 5 star hotel before our next meeting so we still looked Professional, if a little sun-kissed).

the ocean was sparklingly blue.


and the sky similarly so. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and the glittering sunshine made everything just so Hopeful. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we watched the seagulls fly around. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand then noticed that most of them had settled their bottoms into the sand and their chins into their chest and were just Gazing at the Sea and enjoy the sun bestow freckles (do seagulls get freckles?)

so we did the same.

and it was ever so nice.

isn’t life delicious?

will you get a chance to pause to sniff a fragrant rose or join seagulls in freckle-making or sit quietly by your kitchen window and look out at the rain and consider which novel to read next or curl up under a tree while all wrapped up in cashmere layers and look up at the wind playing havoc with the leaves or………..

do. tell.

Tuesday: Tanner Hall, Thyme cafe and market and Tales of yesterday.


is it Tuesday all ready?



we adore tuesdays.

it used to be something delicious (when at school *farofflookintomiddledistance*) like double English Lit followed by Latin and a scrumptious study hour in the Library (we adore a library).

so unlike Wednesdays which were double games – actually that should read Double “GAMES” but what they really meant was freezing purple thighs in unattractive grey/gray/NotDiorshade double-pleated (never a good idea with a tummy) shorts (the Victorian kind that flare out worryingly from mid-hip *shudder*

but it’s Tuesday.

so we’ll stay in today.

actually here’s yesterday.


did you see this movie? it’s what we watched late last night after we got back from our Very Long Drive from behind the Orange Curtain (deeply south of L.A-land).

it was very affecting – and may we say what a poignant performance Mr. T. Everett Scott gave?

bits of it reminded us of Emerald.

sadly there’s no part in Emerald (the movie version – yes, there is one, darlings- we like to be prepared for that Eventual Call from CAA) for Mr. T. Everett Scott in that one – unless he fancies doing a character role and playing for the other team and aging up – he *might* – Actors like to be stretched – and they don’t mean physically as in  s  t  r  e  t  c  h  e  d (on a rack) but emotionally Opened and forever changed.

we shall speak more of Emerald After the first book is published (*innersqueal*).

and we heartily recommend Tanner Hall.

especially if one has had experience of the hideousness of school playing fields in driving rain brandishing a hockey stick (although Tanner Hall is set in New England not Old England so not a lot of hockey-in-the-Rain it seems – curiously) or languishing on one’s dormitory bed dreaming of sweet kisses (lots of that in both tales).

and now a few pictures from yesterday.

6662dc240e7511e380ba22000a9f1893_7 769cfe8c0e9111e3a42922000a9e51c4_7 68de500e0e9411e3ad2322000a1fbfb7_7


a LOT of driving (which is always good if one is Sorting Stuff Out in the head and taking time to let worries float away on Highway 1). 

when we got back to Santa Monica (Highway 1 didn’t quite take us there but we felt a little light supper at Thyme and popping in to see some friends would be nice. Plus we didn’t have anything in the Fridge chez teamgloria towers so sort of necessary). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Thyme is lovely.

highly recommend it if you’re in the Area. 

and as we emerged into the dark jasmine-scented night – we saw a very different school scene ahead – the late night Football (american – not soccer) Practice still going on in the playing fields opposite.


it wasn’t Tanner Hall and it wasn’t where Emerald went (we called it Harcourt Hall but really it was called Beresford House, Eastbourne).

but we’re sure there were people (probably on the bleachers – writers are not exactly notorious for getting-on-the-field) already dreaming up their own schooldays stories to tell to an agent at CAA at some later date.

isn’t that delicious?

and so Tuesday begins….

well hello, saturday.


it is really Le Weekend?

how glorious.


we are Ever so exhausted by this wonderful week just gone by – and now we must rest.

after we show you a few pictures (and thank you so much for dropping by en route to the kitchen to make tea and the bookcase in the hall to select a new novel to read – what did you decide on in the end?)


our new doctors’ office (we use the punctuation correctly – tis a Group Practice – which always sounds like Extra Netball on Wednesdays after Prep) has a rather subtle Scandi-Style (as the British call it – we’ve been reading magazines from across the Pond – such fun).

and we now have the strange experience of two of our three doctors here in L.A being Younger Than who-we-are-in-RL (staying perpetually 28 years old chez teamgloria darlings – like so many online, of course).

and when one doctor admired our notes (medical ones) and we Talked Through Everything that Happened and they tapped our chest and listened quietly through the Listening Instruments we said:

well, at least we got a nice scar – and a book deal – out of it.

and they just looked mildly curious and Moved Right On to the next question.

oh. right.

we thought, checking our reflection in the reflective surfaces of the instrument panel.

not an unusual occurrence here in L.A – the book deal ;-)

or maybe a book deal doesn’t mean very much in the Land of the Screen of Silver.

anyway, she was perfectly lovely (yes, a lady doctor, how Modern as William would say).


and then there was lovely Driving (doesn’t this look like the opening title Sequence for LA Law?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and earlier in the day, judging by the Light here, perhaps we could have re-jigged the order here but we’re very tired so just, well, can’t today – forgive? we had a couple of Very Important conference calls (doesn’t everybody do these in the comfort of one’s Boudoir?)


and then a bit later (after the Doctor) we stopped by a cafe that has vintage Posters (and this reminded us of reading about JustAddAttitude’s vintage poster spotting in the fair Isle)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and Gitanes always remind us of Richard Bohringer.

Because we kept him in smokes* during the shooting of a certain movie at a wonderful Film Studio outside London.

*we no longer smoke, children – this was a hard Habit to break – but we did – many moons ago – and anyway have-you-seen-the-price-of-cigarettes-these-days?! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

ah – the slippery sandy oily teenage summer memories of the left – and the checking-ones-sunburn-under-a-cafe-umbrella in Estoril, Portugal sipping a Perrier and reading a scurrilous novel. #happydaysOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then it was time to drive again (can you spot the seagull posing like a statue on the Left?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

but only after we browsed a little in this new shop for fashionable children (yes, 3/4 size furniture – including the chandeliers – we adore a chandelier) – actually seriously tempted by a few pieces – we going to ask who-we-are-in-RL to set aside some of the cash coming in from work to do a little shopping before Thanksgiving!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then there was a peach sunset. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand a quiet cup of mint tea with @tjenamoss.


it’s a Swedish word and someone from NYC who now lives in Sweden has a nice explanation here.


that was a whirlwind of thoughts and memories in one day – from Estoril to Elstree and sweden to santa monica and all the way over to silver lake and back.

and now we rest.

the coffee is ready.

and we’re almost finished reading Miss Pym.

have a beautiful saturday, darlings.

you deserve it.

8pm: after the sunset: carols in the car

it’s either a function of age (we hesitate over the word maturity, per se) or a deepening of our spirituality (possible) or maybe just the infectious celebratory nature of Americans and their love of The Holidays……but when we found ourselves singing Carols in the Car, we knew something had changed.

Plus there was a lovely sunset (and some friends in a park and a meditation sort of an occasion) this evening in santa monica.






And earlier in the day we found ourselves in the Bodhi Tree (when in Rome, darlings).




did you spot the serene feline?

So it was a very heart-opening sort-of-a-day.

And the chamberlain hotel has outdone itself in festive glamour.


It’s not hard to be all mushy and grateful and languid and loving in Los Angeles…..especially when buildings are so flattering, like this one:

If you preferred our snappy NYC attitude, it will return.

But, just for today, teamgloria sang Jingle Bells in the car.

And it was fun.


hey – from L.A!

So happy to be here!

But – huh? RAIN?

who ordered the rain machine?

still – caffeine, a rental car experience driving up the 405 to the 10, a hostess gift purchased at urban gift center and a late lunch at Shutters on the Beach.




they have the cutest stuff at urban craft center and groovy crafting classes and even Moomintroll books!!


you can’t dampen our spirits (couldn’t resist) – we are on the Other Coast, darling.

medical leave day 7: afraid of the wound beneath.

so we see the surgeon again tomorrow.

and – if all goes well, he’ll remove the white gauze and steri-strips (as we believe they’re called) and the wound will be revealed.

we’re terrified.

our throat is still agony (and voice-less) and it feels like swallowing razor blades (especially when taking the mammoth 14 x calcium pills a day) and we’re dizzy and everything takes so long (yeah, we get it “slow down” “no rush” – You try being on medical leave – as the americans say “it sucks.”) and we are famous (or at least perhaps, on reflection, irritating, hmmm?) for multi-tasking and Right Now We Can’t.

thank god for Judi Dench.

many have said this, of course, particularly directors-of-movies and those-that-have-run-the-national-theatre (england/national).

her audiobook (although confusingly read by Samantha Bond who is also lovely but not yet a Dame – as far as we know – or a National Treasure) has kept us company through the slow hours of recovery from illness. she’s a joy. rather tart (brisk/no nonsense) at times. and very, very english.

we’ve been thinking (never a good idea at the best of times) about Being English (although as we’ve shared before, we have the bloods of three warring nations running through our veins so the British never saw US as particularly PLU – people like us – for those not up on their U and Non-U Nancy Mitford era slang).

but we did grow up there.

and we’ve been away for a decade (in the USA in case you’re new to teamgloria – both Coasts – five years each).

and we are the product of the English Boarding School System (Latin, Prep, giggling behind long freshly-washed hair, slightly sturdy knees in hockey socks, a School Spirit, nuisance-order-conduct-marks-as-punishment, Ancient History and a quite shocking view of the world via colonial lens from several Masters-in-Gowns – not the modern ones like the groovy art teacher with-a-beard – shocking.)

but we went-on-a-Scholarship (yeah, poor, but Very Bright) so don’t come from that world (but we can fake it deliciously when needed as you can imagine, darlings).

are we meant to stay here?

or go back?/

not today obviously. we can barely walk around the block without stopping twice on a wooden bench and leaning on our companion of the visiting schedule at the time.

you see – like Judi – we’d love to be a Dame.


and age gracefully in our garden tending the roses with a large brimmed hat, a delightful smock (probably vintage Laura Ashley pattern), lots of jolly tea parties with rip-roaring naughty stories (yes, William, you’ll definitely be there for those), playing Mozart on our full-size grand late into the night (ladies of a certain age in the British Isles do this, you see), re-reading all the greats, occasionally receiving our agent and accepting a speaking engagement with our literary fans at Claridges or a tea at Foyles (That would be Lovely)……you get the picture.

but what about the rain?

tis true. that was always depressing. and we don’t even eat Victoria Sponge cake so the tea parties might disappoint the vicar.

perhaps (team gloria stretches out of the impending depression of post-general-anasthetic-into the light once more) we’ll do all this back on the Other Coast, in the Canyon, like Christopher.

then all our friends from the Eastern Seaboard can fly to escape the harsh cruel winters/summers and william can come for the summer (and Write His Novel) – and George can drive down (or we’ll send our driver) and AH isn’t far and Maria lives at lake-that-isn-t-silver and our english friends can have the guest house for weeks on end and write and paint (or be frivolous as they wish) and we can swim and have tea parties while wearing Large Jackie O Glasses and generally act a lot like Anita Loos.

ok. we’re back on track. melancholy (as Bryon said – no? the British Disease) is a natural component of post-surgical-experience.

we hate it.

it’s hard being sick.

and we miss you out there.

especially when we have to go out with our wound showing and our neck exposed.

is this what it means to be vulnerable?


still – yesterday was splendid in terms of our three visitors. here’s a few teasing shots of our day with a tiny bit of commentary.

we still can’t talk on the phone and we didn’t sleep much so wrote a lot of old-fashioned thank you cards last night (william – thank you also for the new card it arrived yesterday!)

R brought baby S to visit (and a beam-of-sunshine came earlier and walked us around the block and read to us which was delicious). R read BEAUTIFULLY from Armistead Maupin (a theme of our medical leave if you recall).

K came (in a very crisp check shirt post-work and smart trousers) to walk us in the evening and treat us to supper and tried to be polite as our eyes watered every time we took a bite and was very patient at our whispering (note to self – whispering is inaudible outside the apartment). Then he also read Armistead (it’s a ripping tale).

and finally – sleep not descending – we wrote the cards (see earlier picture) and watched a double feature…

can we admit that we’re still rather disappointed that the Day Job has not even sent a card?

and we’re also surprised that people are sending emails and getting what appears to be irritated that we’re not responding. and don’t get us started on the People That Call and get surprised we’re not Picking Up (did they not get we just had Our Throat Slit and Can’t BLOODY TALK?!)


we’re sick, people.

get over it.

if you know us in RL do send a postcard. naturally we’re scrapbooking this entire experience and our post lady is bringing up all parcels to our apartment as we left a note in our mailbox downstairs and she’s awfully nice so the post is a welcome distraction each day.

that’s the main thing we miss from England.

the thwack of the post as it hits the horsehair mat.

especially as – many moons ago – S and I used to throw down a movie script just to imagine what it would sound like coming through the door – (although, in those days, he was an actor and we didn’t know we’d become a suit in the sniper fire of midtown manhattan)…….but you never know what we’re going to become NEXT.

something’s HAPPENING.

we can Feel Life Change inside us.